Why Does My Alarm Only Vibrate iPhone?


What is the point in setting up an alarm that will only vibrate but not make a sound when the idea is to keep me notified? I believe that’s what many are thinking right now, same goes for me too some days back, which is why am here with this post for you all.

Just like every other android mobile phone, an iPhone equally has its sound settings and can be altered. So here in this article, we shall take a look at a few reasons why does Alarm only vibrates on an iPhone and does not ring out loud so keep on reading.


Why Does My Alarm Only Vibrate iPhone?


The main reason why the alarm only vibrates on iPhone is that the alarm itself has its sound settings mode. There are about 3 different types of sound setting modes and each setting mode set as default settings will override whatever mode the phone’s sound settings.

Your Alarm will only Vibrate if your iPhone’s default sound settings are set to vibrate only and not to ring. Another common reason why your alarm may only vibrate and not ring when you have a faulty sound speaker, with a defaulting sound speaker, your iPhone sound settings is pointless long as the sound is concerned.


How to Fix Alarm Only Vibrate on iPhone


To fix an alarm that only vibrates on iPhone, you will have to do that from the setting room by changing the sound mode. You can change your sound mode to ring-only mode, vibrate, and ring mode depending on the available sound option displayed.

To fix an alarm that only vibrates on your iPhone, Open the Clock app, clicks on the Alarm tab, and then clicks on Edit. Next is to tap on the alarm, then tap Sound to change your default sound settings from vibrate only, you can then press the volume button to adjust the alarm sound.


Why Do My iPhone Alarms Make No Noise?


One of the common reasons why iPhone alarms do not make noise is simply that the alarm volume is low or completely off. There are different volumes to take note of, we have the music volume, call volume, and alarm volume, just be precise when adjusting the alarm volume.

Double-check to confirm that your alarm sound is not set to None, change the settings if it is set to None. To do that you need to open the Clock app, click on the Alarm tab, click on Edit, then next to the alarm, tap on the Sound and then change the default settings from None.


Why Does My Phone Only Vibrate when Alarm Goes Off?


The alarm always works regardless of the default alarm sound settings on your phone long as it is set On. If your phone is on Silent, Sleeping Mode, None Mode or Do Not Disturb mode, the alarm will still work but based on your alarm sound settings.

Your phone alarm when set on Only Vibrate will vibrate even as the alarm setting goes off on the phone. Your phone will vibrate from the very beginning of the alarm scheduled time till the end without making any sound out loud to the hearing of anyone.


How Do I Get My iPhone Alarm to Stop Vibrating?


To get your iPhone alarm to stop Vibrating you will have to turn off the vibration mode from each alarm completely. Each time you access your Alarm Clock to set up a new alarm, you can toggle off the sound setting and default the vibration to None.

In case you have set an alarm already, you can still do the same even for a scheduled alarm, all you need to do it to tap on Edit. Repeat the same procedure you did above and then press the Ok button, this works for all iPhones but doesn’t get too confused as some iPhones may differ with the model.


How Do I Change the Vibration on My iPhone Alarm?


To change the vibration Onan iPhone alarm, first Open the Clock app on your iPhone and then click on the alarm tab. Next is to edit your alarm default settings, you want your alarm to ring out? Then you set it so and can even choose an alarm ringing tune of your choice.

But if you want your iPhone alarm to vibrate, then you click on Vibration at the top and then choose even get to select a vibration sound of your choice. You can as well toggle on the CHANGE WITH BUTTON settings to be able to alter your alarm vibration sound using the volume buttons.


How Do I Get My iPhone Alarm to Vibrate and Ring?


To get your iPhone Alarm to vibrate and ring, you will have to toggle ON the setting feature so yourself on your phone. Go to your Alarm clock, tap on Alarm and then click on the + sign at the top right-hand corner of your phone’s screen to add a new alarm.

After scheduling your alarm time, tap on the sound button, and tap on Vibration to set a vibration pattern of your choice. You set your iPhone alarm to vibrate and ring from this very setting room and then click on the ok button once you are done and you are good to go.


Should iPhone Haptics Be on or Off?


Any type of technology that gives you a tactile response is known as Haptics, like when your iPhone vibrates. You must be used to Haptic Touch on your iPhone, a feature that vibrates your phone when you tap and hold on to the screen of your iPhone.

Knowing if iPhone Haptics should be On or Off is just a matter of choice, but know that once your Haptics is set off, there is no more sound. This means, that when iPhone Haptics is turned off, you won’t hear or feel vibrations for alarms set nor for any incoming calls.


How Do I Make an Alarm Sound on My iPhone?


To make an alarm sound on an iPhone, you will have to first Open the iPhone Clock app on your iPhone. Tap the Alarm icon and then tap Edit, then tap on the Sound option to choose a sound of your choice, you can as well pick music from your phone sound list and make your alarm.

You can as well toggle on the CHANGE WITH BUTTON feature on your iPhone, which will help you to regulate the alarm volume using your volume buttons. Just so you know, your Music volume, Call volume, and Alarm volume are 3 different things and all can be regulated using the volume button.


How Do I Make an Alarm Sound?


To make an alarm sound of your choice, first Open your phone’s Clock app and then tap on the Alarm icon. Tap on the Sound option to choose a sound for the alarm by Picking a sound from the list, you can customize your alarm sound by picking from your phone’s sound file list.

You can as well download a sound of your choice to your phone, then tap on the Add new icon and then the downloaded sound. The same procedure goes for all android devices including all iOS devices, though the steps involved may differ Acho follows this exact procedure.


Is Alarm Volume Same As Ringer iPhone?


Every iPhone and even androids inclusive has 3 different sets of sound volumes; Alarm volume, the Ringer volume, and the Media volume. All of these volumes can be controlled using the volume buttons of the phone but most times the Alarm volume settings will have granted access first.

So, an alarm volume is not the same as a ringer volume, your alarm volume can be set to vibrate while your ringer volume is on silent mode. To set your alarm volume, you will have to access your phone’s clock app to do so while to set your ringer volume requires you to access your Ring volume.


How Do You Use Tik Tok Sound As an Alarm?


To use a TikTok sound as your alarm sound first is to download the TikTok video sound you want to make use of. You do that by copying the link of the video from your TikTok and pasting it on your browser to download and convert the video to an mp3 file.

Now go to your phone’s alarm app and then click on the edit button, click on sound and then search for the file from your phone’s sound files. Click on the Audio file to add up and then press ok to set your alarm sound, adjust the volume to the maximum if you wish to and that’s all.


What is the Best iPhone Alarm to Wake Up To?


There are plenty of alarm sounds on an iPhone and any set will wake you up long as the alarm sound is not muted. A few of the best iPhone alarm sounds are violins, harps, pianos, and flutes, although there are many more these few mentioned are known to stand out.

The violins, harps, pianos, and flutes alarms are the best so far become the sounds are the best to start your morning with. The pitch of the sound is remarkable, somehow they enhance one’s alertness to wake up from sleep, unlike others that bored you to a night of even more deep sleep.


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The default settings on an iPhone could be the major factor influencing the alarm sound effect. An alarm set to vibrate will only vibrate and won’t make even a little sound as the alarm vibrates although and eventually goes off.

You can turn off the vibration settings on your iPhone back to General/Ring Mode or even set it to vibrate and Ring all at a time. Reasons Why your Alarm Only Vibrate on your iPhone are discussed here, take out time and go through the whole content of this article.

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