How to Fix YouTube App Not Working On LG Smart TV


The YouTube app is an important social streaming app where users are permissive to upload videos, share videos, and contribute to uploaded videos through comments. The YouTube app generally can be found in Android phones, Laptops, and Smart TVs as firmware.

LG YouTube app is a YouTube-related app found in LG Smart TVs. They can be used for direct streaming of videos from your home TV. However, sometimes your LG YouTube app might refuse to work in your LG smart TV properly or probably have some technical issues that might hinder you from utilizing the app for whatever purposes. 


How to Fix YouTube App Not Working On LG Smart TV


The cause of this article is geared toward drawing out certain problems that might appear while using the LG YouTube app and suggesting possible solutions to these problems.

I have explained each problem and how to fix them in your Smart TV system in more detailed and easy-to-understand terms.


Why Is YouTube App Not Working On Your LG Smart TV


Certain reasons may result in the  YouTube app not functioning properly. This could result from a poor internet connection or the need for updates. The following are some reasons that can hinder the YouTube app from working on your LG smart TV.

  1. Poor internet connection
  2. Slow Network speed
  3. Outdated firmware
  4. Overloaded cache
  5. Outdated YouTube app
  6. YouTube app usage on non-compatible LG Smart TVs.
  7. Firmware bugs
  8. Unconscious operation. i.e., pressing the remote button without knowing what you’re doing.
  9. Older Smart TVs.

YouTube Not Working Properly On Your LG Smart TV (Troubleshooting Guide)


The concept of the LG YouTube app not working properly on your smart TV isn’t an avoidable term. Sometimes you might have unknowingly pressed a button, or probably kids play, resulting in an abstract and weird performance of your app.

At most times, LG YouTube app issues can be fixed through the Smart TV settings or the YouTube app itself. These two areas are the two places to run to whenever a problem arises while using your YouTube app on your LG TV.


YouTube Not Working Properly On Your LG Smart TV


Method 1: Check Internet Connection


Undoubtedly, your internet connection needs to be your first sign of interest. This is done by ensuring a constant network connectivity stream and checking your present network bandwidth. If your network stream has a low speed at that moment, such is likely to prevent your LG YouTube app from working.

In another case, you can also become conscious of your internet service provider. There might be downtime on their system and affect your  LG YouTube app.


Here are things you need to do:

Check Internet speed:

To check your network speed, open the LG web browser, and navigate to a network speed testing site like The status display is more likely to tell if your network speed is the cause of the problem.


Seek for Internet service provider status

At some other times, you need to ensure that your internet service provider doesn’t have any downtime. If there is, you need to opt-in for an entirely different internet provider.


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Method 2: Updating or Reinstalling The YouTube App.


This is another troubleshooting technique that you can use to fix problems associated with your YouTube app. Sometimes, you might have a fast network speed or a working internet service provider, but your YouTube app is still not working. You could try checking if there is any update associated with the app or Reinstalling the app itself.


To check for updates.

  • Step 1: Open the LG Content Store on your TV.
  • Step 2: Apps > All > My Apps
  • Step 3: Find and select the YouTube app.
  • Step 4: Select Install Available Updates’.


To Reinstall the YouTube app.

  • Step 1: Navigate to your YouTube app with the cursor in the main menu.
  • Step 2: Press and hold the ‘Select‘ button on the remote until you enter ‘Edit Mode‘ (a menu appears for the app).
  • Step 3: Select the ‘X‘.
  • Step 4: Select ‘Yes‘ to confirm you would like to uninstall the app.
  • Step 5: Open the LG Content Store from the main menu.
  • Step 6: Select ‘Apps‘.
  • Step 7: Find and select the YouTube app.
  • Step 8: Select ‘Install‘ to reinstall the app.


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Method 3: Factory Reset Tv


Factory Reset Tv


This method is undoubtedly another troubleshooting method that you can use to ensure the proper performance of your YouTube app. This troubleshooting strategy involves resetting your LG smart TV by removing all customized settings.

