Why is my Android Phone Not Vibrating on Text Messages?


I hope you know the default settings from your phone’s notification sound settings determine the sound you get when you receive a phone call or text message. You can set the notification sound to ring out loud, you can as well set it to be on silent.

Your android phone can ring and vibrate at these times each time you receive a text message but will have to make the default settings so. So let’s take roll on some of the reasons Why an Android Phone does Not Vibrate on Text Messages but does on notifications.


Why is my Android Phone Not Vibrating on Text Messages


One of the reasons why Android phones do not Vibrate is a setting-based problem, once your phone’s sound settings. All android devices have 3 different sound modes, the GENERAL mode, VIBRATION mode, and the SILENT mode, all of which can be accessed from the phone settings.

Another possible cause is the accessibility menu, check to see if the vibration function from the accessibility menu has been disabled. Once this feature is disabled, your phone will not vibrate even when receiving a text message not until it is enabled back On.


How to fix an Android Phone Not Vibrating on Text Messages


How to fix an Android Phone Not Vibrating on Text Messages


To fix an Android phone Not Vibrating on text messages, you might need to double check your Phone’s Vibration Settings. Go to your phone settings, and scroll to “Sounds“, now tap the “Vibration for Calls” option and then lastly Enable the “Always Vibrate ” option.

Another way to fix the Android phone not vibrating to text is to Enable the Accessibility of the phone, a disabled accessibility will not allow your phone to vibrate. Go to phone settings, tap on Accessibility, tap on “Interaction controls” then “Vibration & Haptic Strength” and Enable your preferred vibration settings.

You might also need to alter your phone’s Vibration intensity, your phone might be vibrating but at a very low-intensity that you won’t even notice. Modifying the vibration intensity location and control will differ across various devices based on models or company.


How to Check Vibration Sensor in Android Phone


How to Check Vibration Sensor in Android Phone


To check the vibration sensor in an android phone, simply download the “Vibrate Plus” app to your Android device. Install the app and then open it, Now choose the simple vibration button and then press start, your phone should vibrate if your vibrator is working fine.

Now you can go to your phone settings, then go to Sound, and then check if your vibration settings are ON. Turn it On, you can turn on your phone to vibrate only or choose to have your phone vibrate while ringing from the sound settings of your phone.


My Phone Doesn’t Vibrate Anymore Android


Regardless of the phone model, you are using, your phone will not vibrate long as it is on silent mode. Check your sound settings, your phone sound can be categorized into 3 places, GENERAL mode, VIBRATION mode, and SILENT mode.

Your phone will only vibrate if the VIBRATION mode is activated but will not be on GENERAL or SILENT mode. You can as well set your phone sound to vibrate while ringing but to do that, you will have to go to the phone settings, tap on sounds and enable this feature.


My Samsung Phone Doesn’t Vibrate Anymore


Is your Samsung phone not vibrating anymore? You need to check and be sure you are running an updated software version on your phone. Go to your Samsung phone “settings“, scroll down to the “software update” option, and tap on it to view any available last updates on your phone.

Tap on the “Download and Install” option to install the latest software version that there is on your phone and you are good to go. And if you are doubting your vibration sensor, then download the Vibrator Plus app to check if your phone vibration sensor is still working.


Why Is My Phone Not Vibrating when I Get a Text Iphone


Your iphone will not vibrate when you get a text message long as the message tune is set to “NONE“. You need to set a ringing to for your text message if you want your vibration settings to affect your iphone message notification tune as well.

But first, you will need to go to your iphone settings and toggle ON your vibration switch on your iphone. Turn On the vibration for both silent mode and the ringer mode as well, then you tap on your “Text Tune” and set up a ringing tune if you want your iphone to vibrate for Text.

This way your iphone will constantly vibrate even whenever your phone receives a text message even when it’s on silent mode or ringer mode. Reaper thesame procedure each time you want to set up vibration on your iphone for incoming text messages.


How Do I Make My Android Vibrate when I Get a Text?


This is a question that has been asked by many people over the years. The answer to this question is not an easy one and it varies from phone to phone.

When I get a text message on my Android, how do I make my phone vibrate when I get a text?

On your Android device, go to Settings > Sound. Tap “Vibrate on sound.”


How To Turn Vibrate Function On for Text Messages?


To turn text messages on, go to your phone’s settings and scroll down to the “Vibrate” section. You can also find this option under “Sounds and vibration“.

There are a few ways that you can turn vibrate on for text messages:

  • Swipe down from the top of your screen, then tap the “Vibrate” button.
  • In your phone’s settings, choose “Sound & vibration“. Then choose “Vibrate“.
  • From within an app, such as Messages or Gmail, go to Settings > Sounds and vibrations > Vibrate.


Why is My Phone Not Notifying Me when I Get Text Messages?


When you receive a text message from someone, an icon appears on your phone to notify you that a text message has been received. But what happens if you get a text message and the notification doesn’t appear?

If you’re not getting notifications for texts, there are a few possible explanations. They can be turned off by the person who sent the text in order to avoid spamming or they could have been blocked by your phone’s owner.


How Do I Make My Android Notifications Vibrate?


Android is a great operating system with a lot of features and customization options. One of these options is the notification settings where you can change your notification vibration pattern and sound.

If you are looking for a quick solution to make your phone vibrate when you receive an alert, there are two ways to achieve this:

  1. Change your notification settings to Vibrate on Ring.
  2. Use an app like Vibrator.
  3. Change your notification settings to Vibrate on Ring.



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Vibration mode is what most phone users choose to have on their phone as not all users like hearing their phone sound out. Vibration Mode is the best option you have especially when in a meeting and don’t want to disturb others but still don’t want to miss any call or text message.

So you don’t need to keep on asking yourself Why is my Android Phone Not Vibrating on Text Messages? Take out your time and go through the content of this article and you shall find the answers you seek, feel free to ask anything else in the comment section below.

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