Why Does Do Not Disturb Keeps Turning on iOS? (Solution)


The Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone is a way to stop all incoming notifications, phone calls, and alerts from disturbing you. This feature does not stop notifications from coming into your phone it only stops them from ringing or vibrating because lastly, you will end up seeing the missed notifications.

So this is the perfect feature for you on a smartphone that helps to keep your mind at peace from unnecessary calls, messages, and alarms. But the real issue is why does the Do Not Disturb feature keeps turning on my iPhone without enabling it myself?


Why Does Do Not Disturb Keep Turning on iOS


  • One of the reasons you keep getting the do not disturb feature turned on could be because the function is scheduled already. So once your do not disturb keeps turning On, either you or someone may have accidentally or willingly enabled the scheduled feature.
  • Your iPhone might keep turning On the do not disturb mode while driving your vehicle, this could be because of the DND function. Once the DND function on your phone is enabled, the do not disturb function will keep on turning On whenever you are driving.


How to fix Do Not Disturb Keeps Turning on iOS


How to fix Do Not Disturb Keeps Turning on iOS


To fix the Do Not Disturb that keeps turning on an iOS, go to your settings and confirm your Do Not Disturb is not set to an automatically scheduled time. To fix this, go to settings, click on do not disturb, tap on Set Time to turn it off, and then tap on MANUAL to manually operate the function.

You can as well use a third-party app to fix your Do Not Disturb an example of such an app is the Do Not Disturb Tuggle this app will allow users to have full control over the Do Not Disturb function, once installed, tap on to Open, tap on the DND Permission, and then tap to toggle OFF the function.

You should as well fix your Do Not Disturb problem by fixing all faulty shortcuts that keep turning On from your Device’s drop-down menu. You can turn off this function via the dropdown menu or better still do this by going through the settings a d doing it manually.


How Do I Stop My iPhone from Automatically Turning on Do Not Disturb


How Do I Stop My iPhone from Automatically Turning on Do Not Disturb


You can turn off your iPhone’s Do Not Disturb mode which is turned ON automatically through the Control center. Tap on the control center, swipe from the top right corner or button, depending on your phone’s model, and tap on the Do Not Disturb option to turn off the function.

Another way to turn off the Do Not Disturb mode that turns On automatically is to turn off the Scheduled Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone. This is the most important fix of all and why your phone’s Do Not Disturb mode automatically gets switched On when it is a specific time because it was set so.

To fix this, first Open your phone Settings app and then tap on the  “Do Not Disturb” option and then toggle off the “Scheduled” option. Doing this will turn off all Do Not Disturb mode OFF and will also stop any further Auto turning ON of this function again on your iPhone.


Does Do Not Disturb Turn on by Itself


The Do Not Disturb feature does not just turn itself like that unless following a default settings command. Commands such as DND shortcuts turned on from an androids notifications panel can cause your Do Not Disturb mode to turn on automatically.

Your Do Not Disturb mode will automatically turn On by itself if you happen to have activated the “Set time” feature. This will cause your device to auto-switch your Do Not Disturb mode ON once the time set is due although you can still Disable this feature by turning on “Manual” from your settings.

It is advisable to remove the Do Not Disturb icon from the Notification panel to prevent it from getting turned on accidentally. This should help you out with the accidental turning ON/OFF this function and thinking maybe your phone is doing it all by itself.


How to Turn on Do Not Disturb on Text Message iPhone


To turn On the Do Not Disturb mode on text messages first Open your phone settings and scroll down to tap on the Do Not Disturb option. Next is to scroll down to the bottom and select Auto-reply and then type out the message you will like to reply to when someone messages you when your Do Not Disturb mode is On.

Next tap back at the top left corner and then to choose who receives such messages, select the “Auto-reply to” option. Now choose who you would like to receive this reply to once your Do Not Disturb mode is on and they happen to send you a message.


How Do I Permanently Turn off Do Not Disturb?


There is nothing like permanent turning off Do Not Disturb mode since you might need it someday and turn it back ON. The only thing you can do is to double check your phone settings and be sure that all settings that automatically turn on this function are dealt with.

Start by making sure that the Scheduled Time feature is not enabled on your phone to avoid your Do Not Disturb mode from turning on by itself. Also, run a check on the DND function to avoid turning On the Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone when driving.


Why Does My Do Not Disturb Keep Turning on iPhone 13


Do Not Disturb is a feature in iOS 13 that allows users to silence their phone calls, texts, and notifications while they are asleep. However, if Do Not Disturb is turned on, the iPhone will automatically turn on at a specific time. This can result in unwanted alerts or notifications.

The issue with this feature is that it does not allow users to disable the Do Not Disturb feature when they are sleeping. One solution would be to change the settings so that the Do Not Disturb feature only turns off after a certain amount of time has passed since it was last turned on.


Do Not Disturb Keeps Turning on by Itself iOS 12?


This is a common problem that iOS users have been facing for years. They have tried a lot of solutions to fix the issue but still, the problem persists.

Apple has made it clear that they are not going to do anything about this bug and they are not going to refund users who were affected by it. With no solution in sight, some people resort to putting their phone into airplane mode or turning off their phone completely as a temporary solution.



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At least one will no longer get too disturbed by calls, messages, notifications, or alarms without having to switch off their phones. Do not Disturb mode does not stop any incoming calls, messages, and notifications, they just don’t allow them to ring out no matter what.

You can turn On this feature at will and as well turn it off at any time, and set a schedule for time, location, and specific apps too. Do you what to learn more on Why Do Not Disturb Keeps Turning ON on your iOS device? Then leave a comment below stating what you need help with.

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