This method reset your LG smart TV to its state during manufacture. Always ensure to backup data before carrying out this operation.


To factory reset your LG smart TV.

  • Step 1: Press the ‘Home‘ button on the remote control.
  • Step 2: Go to ‘Settings > General > Reset to Initial Settings‘.
  • Step 3: The default code is either 0000 or 1234
  • Step 4: Confirm reset setting
  • Step 5: Wait for your TV to reboot completely.
  • Step 6: Once you have completed the setup, reinstall the YouTube app. You can find the steps to do this above.


This method may not be the first to consider because it is more likely to reset your LG TV  by deleting all downloaded apps or files.


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Method 4: Hard Reset TV


A hard reset TV needs to be first considered before the factory Reset. In this method, downloaded media and files will probably be deleted.

Steps in hard resetting your LG Smart TV:

Ensure your TV is Turned off; Press and hold the power button on the TV for 30 seconds. Wait another 10 minutes before turning the TV back on. Launch the YouTube app again.


YouTube App Not Connecting on LG Smart TV


You might be experiencing your YouTube app not connecting on your LG smart TV. These are probably issues related to the network or the internet provider. Try reviewing your network settings or rather using another internet service provider.


YouTube app Sound and Visual problems on LG Smart TVs


Sounds and visual problems are most likely to occur from the TV’s setting. To solve this issue: First, check your YouTube app to ensure it isn’t muted. When your YouTube app is muted, you will not be able to hear the sounds from the videos playing.

If you tried this method and it still isn’t working, you need to check the speaker system of your LG TV and ensure that the speaker is either properly connected to an external speaker of the TV speaker or the internal speaker itself


In other to select a particular speaker, use the following steps:

  • Step 1: Choose the menu
  • Step 2: Select Setting
  • Step 3: Select sound>sound out.

To solve a visual problem. 

To solve visual problems, ensure you are using the YouTube app. If so, you can try Reinstalling the YouTube app or updating it.


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YouTube App Not Found On LG Smart TVs


While this problem might arise due to compatibility issues, as related to the LG YouTube app not being found on the TV content store, ensure your current LG model supports the YouTube app.

The YouTube app is only available to TVs manufactured from 2013 upward. Therefore you might be experiencing this problem if you are using an older LG TV.

To solve this issue:

Try using an LG smart TV compatible with the YouTube app.


YouTube App Not Downloading or Installing on LG Smart TVs


YouTube App Not Downloading or Installing on LG Smart TVs


This issue is frequent while using the LG YouTube app. Certain firmware bugs mostly cause this problem; try updating the YouTube app firmware and the TV. Or if the problem person tries hard resetting the LG smart TV.


How do I Reset My YouTube App On My LG Smart TV?


Resetting your YouTube app is quite different from resetting your TV. This method clears all cached and user data associated with your YouTube app.

The steps to reset your  YouTube app on your LG TV are as follows:

  • Step 1: Click on Setting
  • Step 2:  Choose the TV category
  • Step 3: Select Apps
  • Step 4: Select YouTube and select clear Data > Ok.


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YouTube App Displaying Chinese Characters on LG Smart TVs


This problem is an underlying problem that sometimes can happen while using the LG smart TV. To troubleshoot this problem:

  • Step 1:Navigate to the settings menu on your smart TV.
  • Step 2: Choose the Language option and select your preferred language. If your primary language is English, you need to choose the English option.


YouTube App Not Working on Older Smart TVs


Unfortunately, YouTube no longer supports LG TV before 2013. This is from their official website LG Official Website



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The YouTube app’s most common effective troubleshooting technique is restarting your LG Smart TV, but problems persist. You can refer to the above-listed troubleshooting techniques.

 This article explains several technical issues that might arise and possible means to solve them while using the YouTube app on your LG Smart TV. If problems persist after trying the above troubleshooting suggestions, you may wish to contact the YouTube TV customer support.

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