Why is Incoming Text Messages Show Wrong Time on iPhone?


Ideally, all incoming messages should have the exact time and date they were sent or received on an iPhone. You could be looking at the right message you have been waiting for but due to the wrong date and time shown, might make one think that the message is not actually what they are looking for.

So here in this article, we shall get to know the reason why Incoming Text Messages Show the Wrong Time on iPhone. We shall also go through the possible methods of How to fix Incoming Text Messages Showing the Wrong Time on the iPhone.


Why is Incoming Text Messages Show Wrong Time on iPhone?


One of the most common reasons why Incoming messages on the iPhone show the wrong time is an incorrect Date and Time. Go to your iPhone Menu settings, check and confirm the date and time settings, you can change that manually from the settings yourself.

Running outdated iOS software can also contribute to your iPhone incoming messages showing the wrong time. An issue with the Messages app cache files can cause a newer message to appear after an old message on your iPhone which will affect the time format and order of your messages.


How to fix Incoming Text Messages Show Wrong Time iPhone


How to fix Incoming Text Messages Show Wrong Time iPhone


To fix incoming text messages showing the wrong time on your iPhone, first, restart your iPhone, this should solve all minor glitches. Another way to fix your iMessages on your iPhone is to turn off iMessage and then turn it back ON which will require you to go to your phone settings to do that.

To fix your incoming text messages showing the wrong time on your iPhone, check for an iOS update that can actually fix such a problem. Open the phone settings app, tap on General, tap on the software update, download the available update and install which should help fix the problem.

Adjusting the date and time settings is another important step in solving iPhone messages that are out of order. Go to the settings App, Tap on General, tap on Date & Time, turn Off the “Set Automatically” option and then turn it back on. Another way to fix this problem is to reset factory settings.


How to Remove Timestamp from WhatsApp Android


  • To remove timestamp from your WhatsApp on Android, first Go to your phone menu, find and tap on the WhatsApp icon. Be sure to be on the chats tab, then tap on the e dots on the top right corner of the page and then scroll down to tap on the settings option.
  • Next is to tap on Account, then tap on Privacy, tap on Last Seen and you will be given 3 options to choose from. 1. My contact, 2. Everyone and 3. Nobody. Choose the first and only your contact can view your last seen, choose the second, and everyone can view your last seen.
  • But choosing the last option “Nobody” will make no one able to view your last seen including your contacts. This is all you need to do to turn Off or change your timestamp on your WhatsApp at any given moment on your Android device, just follow the steps accordingly.


How to Turn off Timestamp on iPhone Messages


The timestamp is known to be an important factor in businesses and legal deals all around, but not everyone likes viewing their timestamp. So if you wish to know how to turn off timestamp on iPhone messages, then here are the few things you need to know.

To turn Off timestamp on iPhone messages, first, go to your phone settings and disable the “Show Friends Activity” icon. Although most iPhones have their timestamp not made public and users will have to swipe messages to the left or right to view the timestamp.

Another way to turn off timestamp on iPhone messages is to make sure that notifications come only from sent messages. This is a feature on your iPhone messages that will only show the timestamp of messages you sent once enabled but will have to be used properly.


Can Someone Hack Your Phone Text?


Yes, someone can hack your phone text someone can hack your phone completely not just the phone text. All phone users must stay focused, on iPhone, receiving an iMessage alone can get your iPhone hacked.

Someone can hack your phone text especially when you click on a fraudulent link you received via text message. Links are one of the ways hackers get access to many users’ phones, so be careful what link you get yourself involved with at all times.

Your phone can as well get hacked each time you end up downloading a fraudulent app to your phone. Installing this app will require you to grant the app full access to your phone activities while at the same time granting someone full access to your phone activities including your text.


Can Someone Track Your Text Messages?


The answer is yes and no.

Yes, someone with the right skills can track your text messages. But it’s not easy. It requires a lot of time, effort, and resources to successfully intercept your messages.

No, there isn’t a way for someone to track your text messages without you knowing about it. Even if someone does have access to your phone or computer, they would need to know that you use the messaging app to find out what you’re texting about.


How Do I Change My Timestamp on Text Messages?


The timestamp on text messages is the date and time that the message was sent. You can change it by going to your phone’s settings and navigating to “Date & Time.”

If you want to change the timestamp on a text message that you already sent, you will need to delete it first. Then, go back into your settings and choose “Date & Time,” then select “Set Date & Time” and choose when you want the timestamp of your text message to be.


Can You Tell What Time an iMessage Was Delivered?


The answer is “yes” and here is why.

iMessage is a type of messaging app that runs on Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It allows users to send text messages, photos, videos, voice notes, sketches, and more to other iOS users.

When you send an iMessage to someone else’s phone number or email address the receiver will receive it immediately. The message will also appear in their Messages app where they can read it or reply right away without waiting for the person who sent it.


How Can I Tell if Someone else Has Access to My iPhone?


There are many ways to find out if someone else has access to your phone. One way is to look for the passcode or fingerprint on the screen.

Another way is to look for their email address on your phone. If you want to be sure that no one else has access to your phone, you can use a device called the GrayKey.

It’s an iPhone unlocking tool that can open up any iPhone running iOS 11 or higher, including newer versions of iOS 12 and iOS 13. The GrayKey has been available since late 2018 and it costs around $1,50.



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Proper records of the date and time of Text Messages and calls are very important in today’s businesses. You always need to make sure that your phone time and date are in place, it is one of the major factors contributing to such kinds of issues.

There are a few other contributing factors as to Why Incoming Text Messages Show the Wrong Time and date on iPhones and most androids. Fixing this problem is a thing one should take seriously, go through this post for helpful tips on how to solve such problems.

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