How To Fix Whirlpool Fridge Not Cooling But Freezer Works


This article explains how to troubleshoot the Whirlpool refrigerator on but not cooling. The Whirlpool refrigerator is one of the most popular refrigerators on the market.


Familiarize yourself with the user guidelines for your product and be aware of what hardware and software it needs to function properly. We also highly recommend that you take advantage of troubleshooting steps if you run into an issue.

This article will also provide you with some basic information on how to fix it so that it can work properly again.


How To Fix Whirlpool Fridge Not Cooling But Freezer Works


Why is Whirlpool Refrigerator On But Not Cooling


The refrigerator is on but not cooling. This could be due to several reasons such as the refrigerator not having enough energy, the refrigerator being too hot, or the freezer being open.

  • The compressor is on and working, but there isn’t enough refrigerant in the system
  • The thermostat is stuck
  • There’s a power outage
  • The ice maker isn’t working properly
  • There’s a problem with the wiring


How to Fix Whirlpool Fridge Not Cooling But Freezer Works


Whirlpool Fridge Not Cooling But Freezer Works


If your Whirlpool Refrigerator not working or cooling can be a very frustrating experience. It is not an easy task to fix your refrigerator, especially when you are not sure where to start.


The following are the steps you should follow to troubleshoot your refrigerator and fix it:

  1. Make sure your appliances aren’t leaking around the edges. Tighten up loose power cords, and make sure all bathroom faucets are tightly shut. If they’re still having leaks, contact a professional to get them fixed before continuing any further with these tips.
  2. Clean the Freezer Mechanism: this will help prevent frost buildup in the freezer.
  3. Clean the Condenser: clean the condenser unit so that frost and ice will not build upon it.
  4. If your meter indicates a drop in power during storms or other cases of high demand, please notify us ASAP.


Whirlpool 6th Sense Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting Guide


This is a guide on how to troubleshoot the Whirlpool 6th Sense fridge freezer. When you’re having trouble, using this feature lets you fix your appliance and avoid potentially expensive repairs.


The Whirlpool 6th Sense fridge freezer troubleshooting works by using sensors, so there’s no need for humans to manually check the appliance. The sensors in your fridge & freezer can detect any issues, making it easier to determine what needs fixing and how. This is possible through an app on your smartphone or tablet.


How to Reset a Whirlpool Refrigerator Compressor


How to Reset a Whirlpool Refrigerator Compressor


The Whirlpool refrigerator compressor is a device that circulates air inside the refrigerator, it is used to control the temperature of the refrigerator and keep it cold. It can also be used to cool down the fridge in case of a power outage.

The compressor needs to be reset when it fails to start or stops working properly. Refrigerators are a common appliance in most homes.


They need to maintain a certain level of cold temperatures to keep food fresh and safe. If the compressor inside a refrigerator is not working properly, it can be reset by turning off and on the power switch for ten seconds, then waiting for five minutes before turning it on again.

Another way is by removing the circuit breaker from its socket and waiting for five minutes before turning it back on again.


What is the Lifespan of a Refrigerator Compressor?


How long does a refrigerator compressor last? A compressor is an important component in the refrigeration system of a refrigerator. It ensures that the refrigerant gas inside the unit circulates throughout the system to maintain a constant temperature.


A compressor lasts for approximately 10 years, depending on how frequently it is used and how well it is maintained. If you are using your fridge less than once every other day, then you can expect your compressor to last for about 10 years.


How much Does it Cost to Fix a Refrigerator That is Not Cooling?


When the refrigerator begins to malfunction, people often find themselves in a difficult position. They don’t know whether it’s worth it to invest their time and money in a new refrigerator or if they should just buy another one. There is no easy answer to this question because everyone’s situation is different. With that being said, we are here today to help you decide what the best course of action will be.


When your refrigerator breaks down, you might be able to estimate how much it will cost by knowing the type of fridge you have and how old it is. There are a few factors that can help you get an idea of what your repair will cost, such as how affordable the repair service is and whether there are any potential hidden costs.

If this is the case, you will need to factor in labor costs for installation and removal of the old unit plus any parts needed for replacement. If your refrigerator has been running for a long time without problems, it may just be time for a new one instead of a repair.



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The Whirlpool Fridge Not Cooling But Freezer Works is a common problem that many people have to deal with. If you are one of those people, then this article has provided helpful tips to fix your Whirlpool Refrigerator.


You can fix your Whirlpool Refrigerator by replacing the thermostat, making sure that the coils are clean, ensuring that there is enough airflow in the refrigerator, and more. Please share if you find this article useful.

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