What is “based in” not shared On Instagram


The “Based in” not shared on Instagram is a feature that allows users to know where the person they are following is based. This feature was first introduced in the app’s latest update.

This new feature will be very useful for those who want to know where their influencers are located, or for those who have an account with a business and want to share it with their customers.


What is “Based in” Not Shared on Instagram


Based in is a new Instagram account that shares the locations of brands and their products. The account is not affiliated with any brand or product, but it is a creative way to show where products are made.

The Instagram account was created by a group of photographers and designers who wanted to share their love for design and photography. They believe that many people don’t know where the products they buy come from and they want to change that.


What is Instagram Stories and How Does it Work?


Instagram Stories is a feature that allows users to share a photo or video with their followers at any given time. Instagram Stories is a feature that allows users to share a photo or video with their followers at any given time.

The user can then add text, drawings, and emoji over the photo/video. The stories disappear after 24 hours unless the user decides to save them in their profile.

This feature was first introduced in August 2016 and was an instant hit with its target audience. It has since evolved into one of the most popular features on Instagram and has more than 250 million active monthly users as of March 2017.


How to Use Instagram Stories for Business Marketing


Instagram Stories are a great way to market your business. They are a new feature on the Instagram app that lets you upload short videos and photo updates to your followers.

Instagram Stories have been around for quite some time now but they still haven’t been fully utilized by all businesses. In this article, we will be discussing how you can use Instagram Stories for marketing your business and what tools you can use to make the process easier.

We will also be looking at some of the best practices that other businesses have used when using Instagram Stories as a marketing tool so that you can see what has workd for them in the past.


How to Put “Based in” on Instagram


To put “based in” on Instagram, all you need to do is to go to your profile and tap the “About” tab. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap “Location.” A window will pop up with a map of your location. Tap on the location marker and then type in where you’re based in.

The best way to put “based in” on Instagram is by using this tutorial. It will take less than 5 minutes for you to complete it!



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How to Hide Location on Instagram


The Instagram account bio is a place where you can provide some information about your account. You can add the location of your account or just leave it blank.

There are many reasons why people want to hide their location on Instagram. Some people don’t want their location to be public for security reasons, while others just want to protect their privacy from prying eyes.

One way to keep your location hidden on Instagram is by using a VPN app on your phone and changing the settings of the app so that it will show as if you are located in another country and not where you are.




The account “based in” setting on Instagram is a way for users to specify where their account is based. It also allows them to show this information to people who have not followed them yet. The option can be found in the profile settings and it can be edited by clicking on the “edit profile” button.

This setting has become necessary because more and more people are living in multiple countries and they want the world to know where they are based. If you have any more questions about the topic “What is based in not shared On Instagram“ please ask using the comment section.

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