Samsung Dryer Dv40j3000ew/a2 Not Heating (My Experience)


Samsung dryers are one of the great reliable products of Samsung and just like every electrical appliance, developing faults is inevitable. Though that has been taken care of already by the Samsung company as every Samsung dryer model comes packaged with a troubleshooting guide.

One of these common possible faults is the Samsung dryer not heating up or probably producing heat that doesn’t dry up clothes. There are about a dozen of possible reasons that can cause this, it may be due to faulty parts or probably due to lack of maintenance, so pay attention.


Why is My Samsung Dryer Dv40j3000ew/a2 Not Heating


Why is Samsung Dryer Dv40j3000ew/a2 Not Heating


  • The most common issue with Samsung dryers is about the dryer, not heating, the dryer making loud, abnormal noises. To diagnose the possible problem at hand, be sure to disconnect the power supply to the dryer before removing any access panels to avoid being electrocuted.
  • Samsung Dryer Dv40j3000ew/a2 Not Heating is mostly caused by a burnt heating element or probably a blown thermal fuse. A damaged thermostat and also clogged ventilation can also stop your Samsung dryer from getting heated but still working.
  • An ideal and well-maintained heating element should last for more than a decade, even at spare parts can develop faults with time. Older and weaker parts are to be replaced, check for any sign of a loose or burnt wire connection, fix if loose but replace completely if burnt.


How Do I Reset My Samsung Dv40j3000ew A2 To Heat?


To reset a Samsung dryer A2 simply unplug the dryer and wait for a few minutes, for the electrical charge to clear out of the dryer. Push and hold the power button for 5 seconds, release and then push and hold the start button for an additional 5 seconds too.

Plug back your dryer’s socket to a wall socket and press the power button to switch on the dryer this time. Your Samsung dryer should be running effectively once the machine is done booting, so that’s all that you need to know and do when resetting a Samsung dryer A2.

You should only try resetting your Samsung dryer after performing all the troubleshooting guides for the problems first. On your model manual is a list of possible faults and their troubleshooting guides, download a copy of your model’s operation manual for easy control tips.


How to Replace Heating Element in Samsung Dryer Dv40j3000ew/a2


Before beginning your replacement work on your Samsung dryer, first, you need to unplug the dryer out of the wall socket. Create enough room for you to work on the dryer more conveniently but pull it away from the wall to a more open area.

To replace the heating element in the Samsung dryer, remove the 2 rear brackets that hold the back of the dryer. No need to pull out the entire top completely, remove the door front, separate the wiring clip at the button right front of the dryer, and then pull out the heater assembly.

Pull out the heaters connectors to access the heating element from its housing, remove and replace with a new element back to the same housing. Replace the heater assembly back to the dryer and cover up all loose parts, plug back the dryer and test the element by running a wash cycle.


Why Samsung Dryer Not Heating and Turning off


Once you notice your Samsung dryer not heating up, know that the common cause is a faulty heating element. Other causes may be a blown thermal fuse, failed thermostat, or a damaged control or relay board amongst many other possible causes.

To have a Samsung dryer that dries up clothes perfectly well, enough heat needs to be produced by the heating element. A heating element may be producing heat but not enough to dry up your clothes, which is a real problem for your dryer that needs to be attended to in an emergency.

Samsung dryer has various models and so does the heating element, but regardless the main goal is still the same. A blown-out thermal fuse can shut down any power circulation within the dryer thereby not allowing enough heat to be generated by the heating element.


Why is Samsung Dryer Dv40j3000ew/a2 Not Starting


There are quite plenty of reasons that can stop your Samsung moisture sensor dryer from starting up. So if you wish to troubleshoot your Samsung moisture sensor dryer, you need to first understand the problem you are having at hand before you take any step forward.

The Samsung moisture sensor dryer won’t start if the voltage level provided by the power source is not enough to start it up. A loose or burnt wire will stop your dryer from starting, you also need to make sure the door is properly closed and latched else your dryer won’t start.

A few more reasons why your Samsung moisture sensor dryer won’t start are faulty door switch or start switch. Check your control board for any problems such as a broken dryer timer or faulty electronic control board which will render your dryer useless unless fixed or replaced.


How Do You Test a Heating Element on a Samsung Dryer?


To test a heating element on a Samsung dryer, you will have to pull out the heater assembly from the dryer. Run a continuity test by placing each of the LEDs on the heating element wire terminals and check the readings you get on your multimeter.

If you are using an automatic range multimeter then you run an Ohm test but if you are having a manual range multimeter then set to the lowest Ohm settings. The readings you get will clear things out, check your troubleshooting manual for reading guides.


What Are Common Problems with Samsung Dryers?


Although Samsung products happen to be one amongst the very best producing electrical appliances and best selling too. Minor technical problems are inevitable, especially when used for so long, that wear and tear can be avoided when dealing with old dryers.

Some common problems with Samsung dryers are: Samsung dryer won’t start, Samsung dryer is overheating or not heating at all. Your Samsung dryer may be showing an error code, dryer not drying,  leaving lint on clothes, or Samsung dryer having an unusual noisy sound.

These are all signs of a faulty part that can be fixed once noticed or possibly changed if damaged completely. But regardless of what the case may be, Samsung dryers do have troubleshooting guides that can help you fix all problems if you wish to do it yourself.



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For a Samsung Dryer Dv40j3000ew/a2 to not Heat up is a serious problem that needs immediate attention. But first, you need to know what is causing your Samsung dryer not to heat up, just so you know where to actually pick it up from.

The heating element happens to be the cause of over 80% of most Samsung dryers not heating up cases so far. Although other possible causes are a blown thermal fuse, clogged vent, a malfunctioning control or relay board, and a few more others.

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