How to Upgrade From el Capitan to High Sierra


I welcome you to my article once more my dear friend, knowing how to upgrade from El Capitan to high sierra is important. I will be sharing with you a very little but important secret that will help you in your journey.

I will show you how to how to upgrade to high sierra Mac, how to install high sierra on an older Mac, and a few more. You should be able to upgrade from Yosemite to high sierra through a Mac high sierra download on your Mac.


It is not like el Capitan is a bad or poor version of the Mac Operating system, just that not everyone loves using it. Some Mac users love changing their iMac or Macbook Operating system’s version from time to time.


How to Upgrade From el Capitan to High Sierra


El Capitan is the operating system for Mac computers. This article will explain how to upgrade from

El Capitan to High Sierra. There are three ways to upgrade from el Capitan to High Sierra:

  • Apple’s App Store

  • Apple’s Software Update

– The Mac App Store

To upgrade from el Capitan to High Sierra using the App Store, Mac users will need to find the app store on their computer. Apple’s website has a list of computers with links to their app stores.

Once you go through this process, you can search for and install High Sierra upgrades for your mac.

To upgrade from El Capitan to High Sierra using the Mac App Store, download the app from the Mac App Store. Follow the prompts to upgrade your mac and restart it.



They do so with the hopes of finding a better version for their Mac Operating system at the end. Well, it is not like it’s a bad idea because I use to do the same, so showing you how to upgrade from El Capitan to high sierra will help.


How Long Does it Take To Upgrade To High Sierra From El Capitan?


Knowing how long does it take to upgrade to high sierra from el Capitan will be what I will be more precise about. Not all upgrades take much time to get completed from their initial upgrading steps.

You should know that the Mac Operating system upgrade is no mere update like that of android phones. It is quite different from other Windows operating systems in general so pay much attention to what am sharing.

The Mac OS high sierra upgrade is large, to begin with, so you must be sure to be ready for the update. You might end up getting a much bigger size but what matters is not to forget how to upgrade from El Capitan to high sierra.

By keeping that in mind, it doesn’t matter the Mac OS high sierra download size you come across. You can make use of your macus sierra on your Mac Operating system, but just be a bit cautious not to ruin the entire process.


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What Should I Upgrade After El Capitan?


My thoughts back then were what should I upgrade after el Capitan which I believe many Mac users are thinking of today. You must be wondering what version of Mac OS to upgrade to after the present version you are using.

Well, the Mac Operating system’s enterprise tends to design and develop newer versions is Mac OS nonstop. It has been recorded that not a year goes by without any improvement in their Mac Operating system’s versions.

I will be giving you a hint on what to upgrade to after el Capitan if that’s your Mac OS’s present version. In case you are planning on upgrading to Mac Operating system, el Capitan is not a bad idea at all.

So you can go ahead and upgrade your Mac Operating system to an el Capitan version at any time. And in case you are interested in upgrading to a different version and need help, you can always count on my article.


Is El Capitan Better Than High Sierra?



Well if wanting to know if el Capitan is better than high sierra, then I guess it depends on your version of the word better. Surely el Capitan is better than high sierra in many aspects but not all aspects if I must say.

A Mac OS el Capitan works perfectly fine on all Mac Operating systems better than Mac OS high sierra. So knowing how to upgrade to El Capitan from high sierra will help you explore this great version with full pleasure.

But it’s just that a Mac OS high sierra works faster than Mac OS el Capitan, especially on a new Mac. So it’s always about which one works fine for me not faster, what’s the point of being fast but not too good.

But el Capitan as an OS is still secure and recommended as a very good operating system by many Mac users. Although It’s very old but can still be upgraded to its best version at any time using your Mac OS.


Is El Capitan Newer Than High Sierra?


Wow!! This is very interesting to know that Mac OS el Capitan is not newer than Mac OS high sierra. Mac OS El Capitan is one of the oldest versions of the Mac Operating system so far so good.

Despite being this old, a lot of users are still holding on to it rather than moving forward to a newer version. But there are a few that are looking for how to upgrade from El Capitan to high sierra as we speak.

In this article, you will find out how to upgrade to the high sierra Mac Operating system which I have made mentioned. So just spare a little more of your time and see it to the very end as there are more installed for you.

Do you should know that el Capitan is not newer than high sierra but still it works very fine and gives no issue. It still holds on to its older machine security which works perfectly well for it more than any other version.


Should I Upgrade From El Capitan To Sierra?


Well if you asking whether you should upgrade from El Capitan to high sierra, I wouldn’t dare say. This is more like a matter of choice you know, you might be recommending high sierra more than el Capitan.

But if I end up saying that you should go for el Capitan, you might get stuck in the middle of what to choose. So you see what I mean by it’s a matter of choice, so just relax, go through this article and decide for yourself.

