Why Can’t I Add Widgets to the Home Screen on Android?


Unlike an app which is a software program that can operate either online or offline but only when downloaded, widgets are an extension of these apps. You need not download the widget to your Android phone, all you need to do is to create one and add it to your home screen.

A widget is a universal feature on all android phones Where the phone’s app icons are used and made the content of the widget. Widgets are smartphone features that connect to all downloaded applications but do not need to be accessed to be launched.


Why Can’t I Add Widgets to the Home Screen on Android?


One of the reasons you can’t add widgets to the home screen on your Android is when you are out of space on your device’s home screen. This has nothing to do with your device storage, widgets mostly work on a free unoccupied home screen page on all smartphones.

Another reason is that you are in a home screen layout mode and can’t be granted access to most of your home screen features. Layout mode is useful as well as it prevents any accidental removal of your phone’s apps, you will need to change from the layout mode to be able to add widgets.

More importantly, you can’t add widgets to the home screen if all your apps have been moved to a MicroSD card. To add widgets to your Android device’s home screen, you need to have at least a single app you can add up as the widget content, can’t create an empty widget.


How to Add Widgets to the Home Screen on Android


How to Add Widgets to the Home Screen on Android


Adding widgets to an android home screen might be a little bit different when you come across an android model different from yours. But whichever device you are using, you should be able to tag along if you follow the procedures as all the concepts are entirely the same.

To add the widget to an android home screen, First, be sure to be on the home screen then tap and hold on to a space. The screen will zoom out giving options at the button, tap on the widget option and choose an app you want your widget to be from, and tap and hold on to your chosen widget to place it on the home screen.


Why Did Widgets Disappeared on Android


One of the very common reasons why widgets disappear is when Android users move their phone’s apps to a MicroSD card. To create and add widgets, you need to already install apps on your phone to add up to the widget because you can’t create an empty widget.

Your Widgets may also disappear from your Android phone after you must have a hard reboot of your device. Although that is fixable to do that you will need to transfer them again to the phone’s memory before you can get that corrected.


How to Fix a Widgets Disappeared on Android


How to Fix a Widgets Disappeared on Android


To fix a corrupted home screen data, First, go to your phone’s settings, click on apps then choose the manage apps option. Click on the menu icon to select a show system, find the name of the app that runs your home screen, tap on the storage and then select clear data.

To fix the problem with apps stored on the SD cards, you need to move those apps back to the phone’s memory. To do that, first, go to settings and select the Apps option, scroll and click to App manager, click on the storage and then next click on change and lastly switch the settings from SD card to phone storage.


Why is Widget Not Showing Up on Home Screen


Reasons Why the widget is not showing up on the home screen is if your apps are installed on your MicroSD card and not phone storage. Android devices do block apps that are installed on an SD card from adding up to widgets which happens to be a default feature for most android.

This is no doubt going to be a problem if you happen to move all of your apps to the SD card just to save some space. Although apps storage location can be changed whenever you want to, so you can still move back the apps back to your phone storage.


Why Can’t I Find Settings Widget Android?


You can only find your widget settings when you tap and hold the widget that is on your phone’s home screen. Some sets of options such as “Remove from home”, “widget settings”, and “App info” will display on top of the widget depending on the phone model you are using.

Tap on the widget setting and then select a preferred setting of your choice, you can as well adjust the widget position and size to your liking. Press the return arrow to exit the widget settings menu once you are done with the changes you do on your widget.


How Do I Customize My Android Home Screen?


To customize your Android home screen, you add your favorite apps you want to have to the home screen. You do that by tapping on the app and dragging it to the home screen, you can also remove apps from the home screen by tapping and dragging the app to the remove icon on top.

The customization procedure on your phone may slightly differ from others but the whole concept is done the same. You can also change the home settings when you touch and hold on a space on your home screen and then tap the Home settings.


How Do I Add Widgets to My Home Screen Samsung?


To add the widget to your Samsung home screen, the first tap and hold on a free space on the home screen and then tap on the “Widgets” icon. Next is to tap and hold the widget you wish to add, you can as well search for the widget you looking for using the Google Search Bar.

The next thing to do is to drag and drop the widget on the available space to add it up to your Samsung home screen. There are plenty of widgets you will want to have easy access to like the contact widget, weather widget, Calendars Widget, and a few more others of your choice.


How Do I Restore Home Screen Layout on Android?


There is always a way to restore your home screen layout to the default settings, this will delete all the pages and remove the icons. But this option is hidden deep down in the settings that you can’t just come across by guessing, which is what am about to show you.

To restore the home screen layout on Android first is to pull down your notifications, open settings, tap on apps and then select the Google apps option. Do not select Google Launcher rather Google app, click on storage, then click on manage space and select Clear Launcher Data and tap ok.


Why Are My Apps Not Showing on Home Screen?


Uninstall apps will not display on the home screen of your device, so you need to be precisely sure that these apps are installed. Double check the launcher you are using on your device as some devices may have a Launcher that can set apps to remain hidden.

But the most common reason why your apps are not showing on the home screen is that the “Add new Apps to home screen” option is toggled off. To confirm that you will need to go to settings, scroll to the home screen and check to see if this function is off or not.


Where Are My Widgets on My Android Phone?


Go to free space on your Home screen, tap, and hold on to a space on the home screen, and you will notice the page zooms out. Depending on the android model you are using, a few icons will display at the button with “Widgets” as one of these displayed options.

Tap and hold on to the widget, drag the widget to the Home screen of your choice and then release it to be able to add widgets successfully. You can always search for a widget of your choice using the Google search bar but will need to have enough space to do so.


How Do I Restore My Android Widgets?


To restore your Android widget, You will need to Customize the home screen before installing a new launcher. You should be able to retrieve customized Android app icons that have disappeared from your device’s home screen by re-enabling disabled or hidden apps.

It is recommended that Android users install a new launcher when they happen to start having issues with their current launcher. Not just that, there are deleted apps that do make an android launcher start misbehaving which will require you to install a new launcher.



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Your device home screen settings contribute greatly when it comes to Why you Can’t Add Widgets to the Home Screen on your Android. More importantly, the storage location of your installed apps is also affected as androids don’t add apps that are installed on an SD card to widgets.

There is every need to have installed apps stored on your phone’s storage to be able to add them to your home screen. Check your home screen layout as that restrict an android function and also learn the location of your widgets here. If you need anything, feel free to drop a comment below.

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