Samsung Account Vs Google Account – I Tried Using The Two


Looking for a server you can use to synchronize with your Android device and stream out for online products and services? Well, you just happen to be at the right place where all the information you need lies ahead for you to go through.

A Samsung account grants users access to Samsung services across Samsung devices while a Google account works on various devices including Samsung. So here we shall be talking about Samsung Account Vs Google Account, the few similarities if any, and differences too.


Samsung Account Vs Google Account (Which Is Better)


Samsung account grants Samsung users access to exclusive Samsung services such as apps, Samsung Pay, and more. With a Samsung account signed up on your Samsung device, you should be able to back up, restore, and synchronize your data between plenty of other Samsung devices.

Service rendered to Samsung devices is unique and can’t be offered to any other device but Samsung only. Unlike the Samsung account, a  Google Account grants users wider access to all available Google products, such as Google Ads, Gmail, YouTube, and a few more offers.

To sign in and access this offer, you need to create an account with a username and password as your Logins. Certain online Google services require a Google account signed to your device before full authorization will be given to access them.


Samsung Account Pros and Cons


Samsung Account Pros and Cons


Yeah, cause having a Samsung account is an added advantage to the Samsung device itself and also the user. But as we all know, apps like this do have a loophole where they fall back, so we going to take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a Samsung account.

One of the advantages of having a Samsung account is your Samsung phone becomes remarkably smarter and faster. Your data gets automatically synchronized across multiple other Samsung devices and there are greater chances of having a backup and restoring lost data.

Just Servers like this can Device’s efficiency slower by the day and exacts a lot of pressure on a phone’s battery life. Constant Sync of data calls for an increase in mobile data usage which makes it a problem and not many users like the idea of sharing personal info with others.


What is Find My Samsung Account


The Find My Samsung is a service accessed via your Samsung phone using your active Samsung account. This feature will allow users to locate and remotely backup or wipe an entire data on a Samsung mobile device registered with the same Samsung account.

You can access the location of your Samsung stolen device long as the mobile data and the GPS location are turned on. The find my mobile function on all Samsung Devices can be used by logging into the same Samsung account using the same logins on another Samsung device.


How Secure Samsung Account


To secure your Samsung account, you will need to verify the account using your email address, which will be more helpful. You can always use your email to recover your Login credentials from the link you will be sent when recovering your Samsung account Login password.

A two-step verification code is very important as one of the most relevant steps towards having a well Secure Samsung account. Whenever you tried logging into your Samsung account a verification code will be sent to your linked phone number to confirm you are the account owner.


Can Someone Logged into My Samsung Account


Hacking these days is nothing but a piece of cake to so many people out there, so be on security alert at all times. Beware of any activity that seems off or notifications you expect not coming from your Samsung account and don’t share your account info no matter how little.

Although you have nothing much to worry about if your account gets hacked as there isn’t much the hacker can do. They can’t authorize any form of payment as there is no single information that links to your card or bank details but still stays vigilant.


Do I Need to Have a Samsung Account?


That is not a question to be deliberating on, it’s a matter of choice as you can choose to or choose not to. There are countless Samsung users all over that have no idea what a Samsung account is and what it does and are still having so much fun using their Samsung device.

Although these steps are included in the initial setup process for all Samsung devices not everyone takes part in that aspect. Many skip these stages and go straight to the normal phone setup and other things you needed to start operating their device.

But the truth remains, that you need to have a Samsung account to be able to enjoy exclusive Samsung offers. Get to download and install apps that are Samsung device-specific, and get to experience whole new online services that are second to none with a registered Samsung account.


What Happens if I Remove Samsung Account?


If you remove the Samsung account, you will lose access to the phone and apps.

A Samsung account is a password that allows users to access their phones and apps. It is used to unlock the device and get access to all its features. If you remove the Samsung account, you will lose access to your device and all its features.

If you remove your Samsung account, it means that your phone will not be functional anymore. You won’t be able to use it for any purpose other than for making calls or texting if it’s a feature phone or for charging if it’s a smartphone.


How Do I Unlink My Samsung Account from My Google Account?


Samsung accounts are a way of keeping all your apps, data, and settings in one place. Google accounts are the same, but they can also be used to store your Gmail, Google Drive, and other Google services.

If you want to be able to use Samsung apps without having them linked to your Google account, you need to unlink them from the start.

  • Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Samsung device
  • Step 2: Go into “Accounts” and tap on “Google
  • Step 3: Tap on “Unlink Account
  • Step 4: Verify that you want to unlink the account.


How to Link Google Account to Samsung Account?


It is possible to link your Google account to your Samsung account. This will allow you to use the same Google account on all your devices, like a computer, phone, and tablet.

This process is only available for Samsung users who are using a non-Samsung device that has Android 7.0 or higher installed on it. To link your Samsung account with your Google account, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your Samsung device and navigate to the Accounts & Sync option.
  2. Tap on Add Account.
  3. Scroll down and select Google from the list of options.
  4. Enter your Google credentials and tap Next to complete the process of linking accounts.



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Samsung account and Google account are two very important accounts that provide an amazing online service on Android devices. Samsung account works exclusively on Samsung Devices only while a Google account can be used across various devices including the Samsung platform.

Although is possible to use a device without signing in to any of these accounts but wouldn’t want to once you know what they have to offer. Here is some info on Samsung Account Vs Google Account, if there’s anything you would like to know, you can drop the question in the comment box below.

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