Why Does My LG Tv Keep Turning Off? (FIXED)


For those that are used to LG TV products, you should have known that your TV turning off regularly mustn’t always be a default. I saw someone close to me who bought an LG TV product newly and was very worried each time his LG TV turns off.

He kept asking why my LG TV keeps turning off, little did he know that it wasn’t really something big. To know more about LG TV, stay focused and pay more attention to what you read here for it will be of great relevance to you.


Why Does My LG Tv Keep Turning Off


Why does My LG TV keep turning off?


When your LG TV keeps turning off, this could probably be as a result of the Auto Power off default settings. The Auto Power Off default settings is a feature on an LG TV that will turn your TV off automatically only when left on and not on use for some time. 

It will do so if there is no user input after some little interval of time which can be adjusted from the setting. This is to prevent your TV from staying on overnight or during the day without anyone using it to watch at all, which happens to be a good thing.


How to Connect Lg Tv Hdmi


Have you tried connecting your LG TV to an HDMI cable all along and what was the outcome each time you give it a shot? Do you have any idea what could be the actual problem behind all that and how do you get to solve that with so much ease? 

Well, allow me to step in for you my friend, if knowing how to connect LG TV HDMI is what Yiu seeks then lucky you. There isn’t really much that you have to do to get your LG TV HDMI cable connected, so just follow up on the little that you need to know here.

To be able to connect your LG TV HDMI cable, here are a few helpful steps you will need to keep in mind, which are as follows:

  • Check HDMI Port And Cable.
  • Motherboard Is Shorted Out.
  • Reflow Your Motherboard.
  • Check HDMI Connection And Resolution.
  • Disable HDCP.
  • Disconnect Amplifier.


Why Is My LG Tv Hdmi Not Supported?


There are times when you try connecting your LG TV HDMI and you keep getting a not supported notification repeatedly. What you need to do is to check your HDMI Port And Cable settings and be sure that you have fixed it correctly. 

So it is very important that you always check your cables, HDMI ports, and input sources on both the TV and connected devices. When getting an HDMI cable for your LG TVs be sure to make the right installments for the cables to the connected devices.

So if you are seeing a not supported message on your LG TV, you will need to adjust the resolution of the source picture. Do you even know how to do that, if you don’t just relax and read on as I will help show you all that in a short while here and now?


How Do I Pair My Remote to My LG Tv?


Don’t tell me you still don’t know how to pair your remote to your LG TV till this very moment? Alright then, let’s get that off your trouble list right away, stay with these magic tricks and guides that I will be pointing out shortly here in this article.

It’s very simple to pair but you will have to follow the steps one move at a time for a successful pairing. First of all, Press the Smart or Home button and Back button simultaneously on the magic remote for a few seconds to at the same.

This will help initialize the remote and prepare the remote for pairing with the available LG TV at a close range. You will see a LED light notification on the remote, it will blink 3 times once the remote is initialized fully and ready to be paired with the LG TV. 


Why Won’t My LG Magic Remote Register?


Ideally, you should not be having any sort of problem in trying to register your magic remote to your LG TV. But if the Magic Remote failed to register, you then turn the TV off and reboot it back on again, and then try to register once more.

Press the GUIDE button which is located on your left for only a few seconds while pointing the remote at the TV. By doing just this and a few more that am about to point out for you, you should be able to have your magic remote registered in no time.



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With the little you must have read by now on this post, I believe you can now run an LG TV on your own. Why does My LG TV keeps turning off won’t stress you out anymore and can as well drop a comment if you need any help, will reply to you as fast as I can.

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