Why is Facebook Not Showing Likes (FIXED)


Facebook happens to be one of the world’s best and most famous platforms that there is and was developed by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Facebook allows its users to make a post in form of photos and videos and also allows users to chat with one another through text messages, Audio messages, and video calls.

On Facebook, friends can view your post long as it’s made public, and can like, comment, or share the same post as well. Are you having issues finding your like button and comment section? So let’s look at the reason why Facebook is not showing likes.


Why is Facebook Not Showing Likes


One of the common reasons why Facebook like is Not showing likes could be the restriction settings on your Facebook. Once your Facebook likes are restricted, only users connected to you can be able to view this function while others will not see it appear.

The visibility of your like button might be restricted too unlike the first where you can see the like function but can’t access it. I user can choose not to learn his info globally visible to people he is not connected to, which is why the user’s Facebook will not be showing the like button.


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How to Fix Facebook Likes No Data Available


How to Fix Facebook Likes No Data Available


Problem with No Available Data on Facebook can be fixed, you just need to know the actual problem at hand and the right fix to employ. So we shall be looking at a few fixes that we have and then learn how to fix Facebook likes No Available Data here on this article.

To fix Facebook likes No Available Data, here are a few important solutions you might want to try out:

  1. Update your Facebook App.
  2. Clear Facebook Cache.
  3. Switch from Facebook App to the official website.
  4. Check to see if Facebook is down or Not.

The No Available Data problem might be an issue with your outdated Facebook app, check for available updates from Play Store and install. You might also want to check your app’s available storage, an Insufficient space with your Facebook app can cause your Facebook content not to upload and give you the No Available Data message.

You might have to switch from the Facebook App to their official website if you can’t find any updates on the store. Once your Facebook server is up, you will keep on getting the No Available Data message, you might have to wait for the Facebook setup to change.


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No Data Available on Facebook Reaction


No data available on Facebook reaction does not allow Facebook users to view the reaction they get from their posts. Each time you tap the reaction button on your Facebook post, instead of showing you the number of reactions you get, it displays the No Data available error.

These are mostly caused by a glitch on your Facebook app regardless of the mobile device you are making use of. You might have to check your app store for cleaning and also check the version of the app for updates or better still switch from the App to their official site.


No Data Available on Facebook Views


No Data Available on Facebook views is an error mostly displayed when someone Tap a post on Facebook. This error message shown is to tell users trying to access your post Data that there is no available Data to be viewed on the same post.

This error could be a bug issue with the app causing it to malfunction and not allowing users to view other users’ Facebook Data Available on Views which can be resolved by updating the app, clearing of Cache, or switching to the website.


No Data Available on Facebook Page


Have you ever tried login into your Facebook account and nothing appears on the homepage or your Facebook Feed? Instead, they get the No Data Available error on the homepage Display of their Facebook and this will stop users from viewing any post on their Facebook Feed.

All these are bound to happen when there is a glitch on your Facebook app causing it to malfunction. This can be fixed though, you might want to check your app updates and make sure it’s up to date, check your Cache, and as well switch to the Facebook official website.


No Data Available Facebook Message


The No Data Available message on Facebook appears when a user taps on Facebook likes, views, reactions,s, or posts. These are problems mostly seen with Facebook Apps and could be caused by a bug, insufficient app storage, or possibly because the app you are running is out of date.

With this error message displaying, users won’t be able to view their Facebook Homepage, other’s Posts, like buttons, or comment section. All these could be caused by a glitch or bug on the App, switching to the Facebook official website will do just fine, or better still update your Facebook App.


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How Many Likes Does Facebook Allow Per Day?


Facebook imposes a like limit to save other users from spasms and any kind of harassment from other Facebook users. The like limit with Facebook helps to minimize the rate at which Many Facebook users tend to abuse the function non-stop daily.

The number of likes that Facebook does allow a user to make per day is over 5,000 meaning you can like up to 5,000 pages per day on Facebook. But mind you, you can only make one reaction per page, the multiple likes you make will have to be on a different page.


How Long Does a Facebook Restriction Last?


Facebook restrictions are not a punishment but rather a way for Facebook to ensure that the user is safe from bullying and other forms of abuse.

If Facebook restricts an account for a certain period when it detects that the account has been compromised by an attacker who wants to cause harm. The period varies on how long it takes the user to regain control of their account.

Facebook also restricts accounts when it detects malicious activity, such as posting spam or fake news.


How Do I Remove Restrictions from Facebook?


To remove restrictions on Facebook, the first way to remove restrictions from Facebook is by logging out and logging back in. This will refresh your account and all the blocks should be gone.

The second way to remove restrictions from Facebook is by changing your password and then logging back in with the new password. Once logged in, go into settings and then click on privacy settings where you should find an option for removing.


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You can always like, comment, or share a post you come across on Facebook, there are features for all that. But when it comes to the like button, you can only make 1 like per page and can be able to make over 5,000 likes per day of the cause will have to be on different pages.

You might be wondering Why is Facebook Not Showing Likes, probably because you aren’t connected with the user. If you wish to learn more, then feel free to comment stating what you want to learn more about in the comment section below.

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