Why Does iPhone Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting when Locked?


An iPhone’s wireless network creates a personal hotspot just like every other mobile device. Thanks to this hotspot, other devices can join your hotspot at the expense of your data but thankfully that can be controlled at any time.

But there are times when your iPhone’s hotspot ends up disconnecting, this can be caused by a few possible reasons. For now, let’s get to know the reason behind Why an iPhone M’s Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting when Locked and the possible fix there is if any.


Why Does iPhone Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting when Locked


  • A common reason why an iPhone hotspot keeps disconnecting when locked is when you are using an Ethernet cable to connect to the WiFi. When using an Ethernet cable, your iPhone’s screen lock can be an obstruction between your iPhone and the WiFi network and will get disconnected once locked.
  • Another possible reason could be a fault coming directly from the WiFi network you are using on your iPhone. And also check your phone network settings to be sure that your phone is not on flight mode, to begin with, an iPhone on flight mode connected to WiFi is a thing to consider.

Using a hotspot when your iPhone is set on Airplane Mode will definitely disconnect the connection with a locked screen. You can run more than a single device on an iPhone’s hotspot maybe 5 but not more than 5 at a go including Mac operating system and an iPad as well.


How to fix iPhone Hotspot that Keeps Disconnecting when Locked


How to fix iPhone Hotspot that Keeps Disconnecting when Locked


One of the common foxes for iPhone hotspots that keeps disconnecting is to re-establish the hotspot connection. Ensure a stable and secured connection on your device and then soft reset the device for just a minute or two, will help fix any minor software glitch on your phone.

Another helpful fix is resetting your Network Configuration settings and as well keeping turning Off the Airplane Mode on your iPhone. Secure a strong WiFi network instead of making use of an Ethernet cable to connect to the hotspot, which will prevent any lock screen disconnection.

Most times you need to check and turn OFF the low Data Mode settings on your phone and as well the Varify Data Usage feature. These two function monitors your connection and disconnects all automatically even before the phone’s screen gets locked especially when there is too much data usage.


How to Keep iPhone Hotspot Always on


For some reason, your iPhone hotspot does go off immediately or a few minutes after the hotspot device screen gets Locked. That is really not a good deal for sure, but have found a solution, so just read on as I help show you a way out of all this.

First, you will need to switch On the Bluetooth on both devices and will need to make sure that the personal hotspot is off on the hotspot device. More importantly, your two devices must be on the same iCloud account for you to be able to keep your hot device Connected.

Once the two devices are connected to the same iCloud account, the hotspot will constantly display on the other device. This will make it possible for the connected device to reconnect to the hotspot even when the hot device is locked.


Why My Hotspot is Disconnecting Automatically?


One of the reasons your hotspot disconnect automatically is when the Data Plan Capacity of your phone has exceeded. This occurs either due to too many users connected to the hotspot or probably due to too much data usage by the connected users.

Another possible reason is the device’s timeout settings, an iPhone that hasn’t connected to WiFi before is having a 10 minutes default Timeout setting. Your iPhone hotspot automatically gets disconnected when your device’s mobile data is running low.

An Out Of Range could be what is causing your device to Auto disconnect or probably a problem with the interference. Although seldomly the problem might be originating from the device itself, Device Failure also known as Defective System could be the main problem.


How to Keep Hotspot on when iPhone is Locked


Keep your hotspot on your iPhone even with a locked screen by turning OFF the Auto-Lock function on the phone. Turning off the Auto-Lock will switch On the personal hotspot and with this, your hotspot will remain ON even when your phone is locked.

Another way is by making sure that both the two iOS devices are using or connected to the same iCloud account. With this you don’t need to bother about switching on your hotspot, you can view the ho device’s hotspot on the other phone and can secure a long-lasting connection even with a locked screen.

Turn off the Airplane mode on your phone and as well avoid using the Ethernet cable to connect to a hotspot. When using an Ethernet cable, a Locked screen will always interfere with your connection which is not a realizable connection, to begin with.


How Do I Stop My iPhone Hotspot from Timing Out?


To stop your iPhone hotspot from timing out, you’ll need to turn off the feature in your settings. Here’s how to do that:

  • Open Settings and go to Wi-Fi. From there, toggle the “Wi-Fi Assist” switch off.
  • If you’re connected to a cellular network, disconnect from Wi-Fi Assist and connect to cellular data instead.


Why Won’t My Laptop Stay Connected to My iPhone Hotspot?


When you’re on the go, your laptop isn’t always connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. This can be frustrating when you need to access your favorite website or send a quick email.

There are many reasons why your laptop might not stay connected to your iPhone hotspot. There’s nothing wrong with the iPhone hotspot itself – it’s just that there are too many things that can interfere with it. Here are some of the most common causes of this issue:

  1. You have a lot of other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi signal as your laptops, such as phones and tablets. This makes it harder for your laptop to connect.
  2. Your computer is running low on battery power and needs more juice from the power outlet.
  3. Your router is too far away and there is no Wi-Fi signal at your place.
  4. You are using a VPN and may be having some connection issues.
  5. The laptop has been rebooted recently, so reinstalling the driver might take a while.



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A hotspot on a smartphone phone is worth everything, you will get access to all internet servers the same way you will use your mobile Data. Although this function does go off at times which is why you need to go through the Troubleshoots I have here for you.

No need to sit asking Why does your iPhone Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting when Locked, you should know is a common thing with iPhones. But here in this article are all you need to know and should do in situations as such, you can as well leave a comment below.

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