What Causes a Microwave to Spark?


Sparks in a microwave are an alarming sign indicating that too much electrical charge is produced with the microwave. Most of this occurs when there is a metallic object inside the microwave rubbing against the wall of the microwave wave from the inside.

You knowing what causes your microwave to spark will help you to know what to do to solve the issue before it becomes a bigger problem. You can check for the packaged manual guide for your microwave, which will help you get past many troubling cases of such nature.


What Causes a Microwave to Spark


The most common cause of sparks in a microwave is the presence of a metallic object in the device, a teaspoon can cause sparks in a microwave. A spark from a microwave can result in a fire outbreak if not apprehended on time and avert further damage.

Once you notice any form of spark coming from your microwave, you should switch off the appliance and turn down the power supply. Check for any possible cause of the spark and fix it while you still can else you will be left with a broken down microwave.

Another possible cause of spark is a broken microwave waveguide cover which could be due to an over usage of your appliances. A faulty Diode may create all sorts of burning smells due to interference in generating and switching microwave signals which should be checked on time.


Why is Microwave Sparking and Popping


Why is Microwave Sparking and Popping


When a microwave spark is indicating one thing but when it produces a popping sound, it’s indicating another thing. A sparking sound is produced when there is a metallic object inside the microwave interfering with the electric charge produced by the microwave.

Popping sounds are usually caused by the food item being cooked in a microwave, so that’s no cause to worry at all. Normally microwaves are designed to make such sounds, these sounds are more of an alert system that helps you run your microwave properly and safely.

Be sure to clean your microwave regularly as food spills can also cause continuous popping sounds by default. Operating an empty microwave also causes popping sounds which are bad for your appliances, always have something mostly food substance before running a microwave.


How to Fix a Sparking Microwave – Experience Shared


How to Fix a Sparking Microwave


  • To fix a sparking microwave, you need to be sure of the exact cause of the sparking sounds first before taking any step. If a sparking sound is caused by the presence of a metallic object in the microwave, you can fix that by removing the metallic object from the microwave.


  • To fix a sparking sound caused by a broken microwave waveguide cover, you will have to remove and replace it with a new waveguide. A waveguide is a small panel inside a microwave usually on the thicker side, check for signs of crack and fix or replace it if completely damaged.


  • If your waveguide cover is in good shape and there is no metallic object inside the microwave, then it could be due to a faulty Diode. A faulty Diode can only be fixed or replaced by an expert else you will need to get a new microwave and dispose of the old one-off.


Is a Sparking Microwave Dangerous?


Most sparking microwave needs to be attended to in an emergency else you will be left with nothing but a broken microwave. This may even result in a fire outbreak if care is not taken fast, so Yes sparking microwaves are dangerous first to the appliances themselves and then to the users.

A sparking microwave can cause much risk of electrocution especially when the spark is due to a broken Diode. The best thing to always do is to unplug the microwave first and check for the presence of metallic objects, if there is then remove and if non then call on an expert.

A sparking electrode happens to be the only cause posing threat to users while other causes pose little or no threat to users at all. Regardless of what is causing the sparks, it is always not safe for the microwave itself, it’s better to unplug and check else you wish to buy a new microwave.


Why Does My Microwave Spark when I Melt Butter


Why Does My Microwave Spark when I Melt Butter


A lot of people are missing out on something very important, it is true that metals in a microwave cause sparking sounds. But why do some food substances also cause sparking sounds and is it normal? Components of food substances can cause sparking sounds.

Reasons why microwave sparks when you melt butter are due to the traces of metallic elements as part of the constituents. This may seem like nothing to most users thinking it may be due to spillage all over the microwave as the butter melts but it’s not that.

This can cause you a microwave, pull out immediately else you will be left with a blown microwave that needs only replacement. Microwaves are meant for food substances but not all food substances at that, check the appliance manual for a user guide on how to run your device.


Why Does My Microwave Spark when I Make Popcorn?


It is very common to us all that all microwaves do make some sparking sounds especially when food spills all over the microwave from inside. It’s possible that your microwave sparks when you make popcorn because of the escaping food particles scattered inside the microwave.

Another possible reason could be the utensils you use to put your food into the microwave, as there are preferred utensils for such. So each time you see a spark inside your microwave, keep calm and Immediately switch off the microwave and clean all spillage, call a technician if it persists.



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You should know that Unplugging your microwave and removing metal from inside will help stop most sparks experienced. You must take out time to run a thorough check to avoid further damage to your microwave.

A faulty electrical component will require you to call the attention of an expert to help solve the issue. That will keep you safe and keep your microwave from sparking or causing any form of fire outbreak, leave a comment below if it’s about What Causes a Microwave to Spark.

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