Why Won’t My Roomba Connect to My Wi-Fi – FIXED


Technology has advanced so much to make life easier for us. Roomba is one of the technologies that make life easier for people. It is a home technology that helps make automation easier and simple.

This is one of the technologies that save time for us. Roomba is a smart self-operational vacuum cleaner that does jobs without human help. One of the significant features of Roomba is its ability to connect with smart home systems like Amazon Alexa or google home. This makes things swiftly done.

Roomba is more of a robot vacuum cleaner that does the cleaning work very neat and fast. All it takes is to connect it properly and give the command.


Why Won’t My Roomba Connect to My Wi-Fi


Sometimes, things can go in a different want fault will develop. Here, your effort comes in trying to fix your robot vacuum cleaner.

Do you know what to do when your Roomba can’t connect to your wifi?

Times, like this, occur when your Roomba won’t connect to your wifi. It is a very simple issue that, I will be helping you to fix.

Has your Roomba developed faults and can’t connect to your home wifi? If so, read this guide paying attention to details.



Why Won’t My Roomba Connect to My Wi-Fi?


There are many reasons why your Roomba can’t or won’t connect to your wifi/ home network. Though this issue is common among Roomba users, it can easily be fixed by following a few steps. This might be because of

  • poor network connectivity,
  • damage to your wireless router
  • poor wifi frequency


Before you give up on your Roomba vacuum cleaner try the following solutions. If it doesn’t work out, then you can take it to the repair shop for a full checkup.


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How To Fix Roomba Won’t Connect To My Wifi


There are different ways that you can fix Roomba can’t connect to my wifi issue. Each method goes into detail with steps on how you can get your Roomba to connect to wifi again.



Solution #1: Thorough Check On Wifi Network Status


This is one solution that you might overlook but it can help you fix this issue. This might look childish to you, but don’t conclude that the problem is from the Roomba device. First, check your wireless network by connecting to other devices like your TV or phone. This will help to run a quick check, also check if your wifi device is limited to many devices. If this works perfect, then the problem isn’t from Roomba.

If you are using a router, you can perform a quick reset on the router. This will help fix any related network issues. Plug the router again after 5 minutes, then try connecting Roomba to the wireless network again and check if the problem has been fixed.


Solution #2: Run a Check Up On Your Wireless Router Range


Wireless routers network are sometimes restricted, the network might not be available or the signal strength might be very low. Roomba is designed to sweep through your house, make sure that the floor is clean. Maybe, Roomba has gotten to the part of the house where network coverage is poor. This implies that the robot vacuum cleaner won’t connect.

So, make sure that your Roomba robot cleaner isn’t far from your router.


Solution #3: Check The Wifi Frequency  (How Do I Reset My Roomba WIFI)


The new series of Roomba i7, i7+, s9, s9+ and even e5, 805, 890, 960, 980, 985 rarely give any network issue. But the older series of 600, 614, 670, 671, 675, 690 have 2.4GHz supported network frequency. This makes network issues development easier on this series of Roomba.

Check the frequency range of your Roomba device, the high the frequency range the better or more enhanced to pick network coverage. A higher frequency will make it easier to pick wireless network service faster from a longer distance.


Solution #4: Resetting Your Roomba


This network issue might have developed because of the settings on your Roomba device. If this is the case and the solutions above didn’t work for you, the only option left is to reset your Roomba robot vacuum cleaner.


Here are steps that you will follow to reset your Roomba home vacuum cleaner:

  1. For S and I series of Roomba vacuum cleaners, press and hold the home and spot clean, and CLEAN button. Press and hold tight for above 25 seconds until a white light rings around the CLEAN button swirls.
  2. For E series Robots: press and hold the Home, Clean, and Spot Clean button for 20 seconds and then release it.
  3. For 900 Series: Press and hold Dock, Spot Clean, and Clean button until all LEDs on the Roomba vacuum cleaner illuminate.
  4. For 600 And 800 Series: You must connect to wifi. Then press and hold Dock, clean and spot clean button until the Roomba device beeps then, release it.
  5. For Roomba Combo: this is very simple, open the LID and press the Reset button, make sure you press and hold it for 15 seconds and release afterward.


This part of the article answers how do I reset my Roomba wifi? You can use the method above to reset your Roomba wifi any time you want.


How Do I Manually Reset My Roomba?

When you need to reset your Roomba, it can be done in a couple of ways. One way is to remove the battery from the Roomba and wait for a few minutes. Then put the battery back in, turn on the Roomba, and wait for it to finish its boot up process before attempting to use it again.

Another way is by holding down the Power button for 10 seconds. This will also cause your Roomba to reset and reboot.

How Do I Know if My Roomba Battery is Bad?

There are several signs that indicate a battery is bad. One sign that the battery is bad is that Roomba won’t clean. The Roomba may move slower or not at all and it may sound like it is stuck in a low-power mode. If these symptoms are present, the battery needs to be replaced.

These include:

  • The Roomba stops working or moves in circles without cleaning the floor
  • The Roomba stops cleaning for a long time and then starts over again
  • There is a strong smell coming from the battery compartment
  • The Roomba is not moving at all.




Since the Roomba 980 was released, it has been able to connect to Wi-Fi networks. This means that you can control your robot from your phone and have it clean your home while you are out of the house.

The Roomba 980 is also able to map out your home and remember where it has cleaned before. It does this by remembering the path it took and using sensors to detect dirt on the floor.

One of the reasons why my Roomba connects to my Wi-Fi is because I can control it from my phone.

Believe you have learned different troubleshooting methods to fix your Roomba device when it can’t connect to wifi. Hope one of the solutions worked for you. If you tried all and none worked, then take it to the repair shop for further check.

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