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Messagebox Peoplecode Samples and Functions

messagebox peoplecode: Message Catalog is a place for all the user defined and system defined messages, Here Message sets 1 through 19,999 are reserved for use by PeopleSoft applications. Message sets 20,000 through 32,767 can be used by PeopleSoft users.

Message Catalog Navigation

PeopleTools | Utilities | Administration |Message Catalog
Entering Into Message Catalog

Message Catalog Functions are

MsgGet(message_set, message_num, default_msg_txt [, paramlist])

MsgGetText(message_set, message_num, default_msg_txt [, paramlist])

MsgGetExplainText(message_set, message_num, default_msg_txt [, paramlist])

MessageBox(style, title, message_setmessage_num, default_txt [, paramlist])

Here   style It tells how final message has to be displayed , We are having different style parameters they are


Message Style                 Constant            Appearance
0 %MsgStyle_OK Ok Button will be displayed
1 %MsgStyle_OKCancel OK Cancel Buttons will be displayed
2 %MsgStyle_AbortRetryIgnore Abort Retry Ignore Buttons will be displayed
3 %MsgStyle_YesNoCancel Yes No Cancel Buttons will be displayed
4 %MsgStyle_YesNo Yes No Buttons will be displayed
5 %MsgStyle_RetryCancel Retry Cancel  Buttons will be displayed

         Title                       Title of the Message Box

        message_set         Message set number [like 3000,22000]

       message_num       Message Number respective to message set [23,10…]

       default_msg_txt     If no message is there , Default message will be displayed

       [, paramlist]            These are all the optional parameters , Can consist bind variables in the form of  (:1) and (:2) …,These can be further referenced by the user input values given by user.

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Message Box | messagebox peoplecode

Message Box displays information in a box, Depends on how we use the function below are the some of the examples for MessageBox with different style parameters

  • If the style parameter is 1 then
  • If the style parameter is 2 then
  • If the style parameter is 3 then
  • If the style parameter is 4 then
  • If the style parameter is 5 then
    Notes :

#  MessagBox displays both text and explain text

#If MessageBox displays any  button other than OK , Then its known as Think Time Function

# Style parameter is ignored if severity is other than message.

# Message Box displays both Text and Explanation text, that is more detailed information that is stored in the Message Catalog


Ø  MsgGet is used to get the message from the catalog

Ø   Apart from that it shows message set and message number also.


Ø  MsgGetText is used to get the message from the catalog.

Difference between MsgGet and MsgGetText

The main diff b/w MsgGet & MsgGetText are

MsgGet shows both set and message number

MsgGetExplainText is going to get the message from “ Explanation” in the catalog

Using BIND Variables

The message catalog contains the following message

If you include the following code

Parameters will get replaced by bind variables in the catalog. Finally it gives O/P like.

This article is al about messagebox peoplecode, it’s function and sample of it. If you have any questions concerning messagebox peoplecode please ask using the comment section.

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