How To Fix Samsung Note 8 Charging Problem


In this article, I will be hinting to you on how to fix your Samsung note 8 charging problem. Not just only that but also how note 8 stop charging, how to note 8 charging point lose, and many more as well.

I have gone through quite a few articles but not a single have I come across with a reasonable answer. Am not criticizing all media articles only to patronize mine, NO, please don’t get me wrong from the start.

Many do have what they wished to talk about but kept on going round instead of hitting the nail at the right point. But you won’t have to be concerned or worried any that’s if you are lucky to have found this article to read.

All am asking from you is to just relax and go through the whole content of this entire article bit by bit. There and then will you get a better picture of what I have planned and kept installed for you in this article.


How To Fix Fast Charging On My Note 8?


There is quite a few ways to which one can fix fast charging on his note 8 in case it’s being slow or Samsung note 8 charging problem. You can choose to fast charge your Samsung galaxy note 8 whenever you see fit, it’s a matter of choice.

Its something you can just decide to turn on and off at any point of the time you desire it to be so. It’s not really from the charger or electric current for your Samsung galaxy note 8 to be fast charging all the time.

Another thing to put into consideration is your battery capacity because not all battery capacity supports fast charging. But luckily Samsung galaxy note 8 battery capacity was designed and developed to support fast charging.


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There are other conditions like your note 8 to stop charging, your note 8 not having charging moisture, or note 8 died and won’t charge. But regardless of what the case might be, it can still be fixed successfully.

There are other technical problems that might arise and others might not be as a result of settings at all. So you need to know what exactly is that your Samsung note 8 is going through and how to get it fixed without further damage.

Here are a few steps that are important, and you will need to take note of when fixing fast charging on note 8;

  • Go to your phone’s settings.
  • Locate your app’s settings.
  • Tap on the battery for more options.
  • Tap on advanced settings.
  • Then turn on fast charging if off.

By doing so, your Samsung note 8 fast-charging problem will be a done deal, you can try it right now if you want. Besides, it does not demand anything like a WiFi network or any RAM storage for you to enable fast charging mode.


Why Is My Note 8 Not Fast Charging?


There are quite a few reasons as to why your Samsung note 8 might not be charging fast in the first place. I will be stretching that out for you in due time so just stay tuned and continue reading till the end.

Fast charging has been a major characteristic of Samsung galaxy users are kind of addicted to these few days. So for a Samsung galaxy user to plug his phone into a power source and realize it’s not fast charging is kind of annoying.

Everyone using note 8 wants his or her phone to be fast charging almost all the time for one reason or the other. But the thing is there are some factors that might interfere with a Samsung galaxy’s fast charging mode at any time.

Here are some noted conditions that may render your fast charging mode almost useless;

  • If your charging cable is not originally a Samsung cable.
  • If you are not using an original Samsung adapter.
  • If your charging port is partially or completely damaged.
  • If your phone is overheated because they hate hot climates.
  • If the screen is still on as it consumes a lot of battery.

If you happen to be facing a Samsung note 8 charging problem on your Samsung or any other android phone, your fast charging mode might not function. So you need to be a bit extra careful as to what really is the cause and have it sorted out.

There are other reasons as to why your note 8 fast charging mode might still not be functioning such as;


  • Settings

Your Samsung note 8 fast charging might not be functioning if the settings are not made for it to function. Like I said earlier, is a matter of choice, you can decide to set it so and you can decide not to.

Someone might have taken your phone and altered your phone settings or you might have bought it so. But regardless, you will need to go back to your phone settings and check if the fast charging mode is on.

  • Newly installed App

An app downloaded and installed newly might be altering your normal phone settings automatically. Disabling any settings you have enabled due to one reason or the other or a technical issue.

An outdated app installed on a Samsung note 8 can make it malfunction at one poi t or the other. A poorly coded app can as well make phone settings go wrong, so the best thing to do is to uninstall or update the app.


How Do I Clean The Charging Port On My Note 8?


I will be briefing you on how you can clean your charging port on your note 8 or any other android charging port in general if you are facing a Samsung note 8 charging problem and generally for maintenance. It’s quite simple and precise but as you must know the charging port is a very delicate part of a phone.

For you to want to do it yourself without any experience before is kind of risky to your phone and your pocket as well. Because you might end up buying another charging port to fix on your phone if done wrongly.

But never mind, I will be put through on how to get that done in due time so just relax and stay with me. Am not saying that am a one-time guru at all things, NO, just that I have seen and done a lot to not know of such tricks.

This is not like a technical issue or due to settings or so, it could be as a result of dirt or dust blocking your charging port. This can be fixed with the help of a few tiny-looking objects that am having and will be mentioning now.

The best way to clean your Samsung galaxy note 8 charging port is with the list of items I have for you below. Though not much but quite useful which are;

  • A can of compressed air.
  • A shaved toothpick.
  • A plastic dental pick.

Does Note 8 Have Battery Problems?


Samsung galaxy note 8 normally is not supposed to have any battery issues for any reason except otherwise. Based on research I have carried out only a few external and internal uncomfortable factors that can cause a Note 8 Samsung to have battery issues.

Such uncomfortable conditions include bad coded apps weather conditions, especially heat can cause quick battery issues. But there are something’s that some might be regarding about note 8 as a battery fault but others don’t.

Samsung galaxy note 8 was designed and developed as an upgraded and better version of the galaxy note 7. Samsung galaxy note 7 was known for its vast battery issue due to complaints from many users all over.

Which has brought a major setback to the Samsung galaxy enterprise for a very long period of time. But they decide to over that crisis by designing and inventing a better version which happens to be the well-known note 8.

So far so good, note 8 has proven to be a better product compared to note 7 in many major areas you can mention. Not much of a note 8 battery problem has been the talk of the town since it was released to the market.




This article is a full guide on how to Fix the Samsung Note 8 charging problem, so if you are having any charging issues with your Samsung Note 8, I believe by now you should have been able to fix or know whatever it is that is causing your Samsung note 8 charging problem. If you are still facing any problems Samsung note 8 charging problem even after reading this article then use the comment section to ask us any question.

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