How To Fix Whirlpool Fridge Keeps/Not Dispensing Ice or Water


If you have a Whirlpool fridge, you might want to know how to fix it if the ice dispenser or water dispenser is not working.

The Whirlpool fridge has an ice and a water dispenser. Both work when the fridge is turned on, but they stop working when the fridge is turned off.

You may be wondering how to fix your Whirlpool refrigerator if it stops dispensing ice or water. This article will give you all the information you need about Whirlpool Fridge keeps/not dispensing Ice or water.


Why Is The Whirlpool Fridge Not Dispensing Ice?


The Whirlpool fridge is not dispensing ice because the ice maker has a clogged filter. The filter should be cleaned or replaced in order for the ice maker to work again. This is an easy fix that can prevent future headaches with your appliance, so it’s worth taking care of sooner rather than later.

If you’re having problems with your Whirlpool refrigerator, you may have a clogged filter that needs cleaning or replacing. Here’s how to do it:

  • Turn off the power at your fuse box and then open up the freezer door
  • Remove all of the contents from inside.


How To Fix Whirlpool Fridge Keeps/Not Dispensing Ice Or Water


This is a common problem in many households. The Whirlpool fridge keeps dispensing ice but not water. This can be fixed by following these steps:

  1. Remove the filter from the water dispenser.
  2. Clean the filter with warm soapy water and rinse it out well.
  3. Put the filter back in place and fill up the dispenser with cold water.


How Do I Reset My Whirlpool Water Dispenser?


If you are struggling to reset your Whirlpool water dispenser, there are a few methods that you can try.

  • First, unplug the appliance and wait for it to cool down.
  • Next, remove the top of the dispenser and take out the water filter.
  • Finally, pour one cup of vinegar into each reservoir and let it soak for 30 minutes before replacing the filter.



How Do You Turn On The Ice Maker on a Whirlpool French Door Refrigerator


This section will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to turn on the ice maker on a Whirlpool French door refrigerator.

  1. Turn off the water and drain the ice tray.
  2. Unplug the refrigerator, freezer, and water dispenser from the power source.
  3. Remove all food, drinks, and ice from freezer and refrigerator compartments (if applicable).
  4. Open both doors of the freezer compartment (if applicable).
  5. Remove the ice cube tray from the back of the freezer compartment by sliding it out from under the shelf that holds it in place
  6. Insert the tab into the slot in front of the door to release the latch for the hinge side
  7. Pull out the hinge side of the door to open it fully 8. On the hinge side, pull


How Do I Know If My Whirlpool Ice Maker is Working?


If your ice maker is not making ice, you should check the following:

  • Check to see if the water is flowing into the ice maker. If it is not, then there is a problem with the waterline.
  • Check to see if there are any leaks in the ice maker. If there are leaks, then you will need to repair them before continuing with this troubleshooting guide.
  • Check to see if you have a broken wire or switch for the ice maker. If you do, then that will be your next step in this troubleshooting guide.



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How To Test My Ice Maker Water Line?


Ice maker water lines are very fragile and can crack easily. It is important to test the water line to make sure that it is installed correctly. If you have an ice maker, you should test the water line before each use of your ice maker.

Testing the water line can be done in a few different ways:

  1. Test the waterline with a piece of string
  2. Plug-in your freezer and turn it on to see if there is any leak
  3. Test with a bucket of water or other similar devices


How Do You Tell If Your Refrigerator Filter Is Clogged?


The clogged refrigerator filter can cause a lot of problems. Not only does it affect the taste and smell of the food in your fridge, but also makes it difficult for you to keep track of what you have and what you need.

The easiest way to tell if your refrigerator filter is clogged is by looking at the water filtration process. If the water is bubbling through, then your filter is working properly. If there are no bubbles, then you need to replace the filter immediately.

A lot of people ask how they can tell if their refrigerator filter has a clog or not. There are two simple ways: looking at where the water comes out and checking how much water is being filtered each time they run their tap water.


How Do You Defrost A Whirlpool Ice Maker?


A Whirlpool ice maker is a refrigerator that makes ice cubes from water. It has a mechanism that is located in the back of the unit, and this mechanism is responsible for defrosting the machine.

  • Unplug the ice maker and open up the freezer door.
  • Remove all of the food items in your freezer.
  • Place a pan on top of your ice maker and fill it with water to cover the bottom of your pan. Place it on top of an electric stove or on top of a gas stove, depending on which type you have. Turn your burner to medium heat and set it to boil so that it will produce warmth as well as steam.
  • Wait until you hear a hissing noise from the ice maker. This will signify that you are getting hot water from the ice maker.
  • Fill a pot or bowl with cold water and put it near the gas burner so that it cools down quickly.
  • Place your ice cube tray on top of your freezer, making sure to line it with a sheet of parchment paper.





In this article, we have outlined what causes the Whirlpool fridge keeps dispensing ice or water and how to fix it. We have also mentioned how you can prevent this from happening again in the future by following these simple steps.

If you have any questions about Whirlpool Fridge not dispensing Ice or water please ask using the comments section. Please don’t forget to share this article if you find it useful.

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