Samsung Dryer Runs for 3 Minutes and Then Shuts Off (Repair Guide)


All electrical appliances do go through a lot of wear and tear as time passes by, and the Samsung dryer is inclusive. You may be experiencing your Samsung dryer running for a few minutes and then suddenly shutting down, there are a few possible causes.

No need to panic as this may be a minor problem you can fix yourself with the help of the troubleshooting manual guide. You will need to double-check for faulty parts and fix and replace all damaged parts to avoid further damage to the dryer.


Why Does Samsung Dryer Runs for 3 Minutes and then Shuts off


Why Does Samsung Dryer Runs for 3 Minutes and then Shuts off


Once you begin to encounter problems with your Samsung dryer going off before the end of a wash cycle, the best is to give it time. Shut down the dryer for half an hour to allow it to cool off, then switch back again and try, if it works then you will need to replace your motor.

One of the reasons why Samsung dryer runs for a few minutes and then shuts down is a faulty door latch in modern dryers. An Issue with the Moisture Sensor Wires which detect the level of moisture that there is in a drum, if failed, the dryer will stop a few minutes after starting.

A broken drum belt can also cause your Samsung dryer to shut down just a few minutes after and will not start up. The drum belt can wear out over time from normal usage and when it breaks until the part is replaced your Samsung dryer won’t work at all.


How to Fix Samsung Dryer Runs for 3 Minutes and Then Shuts Off


There are quite plentiful reasons that can make your dryer keep on shutting down during a wash cycle. So for you to know how to fix a dryer that keeps shutting off during a wash cycle, you, first of all, need to know precisely what is making it go off.

  • An overheating dryer motor can cause your dryer to shut down a few minutes after starting, and replace any faulty motor. Dryers whose motors overheat do produce a vibrating sound, allow the dryer to cool off for half an hour then before starting it up again.
  • A broken idler pulley can also Shutdown a dryer a few minutes after starting, you will have to check your drum belt state to confirm. If your drum belt is not broken, then there is something wrong with your idler pulley and might need instant replacement.


How Do I Clean the Sensor on My Samsung Dryer?


How Do I Clean the Sensor on My Samsung Dryer


To clean the sensors on a Samsung dryer, you will need to use a soft cloth with water and a drop of mild soap. Gently wipe the sensors bar clean usually near the lint filter housing, then wipe dry with a soft dry cloth to remove any moist content on the sensors.

Double-check and make sure that there is no remaining moisture that is left on the sensor, a wrong sensor reading is bad for a dryer. Most of the time when your dryer shuts down in the middle of a wash cycle, a wrong sensor reading could be the possible cause.


How Do You Put a Dryer in Diagnostic Mode?


How Do You Put a Dryer in Diagnostic Mode


Most dryers have a service or diagnostic mode for the technician to use to check error codes, improper operations, or failure of dyer components. To put your dryer on service mode, you fix need to have your dryer plug into its power source to do so.

To set your dryer in a diagnostic mode, you first need to unplug the dryer from the power source for at least 30 seconds. Plug back the sucket and then follow the sequence; Signal — Delay Start — Signal — Delay Start to enter the diagnostic or service mode.


What Are the Error Codes on a Samsung Dryer?


There are many more troubleshooting codes such as the “PF Code” indicating power failure (restart the dishwasher). “Cup Open” indicates an unclosed detergent cup (close and restart dishwasher), “Leak Detected“, “C4”, “C6”, “C7”, “C8” and many others.

A few more troubleshooting codes are the “H2O” indicator low water lever (continue if it’s during 1 hour of a cycle or calls for service if not). “PrS” indicates pressure sensor sending an invalid signal (call for maintenance), “999” possible leaks detected (call for service at once for fixing).


Where is the Samsung Dryer Vent Sensor Located?


The Samsung dryer vent sensor is located in the lint filter housing in almost all Samsung dryer models you come across. The sensors help to detect wet clothes in every wash cycle and notify the dryer to reinitiate another drying cycle to help get all clothes dry.

To access the lint filter, you will have to check inside the dryer drum and that will require you to disassemble the dryer. The vent sensor could be just behind the plastic housing that holds your lint filter or possibly on the back wall panel covering the dryer drum.


What Does Blinking Red Light Mean on Samsung Dryer?


There are different colors blinking when operating a Samsung dryer and each color means something different. Check your Samsung dryer guide for color indication, although the same color blinking can mean different things on a dryer, the difference is just the timing and how long it blinks.

Samsung dryer does blink red light when the dryer is getting too hot, this could be caused by a clogged vent system trapping heat in the dryer. Double-check and clean the vent system, running regular maintenance will be of great relevance to your dryer’s health.



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The faulty part that makes your Samsung Dryer Runs for 3 Minutes and then Shuts down may be entirely different from another. Knowing the possible causes and running a continuity test on all parts one after the other will be better than blind fixing.

Once your dryer’s problem is a blown thermal fuse, do fix the thermal fuse, and don’t waste your time trying to fix the door latch. Know your dryer’s model correctly, this will help you out when ordering a spare part you need to replace on the dryer.

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