Why Does My Phone Keep Going Back to Home Screen?


It is not funny when you have to deal with your phone misbehaving from time to time or constantly. Although it is very common with android devices both old and new to misbehave at some point but most common with old android devices.

One of this behaviour we are talking about is having your phone return back to the home screen each time you open an app, game, or Media file. So we take a brief chat on a few reasons Why Does a Phone Keeps Going Back to Home Screen while operating.


Why Does My Phone Keep Going Back to Home Screen


One of the reasons why your phone keeps on going back to the Home screen could be a malfunctioning app. If your phone is having a crashed App that is running but not correctly, this App will keep on interfering with the normal function of your phone.

Another possible reason could be Insufficient storage, this occurs when your phone storage is completely used up. This could be due to heavy files or app installed on the phone and ideally installed apps needs enough space to operate or else they begin to misbehave.


How to Fix Phone That Keeps Going Back to Home Screen


To fix phones that keep going back to the Home screen, you need to know the real cause behind it first. There is plenty of problems that can cause your device to malfunction and each has its fixing procedures that differ from one another.

To fix phones that keep going back to Home Screen, first make sure that the software your phone is running is up to date. Having outdated software on your device can make your device, hook, not open some apps or return your phone to the Home screen.

Another fix is to make sure that you are having enough free storage capacity on your mobile device. Apps need enough space on your device to install and need even more space to run, not having enough space will only make them malfunction from time to time.

In place of apps that need a steady network connection to operate, make sure to have a steady and reliable mobile data connection. WiFi network connection is way much better when dealing with such apps on your phone.


Why Does My Phone Keep Going Back to Lock Screen


One of the reasons why the phone keeps going back to the lock screen could be an issue with the phone settings. When your phone settings are set to go lock automatically in just a limited second, your phone will get back to the lock screen immediately after the time set has elapsed.

An incorrect Time and Date setting can cause your phone to continuously go back to the lock screen. Also, check your phone software status, if your device is experiencing a software glitch, this can cause your device software to crash returning it to the lock screen.

A most common cause is an app, a notification you get from certain apps may alert your phone back to the lock screen. All these above-mentioned reasons if found on your Android device can cause your phone to go back to the lock screen regularly.


How to Fix  Phone That Keeps Going Back to Lock Screen


One of the best fixes to employ on a phone that keeps going back to the lock screen is to force restart the phone. On iPhones, first press and release the volume up button, then press and release the volume down button, and lastly press the side button till the Apple logo appears.

Another fix method for such a problem is to update your phone’s software to the latest software version. To do so, first Open your phone Settings, tap on General, then tap on Software Update, and then tap on Download and Install on the available software version to update.

Setting your phone’s Date and Time is also a very important fixing method that there is for a phone that keeps going back to the lock screen. You might want to reset your phone each time you experience something like this, it will help to soft reset and fix a minor software glitch.


Why Does My Huawei Phone Keeps Going Back to Home Screen


One of the reasons Huawei phone keeps going back to the home screen could be due to an outdated software version. If you are running an outdated software version that does not go well with most installed apps on your phone, it’s possible to experience such a problem.

Another possible cause is not having enough phone storage, most apps need as much storage as possible for them to function properly. Not having enough space can only cause them to misbehave more making your phone constantly return to the home screen.

Unstable network coverage can cause your phone to return to the Home screen, especially when dealing with apps that depend on an internet connection to operate. An incorrect Time and Date setting can also result in your Huawei phone returning to the home screen.


Why Does My Phone Keep Turning off when Playing Games


The phone keeps turning off when playing games for a few reasons. The first is that the battery is running low, which is why the phone turns off to preserve power. The second reason is that the game may be using too much power, which means that if you’re playing a game with a lot of effects, the phone will be draining your battery faster than it can charge it up.

The third reason is that you might have an app installed on your phone that’s causing your device to turn off. To check this, go into settings and see what apps are running in the background and how much battery they’re using up.

If one of those apps is causing your phone to turn off while you’re playing games, then you’ll want to uninstall it or reduce its functionality so it won’t put your phone in a low-power state.

The last reason is that if you’re using the phone for a long time, then it might not be able to fully power on all the time because it needs to charge. If this is the case, then just plug your phone up and leave it alone for a while.


How Do I Empty the Cache on My Iphone?


This article is about how to empty the cache on your iphone.

If you have a lot of apps installed on your iPhone and you are running out of space, then it might be time to empty the cache.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage > On this screen, tap on “Manage Storage” and then tap “Empty Cache“.
  2. You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to delete your cache. Tap on “Empty Cache” and then confirm. To Delete App Data


If you have downloaded a lot of apps but only use a few of them, then it might be time to delete old app data files. This can free up some space for new downloads if needed.

  1. Go to Settings, General, Storage, iCloud Usage, Manage Storage and then tap on “Manage Storage
  2. Locate the app you want to delete data for, then tap on “Delete App Data“.
  3. You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to delete the app data. Tap on “Delete App Data” and then confirm.


What is Background App Refresh on an Iphone?


Background App Refresh is one of those features that may not seem like a big deal at first but it can be quite useful. Have you ever been on Facebook when your phone got a text message and then the app crashed? With Background App Refresh, you can refresh the app while you are still on Facebook.

Background App Refresh allows apps to be updated in the background without having to wait for an update to download. This feature is available on many iPhone models starting from iPhone 6S.



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It’s not a normal thing to have s your phone constantly returning to the home screen when executing a task on your mobile device. This is a problem most commonly experienced with older phones but newer phones can also have the same issue.

All the solutions you will need are here in this article, you need not border with Why Does your Phone Keep Going Back to Home Screen anymore? Feel free to notify me if this article was of any help to you and if you have any questions at all, drop them in the comment section below.

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