Samsung Fridge Fan Not Working (How I Fixed Mine)


There are many possible reasons that could stop your Samsung fridge fan from working, ranging from a bad current to a faulty fan. A refrigerator is no doubt very important to every home, thanks to Samsung products, perishable goods are kept safe for a long.

All old electrical appliances suffer wear and tear with time including the Samsung fridge but regular maintenance will help out greatly. To run a Samsung fridge won’t be much of a problem long as you stick to the manual guide that comes packaged with the device.


Why is Samsung Fridge Fan Not Working


Why is Samsung Fridge Fan Not Working


  • To know why your Samsung fridge fan is not working, first, check the fan blade for any form of blockage or obstructions. Access the fan blade and try turning the fan motor blade using your hands and check if the blade does rotate freely or not.
  • A major cause of a faulty Samsung fridge fan is when the condenser fan motor gets blown, this will stop your fridge fan from working. You should also check the power source and be sure the current product is enough to power the fridge and get your fan working.
  • Use a multimeter to run a continuity test on your fan motor long as the fault is not from an obstruction of the fan blade. A faulty fan will eventually cause the temperature of the refrigerator to rise and make the compressor overheat resulting in food spoilage.


How Do I Fix My Refrigerator That is Not Cooling?


How Do I Fix My Refrigerator That is Not Cooling


  • To fix a refrigerator that is not cooling, you will need to first stop and check the possible cause, it could possibly be due to a lack of electric current. Check your power supply to the fridge and be sure you have enough power to run it cold.
  • Check if the thermostat has been turned down and if not then confirm if it has been set to the appropriate temperature. Double-check the doors and gaskets and be sure they are closing properly, a poorly closed door or gasket won’t allow the fridge to get cold.
  • To fix your refrigerator not cooling, you will also need to double-check your cold air circulation for any blockage. Arrange items in the fridge more properly, try not to fix them in a position that will obstruct airflow and stop your fridge from getting cold.


Why is Samsung Fridge Not Cooling but the Light is on (FIXED)


Why is Samsung Fridge Not Cooling but the Light is on


Your Samsung fridge light may be on but still not cooling, reasons may be entirely different from what you are suspecting. This might be due to the effect caused by the Twin Cooling Plus technology, evaporator fan failure, or probably due to the compressor failure.

About 80% of reported cases happen to be due to an ice build-up that restricts air circulation in the refrigerator. An Ice build-up can result in; a defective defrost heater, clogged drain line, failed to defrost thermostat, bad evaporator fan, or defective defrost temperature sensor.

Once your evaporator coils get clogged with frost, the evaporator fan won’t circulate cold air within the fridge due to blockage. The fridge will not be cool once blocked and is completely related to a failure to defrost the cycle that will require Instant replacement.


Samsung Fridge Fan Replacement Cost


To have an actively working fridge at home, you need to have all the working parts in a good state. A faulty Samsung fridge will need fixing but once damaged completely you will need to replace it with a new one which will cost you depending on the model.

A Samsung fridge fan replacement cost ranges between $100 to $250 depending on the fan model you are buying. Samsung fridge fans are normally installed close to the evaporator coil and help keep air circulating over the coil, which helps return the cold liquid back to the compressor.

To fix a new Samsung fridge fan, you will need to make use of the manual guide for the fridge you are fixing. If you are scared of doing it yourself, call upon the service support for help and your fridge fan will be fixed or replaced with a new one in no time.


Samsung Fridge Evaporator Fan Location


The evaporator fan motor circulates air through the refrigerator section causing your items cold and most liquid iced. To access your Samsung fridge evaporator fan location, you will have to open the fridge door and take out the drawer from the fridge.

Use a 10mm socket with a ratchet to loosen the bolts holding the drawer door in place to remove the door completely. Remove the ice maker out of the freezer, and remove the back panel by pulling it out gently, and disconnecting all three electrical connections holding it in place.

Your fan evaporator should be right behind the back panel, use a screwdriver to remove the fan assembly out. Fix the fan assembly if faulty or replace it with a new fan if damaged and out of use, assemble all loose parts back to the fridge and start your fridge on.



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A Samsung Fridge Fan Not Working is truly a big issue that needs to be attended to as soon as possible. A faulty fridge fan will stop your electrical appliance to become completely useless no matter how much you try, not until after you fix or replace another.

There are different models of Samsung fridge and so is their fans, know your fridge model to know the fan model you need to order for. Call for service support to come to help you fix or replace the new fan piece just Incase you don’t know how to.

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