Why Are My Instagram Messages Blacked Out?


Your Instagram might experience some minor glitch from time to time though it shouldn’t be that often. You can fix most of those by just logging out and resetting the device you are using, doing this should get things back to normal as they use to.

But a lot of complaints about Instagram DM blacking out have hit up, which is why am sharing with you this useful information. Get to know the reason why are your Instagram messages Blacked out and how to possibly fix these issues here in this article.


Why Are My Instagram Messages Blacked out?


One of the reasons why Instagram messages blackout is

  • An Insufficient storage capacity on your device. Once your device storage capacity is filled up, new data may no longer be accepted and this will cause messages received on Instagram not to display any written content.
  • Another common cause of a message Blackout on Instagram is a bug, which can create software errors on your account. This Can be caused when users neglect to make use of their filter properly and end up receiving all kinds of bug messages causing your direct messages to black out.


How to fix My Instagram Messages Blacked out?


How to fix My Instagram Messages Blacked out


Some of the minor and simple fixings you can employ are to log out and log back into your Instagram account. You might as well try freeing up space and then restart the app and if it all doesn’t work out, then try the steps given below to fix the problem.

To fix your Instagram messages Blackout:

  1. First Open your Instagram account
  2. Then go to your Profile
  3. Tap on the 3 layers at the top right corner
  4. Then tap on the Settings option
  5. Tap on theme
  6. Enable the Dark Mode

Now you can go to your Home Page to confirm by tapping on the DM option to see if the fixing works. This method works for your Android device and also an iOS device, repeat the same process all over each time you experience a message Blackout on your Instagram.


Can You Recover Vanished Messages on Instagram?


It is very much possible to recover your vanished messages on Instagram, you only need to make the request. You can request your account data from Instagram and recover your deleted messages back to your Instagram Instagram account.

Deleted messages on Instagram may no longer be available on the message chat but it is still on your Instagram server. You can recover them all by requesting your account data from Instagram which will not take long before all your deleted Data including messages are recovered.

You can as well recover your Instagram deleted messages with the help of “Instagram Message Recovery tools”. All you have to do is type your username in the typing section and then tap on the recovery option below and all your deleted Data will be recovered back to your account.


How Do I See Disappeared Messages on Instagram Again?


There are 3 different display option that a message or photo are sent with, they will display depending on their default display option. The “View Once” option will only allow you to view the received content once and no more but I will show you a little trick.

To view disappearing messages on Instagram, here is what you need to do:

  1. First, open your Instagram account
  2. Click on the message icon at the top right corner
  3. Select a chat
  4. Tap on the display button to view the message
  5. Then screenshot it.

Disappearing messages or photos are meant to be viewed only once and you will no longer be able to view them again. But screenshotting this message will give you an open window to be able to view this content anytime you feel like it since you now have the screenshot on your phone.


How Do You Get Your Messages Back on Instagram?


To get your message back to your Instagram account, you will have to download them back from your Instagram server. The deleted message may disappear completely from your Instagram account but will remain on your Instagram server for a while.

You can as well recover your Instagram deleted messages with the help of “Instagram Message Recovery tools“. All you have to do is type your username in the typing section and then tap on the recovery option below and all your deleted Data will be recovered back to your account.

If you have the latest version of Instagram, there is an option to “undo” your deletion. This will prompt Instagram to ask you how many minutes ago you deleted the post and allow you to recover it.


How Can I Recover Deleted Instagram Messages 2022?


Did you end up deleting content you will like to still have on your Instagram account? Relax there is a way out. You can always recover back your photos, videos, or messages back to your Instagram account long as you want to and I will show you how to.

To recover your deleted Instagram messages, Here are the few things you will need to do:

  1. Recover Using Google drive Back-up.
  2. Recover from The User you received it from.
  3. Use KidsGuard Pro for Android to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages.
  4. Recover from your stored Instagram Data.


Method Two

Another way to recover deleted Instagram messages in 2022, then follow these steps:

  1. Go to your settings on the app.
  2. Click on your account.
  3. Click on “delete my account
  4. Fill in all the fields with the necessary information and click “delete my account” again.
  5. Check your inbox for any notifications.
  6. If there were no alerts, then it might mean that your account was deleted successfully.



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You can always try logging out of your account and then signing in again once your Instagram messages are blacked out. Uninstall and install an updated version of the app will do just fine in case you can’t find the reason Why your Instagram Messages get Blacked out.

Here in this article are the useful information you will need to find out why your Instagram is not functioning properly and how to fix such issues. You can as well ask anything you want to and don’t forget to drop a comment in all the comment sections below.

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