What is Pocket Mode on Mobile?


How many times have you noticed your phone dialing a number just by keeping it in your pocket without you knowing? There are moments when a mobile phone misoperates when they come in contact with any surface, which is not really pleasing most of the time.

There is nothing more annoying than when the little data or airtime you are saving goes to waste without you knowing how that was possible. A pocket mode on mobile devices has brought all these disturbing matters to rest, so let’s take a look at what this function does.


What is Pocket Mode on Mobile


A pocket mode is a feature on most android devices that helps prevent a mobile device from accidental operation when placed in a pocket or bag. You must have experienced a couple of times where your phone sends messages or dials contacts without your knowledge just by putting it in your pocket.

Not enabling pocket mode on your mobile device will cause your phone to desperation on the touch screen while the device is in your pocket. You will have to enable this feature from the phone’s home settings and then reboot your device to make the setting takes full effect.

All thanks to the pocket mode function, one can prevent accidents pocket dialing phone calls or text messages. Enabling pocket mode on an Android will help users not to alter their phone’s display settings by just putting their phone inside the church.


How to Turn off Pocket Mode TCL Phone


To turn off pocket mode TLC phones, first, go to your phone’s home settings, click on the search box above and type in the words and search. I suggested the option will display tap on it, on the next page that appears, tap on utility then you will see your pocket mode, toggle it off.

Pocket mode is a feature on your phone that allows you to access the internet without using your data plan or Wi-Fi. It can be useful when you are in a situation where you don’t have access to either and need to quickly check something online.

If you are using an iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap on Cellular and turn off “Cellular Data
  3. Next, tap on “Cellular Data Options” and then turn off “Pocket Mode

Doing this will prevent your phone from accidentally dialing a contact or sending a message when in a pocket or in a bag. Pocket uses a proximity sensor to momentarily disable functions like the fingerprint scanner and power button by blocking the screen while in the pocket.


What Happens when Pocket Mode is On?


Whenever a Pocket mode is On, the touch screen sensors will automatically disable when the phone is inside the pocket. This will in turn prevent the phone from accidentally taking commands that were not planned for by the users.

With a pocket mode on, phone users can switch off their phone screen while still running their media app. This function tends to save more battery on a phone and also helps reduce the phone users’ exposure risk to eye defects by reducing the Beem concentration in the eye.


Does Pocket mode Drain the Battery?


Running a pocket mode on your mobile phone does not drain the battery, in fact running this app will help users preserve more battery capacity. Although it has been confirmed that the Pocket mode function is subjected to high CPU performance.

This means that the amount of battery consumed by the device when switching ON is the same as when turning it OFF. But all thanks to the Pocket feature on most android all accidental phone operations, while kept in a pocket, are now under full control.


How Do I Find Pocket Mode on My Phone?


To find your Pocket mode function on your phone, you will have to first go to your phone’s home settings. Next is to navigate and tap on the Display option, out of the list of options, you are only to focus from the “Accidental touch” option down to the “Screen Saver” option.

The “Accidental touch” option helps to prevent any touches on the phone that is not a fingerprint from getting access to the phone. This will require you to put in your lock screen or passcode to access your phone, all other pocket mode options are located here.


Why is My Pocket Mode Always On?


There are times when you will be experiencing your pocket mode getting activated very often even when not in the Pocket. Most of the time may be due to the cover you are using, whenever it touches the screen surface it activates this function into play.

Another reason why Pocket mode is always on even when the phone is not in the pocket is due to dirt on the screen. Dried-up dirt on your phone screen can cause your Pocket mode function to continuedly to get activated not until you take out time to clean it properly.


How Do You Stop Accidentally Calling Someone?


One of the possible ways to stop calling someone accidentally is by enabling the Lock Screen function on your phone. To enable this function, you need to go to the phone settings, scroll and tap on Display & Brightness, tap on the Auto-Lock option and then toggle on.

Another way to stop accidentally calling someone is by disabling the Tap To Wake Up settings on your phone. And also do disable the rise to sleep function too on your phone, doing all this will stop you from making an unplanned call and save you from any embarrassment.


How Do You Keep Your Phone Locked in Your Pocket?


There are a few different ways to keep your phone locked in your pocket. Some of these include:

  • Sliding your phone into a case that has a belt loop or clip on it.
  • Put the phone in the inside pocket of your shirt, coat, or bag.
  • Tucking the phone into the front or back pocket of your jeans or pants.
  • Putting the phone in its own pocket within another article of clothing such as a jacket or purse.
  • Use an armband for running and other activities where you need to have easy access to your device but don’t want it bouncing around with every step you take.


Where is the Proximity Sensor on My Phone?


It is found in the front part of your phone besides the speaker. A proximity sensor is a device that detects when something comes too close to the device. It is used in various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The proximity sensor on your phone helps you keep your personal space private. It also helps you avoid accidental calls or messages from people who might be trying to contact you without your knowledge.

Proximity sensors are quite common these days because they are very useful for keeping your phone safe and secure while you’re in public spaces where it can be easily stolen or lost.


Why Does My Phone Turn on in My Pocket?


The reason why your phone turns on when you put it in your pocket is that the sensor inside is set to detect the magnetic field of a nearby device. This field is generated by the proximity of another device.

Apple has designed the iPhone to be a very useful device. It is capable of lots of things and it can save you a lot of time. One thing that the iPhone can do is turn it on in your pocket.

When you are not using your phone, it will automatically go into sleep mode and turn off the screen. This means that if you are carrying it around with you, it won’t drain its battery or use up too much data while you’re waiting for a meeting or taking a break from work.


How Do I Turn off Call Sound on Android?

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It is also when you have fallen victim to the pocket phone call will you find this article very useful and of great relevance. It is really embarrassing at times when you call someone you don’t plan to and not know they are listening to your secret conversation on the other end of the phone.

Users need to know What is Pocket Mode on Mobile, what it does and how it actually works as well. Here in this article are a few details on pocket mode, go through them and try to make use of them for your own good, feel free to leave a comment below if you need anything.

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