How To Fix Vizio TV Stuck (Repair Guide)


A lot of people are using Vizio TVs at their homes and offices. They are affordable, easy to set up and have a 27-inch display.

However, there is one issue that many people have with these TVs – they get stuck at some point in using them. If your TV is stuck on a certain screen or if it freezes when you try to change the input, then this article will help you fix your Vizio TV Stuck in no time!


How To Fix Vizio TV Stuck


5 Reasons Why My Vizio TV Stuck


The TV is stuck on the Vizio logo screen, I can’t get to the menu, or I can’t change the channel.

  1. The TV is frozen
    If you’re having a problem with your TV freezing up, you might have a defective power supply. An issue could cause this with the power cord or something else in the set. You should contact Vizio support to get help with this issue.
  2. The TV is stuck on an input.
    If you’re having trouble changing channels or accessing menus, your input setting is likely incorrect. Ensure that you’ve selected a valid input for your device and try using different inputs until one works properly.
  3. The remote doesn’t work.
    If your remote has no response and can’t get to the menu, try pressing the power button on your TV for 15 seconds and then unplugging it from the wall. This will force-reboot your Vizio TV.
  4. Don’t have a remote
    If you’re having trouble controlling your TV with a standard Batteries Not Included remote, try pairing your Vizio TV with your smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, you can use the brand-new 2016 SmartCast app to control your Vizio TV.
  5. I am not getting a picture.
    If you’re having trouble with the clarity of images, the most likely issue is an issue with your HDMI connection. Ensure that nothing interferes with the cables from either device or the TV. If you’re still experiencing issues, try changing the HDMI cable.


How to fix Vizio TV Stuck


How to fix Vizio TV Stuck


Some Vizio TVs have a problem with their remote. The TV turns on and off, but the remote cannot control it.

If you are having this issue, try the following steps:

  1. Remove batteries from both the TV and remote for 10 minutes.
  2. Re-insert both batteries into the remote and TV at the same time.
  3. After 5 minutes, turn the TV back on by pressing the power button in front of the Vizio TV.
  4. If still having issues, remove all batteries from both devices again for 10 minutes.
  5. Re-insert both batteries into both devices at the same time again.
  6. If still having issues, call Vizio for assistance. If these steps did not resolve the issue, don’t hesitate to contact Vizio for assistance.




Where is the Reset Button on a Vizio Tv?


The Reset Button on a Vizio TV is located on the back of your TV. This button is used to restore settings to their factory defaults, such as when you want to return the TV to its original settings.


Why is My Tv Not Responding to the Remote?


My Tv is not responding to the remote control. What can I do? Some of the common reasons why your TV isn’t responding to the remote control are:

  • The batteries in your remote are dead.
  • The infrared signal from your remote is getting blocked by something (like a piece of furniture).
  • Your TV has a built-in IR blaster, so it doesn’t need to be controlled by an external IR receiver.


What Are Common Problems with Vizio TVs?


The Vizio TV has been a popular choice for many households. However, it is not without some problems. This article will cover some of the people’s common problems with their Vizio TVs.

The most common problem with Vizio TVs is the lack of clarity in their images. This can be caused by too much contrast or poor lighting conditions. The second most common issue is color bleeding, which can be fixed by adjusting the color settings on your TV.


Why is My Digital Tv Picture Freezing?


There are many reasons why your digital TV picture freezes. This is usually a result of low signal strength and the TV’s inability to detect it.

The first reason for freezing is signal strength. If there isn’t enough signal, then the TV will freeze. The second reason is the receiver’s general lack of power or signal. If these two conditions are met, the TV will freeze and show a black screen with audio.

The third reason for freezing is when you have cable boxes that don’t support HDMI 2.0 or higher resolutions. The fourth reason for freezing is when you have an outdated receiver that doesn’t support 4K or HDR signals.


Why is My Vizio Tv Smartcast Not Working?


Smartcast is a feature that enables you to cast your favorite entertainment to your TV. It works with the Vizio SmartCast app and allows you to control what’s playing, change the volume, and more.

However, Smartcast doesn’t work for everyone. There are some common reasons why Smartcast might not work, such as:

  • The network connection is too slow or weak
  • The TV is not on the same network as your phone or tablet
  • Your phone or tablet is too far away from the TV


Why is My Smartcast Not Working on My Vizio?


Some Vizio TVs have a smart cast feature that allows you to stream content from your phone or tablet. However, many people have problems with the smartcast feature on their Vizio TV.

This is because there might be a problem with the signal from your device to the TV. Sometimes, this can be fixed by restarting your device and trying again. If it doesn’t work, you might need to contact Vizio for help.



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It’s not new that Vizio TVs have their fair share of problems. Some of these problems are related to the hardware, while others are due to software or setup issues.

This guide has discussed all the possible ways to fix your Vizio TV when stuck. We have also identified some of the possible causes. If you have any questions or need more clarification on fixing Vizio TV stuck, please ask using the comments section.



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