Why Isn’t My Samsung Dryer Getting Hot?


A Samsung dryer not getting hot is one of the problems faced by both new and old models of Samsung dryers. Not getting hot could stop your Samsung dryer from completing a cycle, this could be a technical issue that needs immediate attention before it gets worse.

There are few models of Samsung dryers but they all suffer the same problem once there are power supply issues. Disassembling the parts and testing them one after another has always been the way to confirm what’s wrong but be sure to have your manual while doing so.


Why Isn’t My Samsung Dryer Getting Hot?


Why Isn't My Samsung Dryer Getting Hot?


Your Samsung dryer may not be getting hot due to a blown thermal fuse, a safety that helps avert fire outbreaks. Once your Samsung dryer temperature begins to heat up, the thermal fuse gets blown up and cuts out the power supply from the power source to the dryer.

A faulty thermostat also known as a temperature sensor is another reason why your Samsung dryer won’t be getting hot. The thermostat is located close to the heating element in most Samsung dryers, call for an expert to help replace the damaged one with a new one.

Lack of cross ventilation can stop a Samsung dryer from getting hot, a blocked ventilation ends up turning a dryer off before a complete cycle. Check the external vent that takes air from the dryer and deposits it outside the hose if it’s cleaned, if not do that at least once annually.


Why Is My Samsung Dryer Stuck on Cooling


Why Is My Samsung Dryer Stuck on Cooling


Most times your Samsung dryer may be stuck on cooling mode due to a sensor problem, clean all sensors to rectify it. If that doesn’t work out, then you will need to reset the entire Samsung dryer which has always been the best way to get minor faults back to normal.

Another reason may be due to the moisture sensing cycle which may cause the moisture sensing circuit to malfunction. This will require that you try a Time Dry cycle and confirm if the dryer will heat up and if it does, you will need to check your sensor bars and fix or replace them if you have to.


Samsung Dryer Error Codes


A Samsung dryer error codes help you to identify the existing problem when your Samsung dryer is not working properly. To fix Samsung error codes aren’t that difficult but will have to know the correct troubleshooting guides for your model first.


Some Samsung error codes are Voltage errors ( 2E, 9E1), Temperature errors (t5, tC), Heating errors (HC, hE), and Communication errors (AC, Et). All these are a few of the error codes you might encounter when using a Samsung dryer although there might be specificity with some models.


How Do You Fix a Dryer That Won’t Get Hot?


How Do You Fix a Dryer That Won't Get Hot


To fix a dryer that won’t get hot, you will need to troubleshoot the dryer using the manual guidelines or call for expertise. To fix a dryer not heating up, you will need to know what is stopping it from heating up, know the level of sage caused already, and above all know your model too.

A faulty thermostat which is a temperature sensor can cause your dryer to not heat up, this can be fixed or replaced depending on the level of damage. Run a multimeter test on the thermostat and if the test fails then you will have to replace another thermostat.

Check for any defective heating element which ideally should last for more than 10 years but when burn-out, if causes heating problems. Reduce the level of pressure on the heating element and also provide enough ventilation, this will help avoid your heating element from burning up.


Where is the Reset Button on a Samsung Dryer?


Where is the Reset Button on a Samsung Dryer?


A drier reset button on a Samsung dryer is mostly on the control panel on the top visible in plain sight. To reset the dryer, press this reset button and wait patiently for a few seconds for your dryer to reset and turn on which works in most Samsung dryer models.

You can as well reset your Samsung dryer by Unplugging it or turning off the power supply from the circuit breaker. You then give it time for the dryer to cool off then you turn it back on, this works just fine In case your model is not resetting using the first step.


Where is Samsung Dryer Thermal Fuse?


Check the Samsung dryer’s manual for the location of the thermal fuse and depending on the model, to access the fuse, you might have to remove the dryer’s drum. To check the location of your Thermal fuse to the dryer, you will need to unplug the power source to the dryer.

Remove the top cover panel of the dryer, to do so, you will have to remove the screw holding the top panel together. Remove the four Philips screws holding the control panel and then gently pull up the control panel, remove the two electrical connectors and remove the wires from the retainers.

Remove the screws holding the door and the drum to pull them out but be careful as they are still connected to a wire. The thermal fuse is located towards the rear of the heater assembly remove the wire to test your thermal fuse with a multimeter, and replace it if damaged completely.


Why is the Dryer Blowing Cold Air?


The main reason as to why a Samsung dryer does blow cold air is because the dryer is overheating isn’t that a twist of event. So each time you noticed your dryer is emitting cold air but is hot from working all day, you should know that it’s entirely normal.



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Normally to use a Samsung dryer for quite some time warrants it to get heated but not to overheat. Once your dryer begins to overheat, you will need to switch it off and allow it to cool momentarily for the safety of the dryer.

But seeing that your Samsung dryer is not heating up, you will need to check your heating element, thermal fuse, thermostat e.t.c. Questions on Why Isn’t My Samsung Dryer Getting Hot could revolve around damage caused to these mentioned parts.

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