What Does It Mean when a Contact is Linked?


Have too many contacts on your device and looking for a way to avoid too many clusters on your phone? Alright then, I will show you how to solve that here, as there is a feature on Android that allows you to merge related contacts into one place.

Contact Link on an Android device is a very nice feature no doubt and is used mostly by an organization to pilled up related contacts in a single place. So here in this article, I will show you what it means when you have a liked contact on your device.


What Does It Mean When a Contact is Linked


When contact is linked it means that the same contact info exists between different sources or servers on an Android device. So the same contact will exist on Whatsapp, Gmail, and Rakuten contacts automatically so one can be able to see information about users.

Contacts are linked across various sources because it is hard to make changes on some servers. A change on one server will automatically affect the information on another after synchronization has taken place on the same Android device.

Synchronization makes it entirely possible to have the same contact information across two different devices. Meaning the contact on your mobile device and your PC can end up having the same date after changes have been made on one and synchronization is carried out.


What Does Linked Contacts Mean on iPhone?


It is very annoying when you have to go through dozens of contact lists when most of them are just repetitions. This will only continue to group and increase in number and the worst part, they are all referring to the same user on your iPhone.

The best solution is to link contacts on your iPhone, this means getting similar contacts having Data details into one place. This will help you in merging duplicate numbers into one place on your iPhone, so you must get a hold of what it means and what you are doing.

This function allows users to Link several entries in their phonebook that belong to the same person. This Prevents a user’s phonebook from duplication and also prevents the contact list from getting so messy on your mobile device.

With this function, several linked numbers on a. iPhone represent a single entry in the phonebook. Now you won’t have to deal with too many contacts that are nothing more than repetition and can be able to manage your contact space for other numbers.


Why Are My Contacts Linked


One of the most common reasons your contacts are linked could be that some of the contacts come from a source that cannot be changed. Not being able to alter the settings on your contact information on a source is one of the major reasons behind it.

But once you have your contact linked across various sources on an Android device you can alter a change on one source and affect the other. You can as well linked contact across your Android device and your company which works very fine and we’ll normal.


How to Unlink Contacts


To unlink a contact, first go to your phone’s Google play account and hit the settings icon you see on Display. Now your Google account will display the list of all connected contact, you can decide to rename or remove the contact from the list.

By doing this, the contact will no longer appear on another device, there you can alter the information under a single contact profile. Doing this is not entirely impossible, same way it’s possible to link Data of similar contact in one place across devices it’s possible to unlink them.


How Do I Get Rid of Linked Contacts on My iPhone?


At the same time, some users might want to get rid of linked contacts on their iPhones completely. So where in this article, I shall show you what you need to do to get rid of linked contacts on your iPhone.

To get rid of linked contacts on an iPhone, first, need to go to your contacts and open the desired entry on your contact list. Not navigate down to related contacts to get rid of linked contacts but just so you know, the entire phonebook entry will not go missing.

This is trying to tell all users that even something as simple as a phone contact can be very challenging at times. But here are some simple fix tricks you can employ and get by junking contact apps with the same contact by repeating it over and over again.


Can Someone Spy on My Phone Through Linked Contacts


No, you cannot spy on someone’s phone through their linked contacts. The only way to do this is to obtain the person’s phone number and call them.

Some people may be worried about the security of their phones. They may be afraid that someone could spy on their phone through their contacts.

There are some ways to prevent this from happening. One way is by using a privacy app like Signal or FaceTime which encrypts and scrambles your calls and messages. Another way is by using a password that would require an extra step to be entered before being able to access your contacts.


How to Remove Linked Contacts Android


When you delete a contact from your Android phone, the contact is not deleted. There are two options to remove a contact from your Android phone.

One is to delete the contact on your device and the other is to delete it on Google’s servers. It’s important to note that if you delete a contact on Google’s servers, it will be removed from all devices linked with this person.

This includes their email account, their Gmail contacts list, and any other devices associated with them.

There are two ways to remove a contact from your Android device:

  1. Delete the Contact on Your Device.
  2. Delete the Contact on Google’s Servers.



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At least we do now know that even our contact app can be a very serious problem to deal with on an Android or iOS device. Having multiple contacts with similar info is never an option, to begin with, so here are a few interesting facts you need to know about this article.

Contact linking, it is important that we know What It Means When a Contact is Linked on an Android or iOS device, so go through this article and find all the information you need about contact linking and how to go about it on your device. Thank You.

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