El Capitan is quite an older version of Mac OS but still works fine and many are looking for how to upgrade from El Capitan to high sierra. I don’t know if you are among this many curios users to try out Mac OS high sierra.

Mac OS high sierra is more like a free updated version of the Mac Operating system that is quite newer than el Capitan. High sierra to an extent works faster than a Mac OS el Capitan when processing raw information.


How Do I Upgrade From El Capitan 10.11 6 To Sierra?


I will be sharing with you how to upgrade from El Capitan 10.116 to the high sierra in a very short period. So just stay still as I bring up to you what will be very useful to you on this my article you are reading.

There are a few steps I will be sharing with you on how to upgrade from Mac OS el Capitan 10.116 to Mac OS high sierra. It’s not that too difficult at all for you to learn if only you are willing to go by the guidelines.


Here are the few must-read guidelines I have for you;

  • Check your Mac OS compatibility.
  • Back up your files.
  • Connect to a WiFi network.
  • Download Mac OS High sierra.
  • Install your Mac OS installer.
  • Start your installation.
  • Leave Mac OS high sierra version to download completely.
  • Begin to run You high sierra version.

By doing this, how to upgrade from El Capitan to high sierra will be as easy as a piece of cake for you. So just follow this guideline one step at a time and all will work out well for you as you upgrade your Mac OS version.


Can a Mac Be Too Old To Update?


I know that many are very curious as to if their Mac can be too old for update and wants a reliable answer. I have seen many write-ups written by many writers about this subject matter but still nothing to get hold of.

I must say this is very heartbroken too many readers that happen to patronize their article a lot. Well never mind, for you will surely not get disappointed as long as you are lucky to have found this article.

You must have learned how to upgrade from El Capitan to high sierra by now, for I would be very happy if you have. Knowing that you are putting this piece of information am passing on to you to good use is very nice.


How Do I Upgrade My High Sierra 2020?



To know how to upgrade your high sierra 2020 is exactly what I will be revealing to you guys right here and now. So just read on and be patient as I bring to you something that will bless your life with your Mac OS forever.

Here are the steps needed for you to follow and upgrade your Mac OS to a high sierra in less than a minute;

  • Check Mac OS compatibility if not older than 2012.
  • Backup your Mac data is very important.
  • Get connected to a steady and reliable WiFi network.
  • Download Mac OS high sierra.
  • Install your Mac OS high sierra.
  • Allow the installation to get completed.
  • You can begin to launch your Mac OS high sierra.

Here is what you need to know before installing a high sierra, and that is Mac OS High Sierra won’t install on top of a later version of Mac OS. So the only option you have is to erase your disk first or install it on another disk

By doing so, not only will you know how to upgrade to high sierra but also how to upgrade to Catalina from high sierra. It is quite a very simple and straightforward procedure for one to get done very easily.


How do I Update My Mac When it Says No Updates are Available?


If you are now clear with how to upgrade from El Capitan to high sierra, then let me show you to update your Mac when it says no updates available. You must have tried updating it several times but not working out.

That’s not something to make you feel very bad over, it can happen to anyone at any time OK. I learned about this recently, is not like I have known it right from birth, so relax as you also get to learn about it too.

Here is what you need to take note of;

  • Download an App Store on your Mac.
  • Install the App Store app on your Mac.
  • Go to the App Store toolbar and tap on update.
  • You can download and install the newer version.
  • But when there are no updates then your Mac is up to date

Is My Mac Obsolete?


Well if you ask me whether your Mac is obsolete, I can’t say because I don’t know exactly which type and version you have. But I will be listing out all the absolute Mac that I know of right away.

Here is the list of obsolete Mac that I know of;

  • iMac (2010 and older)
  • MacBook (2010 and older)
  • MacBook Air (2011 and older)
  • MacBook Pro (2011 and older)
  • Mac mini (2010 and older)
  • Mac Pro (2010 and older)
  • All pre-Intel Macs are obsolete.

Is High Sierra Better Than Catalina?


If I were asked whether high sierra is better than Catalina regarding Mac, I would say that Catalina is way better. I will show you why Catalina is better than high sierra and why am choosing Catalina over high sierra which will sound reasonable to you.

What will be your reaction or what will you do when you wake up and suddenly realize your high sierra security support is cut off which will soon be? Many will not know what to do, so you should start taking precautionary plans now.

And one of these plans am suggesting is for you to know how to upgrade to Catalina from high sierra now. It might not necessarily be Catalina, you can as well upgrade to Mojave which is equally recommended just like Catalina.


Are Old Macbooks Still Good?


Hahahahahahaha!! Almost all older Macbooks are still good and are still highly recommended. Ask any old Macbook user you know of and her the creditable comment he has to give you about older Macbooks.

Not only are they still good but also their worth and value still stand firm, you can use them for anything. You can check any available store for an older Macbook just that it will be hard to come across some of them this day.


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