Why Would A Text Message Not Be Delivered Android/iPhone? (Reasons)


Text messages are meant to be a quick and easy way of communicating. But what happens when your text messages don’t send?

This guide will help you to avoid the most common mistakes and show you how to fix them. In this guide, we will explore the reasons why text messages might not be delivered, and the steps you can take to avoid it happening in the future.


Why Would a Text Message Not Be Delivered? Top 15 Reasons


Text messages are the most common form of communication today. People use them to communicate with each other, share their thoughts and ideas, as well as send greetings. However, not all texts are received by the recipient. There are a number of reasons why text messages might not get through to your contact.

The following list contains the top 15 reasons why your texts might not be getting through to your contact:

  1. Not enough battery on the recipient’s phone.
  2. The recipient’s phone is out of service range.
  3. The recipient’s phone is turned off or in airplane mode.
  4. The sender and receiver are using different carriers.
  5. The text message has been blocked by the carrier or network provider.
  6. Mobile data has been turned off by the sender.
  7. The text message is too large to fit the carrier’s data limit.
  8. Carrier requested that the sender stop sending text messages.
  9. The recipient does not have a SIM card or is unable to receive text messages from a different carrier.
  10. The recipient’s phone number has been blocked by the sender for sending too many texts.
  11. The contact has not yet been added to the recipient’s phone.
  12. The contact has not yet given permission to send text messages.
  13. A mobile data service plan that includes text messaging has been exceeded for the sending carrier.
  14. The sender does not have a smartphone with a SIM card slot or does not have access to other carriers’ texts.
  15. The recipient’s phone number has been blocked by the sender due to sending too many texts.



What Does it Mean When a Text Message Says Failed?


When a text message says failed, it means that the message was not delivered to the recipient. It doesn’t mean that the sender of the message has failed instead, it means that the recipient’s phone is off or out of range.

There are several reasons why a text might say “failed.” The most common reason is when there is no signal between two phones or if one of them is turned off. This happens when someone turns their phone off to charge it or if they’re in an area with poor reception.



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Why Are My Messages Not Delivering But My Calls Go Through


In the past, the most common reason for messages not delivering was due to network congestion. However, with the rise of 4G networks and the adoption of VoLTE, this is no longer a problem.

The most common culprit for messages not delivering is now poor signal strength or poor quality. This can happen when you are in a building or underground and your phone does not have enough signal strength to send and receive data.


Why Would a Text Message Not Be Delivered on Facebook Messenger?


Text messages are not delivered on Facebook Messenger for various reasons. First, if the recipient is not using Facebook Messenger, the text messages will not be delivered. Second, if the sender is not connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi connection, then there is no way for their text to be sent. Thirdly, if the recipient has blocked the sender on Facebook Messenger then they will never receive any texts from them.





Text message not delivered is a common problem that can happen to anyone. There are many reasons why this might happen, and this article has covered the top 15 reasons why a text message might not be delivered.

If you still have any questions regarding why would a text message not be delivered please ask using the comments section. Please do not forget to share this article if you find value In it.


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