What Happens if You Turn off Your iMessage?


On an iPhone, most of the functions you see can be disabled momentarily, and be enabled back to normal with ease. Do you wish to halt your iMessages for some time and just switch to normal text for some personal reasons of yours? You are very much welcome.

Do you wish to know what happens if you turn off your iMessages on your iPhone? Then lay attention. iMessages run on mobile data, users might want to minimize their data usage by turning it off or maybe want to stay off the iMessage for some time.


What Happens if You Turn off Your iMessage


What will happen when you turn off your iMessage? 

Your iPhone will no longer send iMessages anymore. Each time an iPhone’s iMessage is turned off, it will automatically use an SMS network to send and receive all text as normal messages.

Once you turn off your iMessage on your iPhone, you will no longer receive iMessage from other iPhones. You can only Text Messages to other android devices, windows operating systems, Mac, and other tablets but not from another iPhone at least not while the iMessage is still turned off.


If I Turn off iMessage Will I Still Receive Messages


If I Turn off iMessage Will I Still Receive Messages


Once you successfully turn off your iMessage, your phone will no longer send or receive messages from other iOS devices. All sent and received messages on your phone will appear as normal regular messages So yes you can still receive messages but text messages, not iMessages.

Long as your iMessage is turned off, your iPhone will no longer be able to send or receive iMessage from other iOS devices. But not to worry, you can still be able to send and receive normal text messages from Android devices, tabs, and Mac but not an iMessage.


How to Turn off iMessage but Still Receive Texts


To turn off iMessages but still will want to receive texts, Open the messages app on your Mac and scroll down to preferences. You then click the accounts tab and select your iMessage account, Click the checkbox next to your phone number to remove it from your iOS device.

You then uncheck the box next to “enable this account” to disable your iMessage account on your iOS device. For an Ipad, you start at the message settings, turn off the switch next to the iMessages to disable it and that’s how you turn off your iMessage on an iPad.

To turn off iMessage on iPhone, Go to the phone settings, scroll to message, and tap, tap, and switch off iMessage. To confirm if it works, send a message to one of your contacts, specifically an iMessage user, a green bubble indicates that all is good and you can now remove your Sim card.


Why Would Someone Turn off iMessage


Why Would Someone Turn off iMessage


The reasons behind users turning off their iMessages is kind of personal, one can readily say the reason behind someone turning off his/her iMessage. But notwithstanding, we will take a quick look at some of the few possible reasons that can cause users to turn off their iMessages.

The reason, why most users turn off iMessages, is low data, most users turn off this function when running low on data. Doing this can reduce the rate at which their data gets consumed as iMessages are known to solely depend on mobile data to function.

A few other reasons could be that the iMessage is misbehaving and a user might decide to turn it off for some time. Some users can just decide to turn off their iMessage function and run normal text messages just like that, it’s a matter of choice though.


If I Turn off iMessage Will It Stop Sharing My Location


The answer here is a YES, Turning off iMessage will stop sharing the My location feature on your iPhone. There are many more other ways you can turn off the share My location feature on your iPhone and I will mention some of the methods here shortly.

Other than turning off iMessages to stop sharing My location, you can as well do so by turning ON Airplane mode. Other methods are; Turn off Share My location, The use of System service, Hide location with iAnyGo, and a few more others yet mentioned.


How to Turn iMessage off for One Person


iOS device gives full access to users that wishes to restrict someone from sending them messages. You can mute iMessage notifications from any of your contact lists you do not wish to receive iMessage notifications from, here is how you do that below.

To turn off iMessage for one person, first, open your phone Settings app and then tap on the Messages icon. Scroll down to find and tap on the contact you want to mute and then tap on the contact’s icon at the top of the screen to confirm.

Next is to Turn on the toggle for MUTE CONTACT and a bell icon will display to show that the contact has been muted. Repeat the same procedure for any more contact you wish to mute from sending messages to your iPhone and that’s all.


Does Turning off iMessage Delete Messages?


No, turning off iMessage does not delete messages. It is not possible to turn off iMessage Delete Messages.

If you want to delete a message sent by someone else, you will have to send them a new message.

There are two ways to delete messages on the iPhone:

  • Delete the message from your inbox and then press “Delete Message” in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Press and hold on to a message, then drag it up and release it on top of the trash can icon in the upper left corner of your screen.


How Do I Turn off iMessage and Receive Texts?


Imessage has a feature called “Do Not Disturb” which lets you block all incoming messages from specific contacts or groups of contacts. However, this feature only works if you are using the app on an iPhone or iPad device.

So how do I turn off iMessage?

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad device and choose Messages from the list of apps on the left side of the screen.
  2. Scroll down to find “Do Not Disturb” and tap it to turn it on or off.



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Turning off iMessage on an iPhone is all about the user’s choice but whatever the case, it has its pros and cons. Turning off your iMessages can help reduce the rate at which your phone data gets exhausted and as well get all iPhone user’s incoming messages off your neck.

The only thing that Happens if You Turn off Your Imessage is not being able to send or receive messages from other iPhone users. You will be able to send messages to other android devices, and Windows devices as well, take out time and read this post for more information.

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