Why is My Phone Storage Full After Deleting Everything on Android?


There are days when deleting files on your Android is not enough to solve the storage full error message you are receiving. Having a storage full problem is not really a funny thing when accessing your Gallery will be a big deal long as you are having insufficient space.

Have you tried uninstalling every app you are not using, mounting a microSD card to move other files, and also clearing out your Downloads folder? If you have tried everything including deleting all your photos and videos but still can’t free up your phone storage, then pay attention to this article.


Why is My Phone Storage Full After Deleting Everything on Android


Most of the time your Android device still sends you a phone storage full notification after deleting everything, then you need to clear your Caches too. The cache is a temporary memory that makes retrieving data from a device’s memory more efficient and entirely possible.

This temporary storage area that a device uses to retrieve deleted files will need to be cleared to free up storage on your mobile device. An uncleared cache history file will continue to give you the phone storage full notification even after deleting everything on your phone.


How to Clear Internal Storage on Android


How to Clear Internal Storage on Android


To clear internal storage on an Android, you will need to make use of an SD card if your phone supports the use of an SD card. All you need to do is to mount an SD card and then move all files or select the files or apps you wish to move from your internet storage to the SD card.

You can as well clear up your internal storage by going to your phone’s settings and then navigating and clicking on storage. Tap on the free up space option you see, you will be redirected to where you will be asked to clean up your junk files and many other irrelevant data to free up your phone’s storage.


How Do I Fix Insufficient Storage on My Android Phone?


To fix insufficient storage on an Android phone, start by deleting all unused apps, to do this go to your phone settings. Next is to scroll and click on apps, then scroll and choose from the list of apps available to uninstall and delete any app you are not using from the phone.

Another method to deal with insufficient storage on an Android phone is by deleting backup photos from the phone. Also, make out time to clean all duplicate files and old downloads from your phone, this can be achieved more easily and faster with the help of a Google cleaning app.


How Do You Fix Storage Problems?


To fix storage problems on your Android, first go to your phone file manager and select the internal storage option. Go to the download folder, select all files and then click on the move option, Go to external storage, Select any folder and copy all moved files.

Again go to internal storage, open the DCIM folder and repeat the same procedure, then delete unwanted folders from internal storage. Then go to your phone storage, tap on internal storage and scroll down to the clear cache option, tap to clear all existing cache from your phone.

Go back to your phone’s apps from the list of settings options, uninstall, and delete all unused apps from the phone completely. Lastly, restart your phone, then go back to check if your phone’s storage problem has been dealt with accordingly by confirming the free storage capacity.


How Do I Free Up Space on My Phone Without Deleting Apps?


One of the possible ways to free up space on an Android phone without having to delete a single app is by clearing the cache data. Cache data are known to consume far much more space and are not of any relevance, so deleting these records alone should free up your phone storage.

Another way to free up space on an Android phone without deleting any app is by storing your photos and videos online. An online drive provides enough space for you to store more photos and videos leaving the internal storage completely without having to delete any app.


Does Call History Take Up Storage?


The storage space occupied by call history is very negligible compared to the space occupied by media files. Deleting your call history will not reflect any noticeable change or increase in the free storage capacity of your device as space occupied by call history ranges from a few kb to a few MB.

Most Android phones get fill up quickly the more you download apps and receive media files and cache data for offline usage. These few mentioned factors are the major reasons why an Android phone’s storage gets filled up in no time and begin to send storage full notification nonstop.


Why is My Phone Storage Full when I Have No Apps


Applications aren’t the only files consuming your phone’s storage, they only happen to be a contributing factor as well. Your phone’s storage can get really filled up when there are little to no single number of apps installed on the phone completely.

Reasons, why phone storage gets full even when there is no app installed, could be Cache data records. Also, check the space occupied by the media on your phone, go to your phone’s download and DCIM folder, and copy and move to external storage to free up more space.


I Deleted All My Photos but It Still Says Storage Full Android


This happens when you delete all your photos from the camera roll but it still says that storage is full.

This is a common issue with Android devices and it is usually caused by a bug in the device or by a feature that has been disabled.

There are two ways to fix this issue:

  1. Clear your cache and data.
  2. Factory reset your device.


Why is My Iphone Storage Still Full After Deleting Everything


This is a common problem faced by many people. While it might not seem like an issue, there are some ways to fix it and make your phone’s storage space more efficient.

The storage on your iPhone is limited and cannot store all of your content. Deleting everything from your phone will not free up any space.

You need to delete content from the cloud in order to free up space on your iPhone. There are two ways how you can delete content from the cloud:

  1. Delete photos, videos, contacts, and other apps that you don’t use anymore.
  2. Delete anything stored in iCloud or iTunes that you don’t want to keep anymore.


Why is My Phone Storage Full when I Have an Sd Card


Your phone storage is full because it cannot read the SD card. If you have an SD card on your phone, you can transfer the files to your computer and then delete them from your phone.

If you are using a computer and want to use an SD card, you will need to format the card first. This can be done by going into the settings of your computer and choosing “Format” or by going into My Computer -> Computer -> Hard Disk -> Disk Management -> Right-click on the SD Card and choose “Format”.


What Uses the Most Data on Your Phone?


The most data-intensive apps on your phone are likely to be social media, games, and video.

The average smartphone user has around 100 MB of unused data. This includes photos, videos, music, and documents that are stored on the device.

If you’re wondering how much data you’re using up each month it’s best to use a service like Clearbit which will show you which apps are using how much of your data.


How Often Should You Clear Your Text Messages?


Text messages are a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, but they can also be a huge time-suck. You might not be thinking about deleting your old texts, but if you’re struggling to keep up with your inbox, it might be time to clear them out.

There is no right answer for how often you should clear your text messages. It all depends on how much time you want to spend on your phone and what kind of texts you receive on a daily basis. If you’re someone who receives lots of texts from people who aren’t close to you, then it may be worth clearing out the old ones every few weeks or months.


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What people do get wrong is that deleting files and apps installed on an Android phone does not guarantee more free space. Always take out time to clear the cache data as well, when clearing your media files, pay more attention to the Download and DCIM folder.

So each time you notice that your Phone Storage is still Full even After Deleting Everything on Android, go straight to clear your Caches. Do that by accessing your phone storage from your home settings, scrolling down to clear Cache data, and then ticking on Ok.

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