Samsung TV Remote Not Working (Troubleshooting Guide)


Samsung Tv remotes are very important as they make life easier and operate the TV while sitting down or from a distance. But if your remotes start acting up or if Samsung TV remote stops working entirely what could be the problem and how would you fix it.

If your Samsung TV remote is not working, all you might have to do is check and change the batteries if they are weak. This problem can be fixed within seconds of putting a new battery but if it doesn’t work then you might have to try other solutions so continue reading.


Samsung TV Remote Not Working


Why Samsung TV Remote Not Working


There are a couple of things that could go wrong and make your Samsung TV remote stop working. Some of these problems include a dead or low battery, obstruction to the remote control sensor, corroded battery terminals, and remote loss sync.

Other reasons include being out of range, device interference, and ultimately, a broken remote. All these are possible scenarios and possible causes why your remotes could be malfunctioning.


How to Fix Samsung TV Remote Not, Working


Samsung TV Remote Not Working


Samsung TV remote not working? No problem! Here are some easy steps to fix your Samsung TV remote.


Inspect and Replace Dead Batteries

The remote needs a good battery to be able to function properly, so the first thing you should do if your remote stops working is to open the battery bay. Open and inspect the battery to see if it is getting corroded or showing any signs of defects, if this is the case you would have to change the battery and it should start working again.

Another trick you can try if you don’t have new batteries ready is to remove the batteries from your Samsung remote and leave it for 30 minutes under the sun. This will help the battery gain a little more energy.


Inspect for Physical Hardware Damages

Any physical damage to the remote’s hardware can cause the remote to stop working. If this happens you can either take the remote to a local repair person to fix it if it’s still possible to fix.

However, if the damage done to the remote is much, the only option left might be to replace the remote. But if the damage is minimal then it should be fixed.


Corroded or Dirty Remote battery Chips

The battery should be cleaned regularly to ensure it is not dirty and that the device is functioning properly.

Running wires under your house can be a bit messy, but rusted connections can create a problem that’s difficult to fix. If possible, however, you can pour vinegar on the rusted connection and then use a wooden spoon or barrel plunger to break up the rust.

Clean your remote once a month using a mixture of water and vinegar to remove grime and dust. You can also use rubbing alcohol instead, but make sure to keep any batteries in a secure place while they are being cleaned.


Re-sync or Repair Remote Connection

On most Samsung TVs, you can press the upper left-hand side button on the remote control and hold it for 3 seconds. This will reset your TV to factory defaults.

To access the basic settings, press and hold the Power button on your TV for 5 seconds. On completing these steps, the remote should have already been resync.

Remove all possible IR sensor obstructions

Tv remotes make use of IRS signals to relay signals to the Tv so if there is any obstruction between the remote and TV then it will not work. In some cases, obstructions can include walls, other electronic signals including Bluetooth, and large objects such as furniture or speakers.

If the signal is being blocked by an obstructing object, try moving to a different location or pointing the remote directly at the sensor of your TV. Small changes can make a big difference when it comes to decreasing your carbon footprint. They can even have an impact on the quality of your indoor air and reduce your overall stress levels.


How Do You Do a Hard Reset on a Samsung Tv?


A hard reset on a Samsung TV is done by turning the power off and unplugging the TV for a few minutes. You should then wait for 15-30 seconds, plug in the power cord, and turn it on again.

A hard reset is sometimes necessary if you are experiencing problems with your TV or if you want to revert to factory settings.


Can My Phone Be Used As a Remote?


The answer is yes. With the advent of smartphones, it has become easier for people to use their phones as a remote instead of using a separate remote. This has been made possible because of the wide range of apps available on the app store.

Smartphone-based remotes have also become popular as they are easy to carry around and do not need batteries or wires. The only downside is that these remotes cannot replace your TV’s built-in remote control but can still be used for basic tasks like changing channels and volume levels on your TV.


How Do I Turn My Samsung Tv on Without the Remote?


There are many ways to turn on your Samsung tv without the remote.

The first way is to use the voice remote. This is a great option when you are too busy or just don’t want to use the remote.

If you don’t have a voice remote, you can use your phone to control your tv.

Another way is using a universal TV Remote Control that allows you to control all of your devices with one button.


Can I Control My Samsung Smart Tv with My Phone?


The Samsung Smart Tv does not need any external input to operate. The TV can be controlled by voice commands or with the remote control that comes with the TV set.

The Samsung Smart Tv can also be controlled by an app on your phone, which is convenient for those who want to watch their favorite shows on the go. But what if you want to use your phone as a remote control?


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Samsung TV remotes can be important for those living with limitations or who are on the couch. They make it easier to sit down and watch TV and to operate from a distance.

If your Samsung TV remote is not working, all you might have to do is check and change the batteries if they are weak. If you have any questions about Samsung TV remote not working please ask using the comment section.

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