How To Fix MacBook Pro Screen Turn Grey/Black/Green With No Logo Display


Are you stuck with the problem where your MacBook pro screen is showing grey and displays no apple logo? I guess you have tried personal hacks like rebooting the system and unplugging it from a power source yet the problem persists.

When this issue occurs, sometimes your MacBook pro won’t take any command again and won’t process immediately after booting.

The color of your MacBook pro changes immediately after booting, the color change depends on the model of your MacBook pro.

I am an apple fanboy; this is to say that my favorite PC is a MacBook pro. I have been using MacBook pro for four years now, used different models of the PC.

Currently, I am using a MacBook pro-2017, 13 inches, four thunderbolts 3 ports, 3.1 GHz Dual-core intel core i5. I love it.


macbook pro grey screen no logo



Have I Experienced This Problem?


Yes, back in 2021, I visited my friend Nicky for us to work together on a programming project. A few days with my dear Nicky, his laptop turned grey and developed the same problem that I will be discussing on this page.


One this about MacBook problems that I learned during my stay with is Nicky is MacBook problems are more common and don’t require spending much on expensive repair shops.

In this article, I will be showing you how we fixed Nicky’s MacBook pro grey screen with no logo. Make sure you don’t miss any steps.


Let’s help you do this


Video Guide



You might be wondering what’s the cause of the MacBook pro grey screen with no logo? This happens immediately that the system finishes booting.

What caused the problem?


Video Guide


Low Memory And Disk Space


This is one of the reasons why your MacBook pro screen turned grey and showed no logo. Low or poor memory and disk space when your MacBook Pro is running on lower disk space and memory the system will malfunction after booting and a grey screen problem is inevitable.

If you installed a new version of the MacBook pro–operating system or you are the types that use very heavy applications, this might result in low disk space. And errors like grey screen and no logo might occur on your MacBook pro. Don’t allow your system to perform at its maximum while your space is low specs.


Corrupted Applications And Software’s


This part can’t be overlooked, an app you installed might be malfunctioning. MacBook devices are designed with an auto start-up list. When your system is booting, apps in the auto start list follow the directories to start.

If any of the apps are corrupted or start malfunctioning, the result might lead to a MacBook pro grey screen issue.



Outdated firmware


This is what to look out for if your MacBook Pro is showing a grey screen with no logo. If your MacBook model is outdated, then this might be the reason for the grey screen issue. Always check the red icon on your MacBook pro for updates. Remember that some of these updates are important for your device.

Make sure to have the recent firmware and your MacBook Pro should be up to date to avoid this issue.


Malfunction Of Start-up Drive


A faulty start-up drive can cause this problem. When you are ON your MacBook pro and the booting process starts. The hardware drive is accessed and if a fault occurs this can lead to a grey screen with no logo on your MacBook pro.

This error can be caused due to damage to system software or hardware.

Once this error occurs, the drive wouldn’t be recognized and the booting process will be interrupted, hence the MacBook pro grey screen has no logo problem.

I believe you have known why your MacBook screen goes black but still running.



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How To Fix MacBook Pro Screen Goes Grey/Black with No Logo But Still Running


Let me now show you how to fix the MacBook screen that goes grey/black but still running.


Solution 1: Remove External Peripheral


If you experience this issue and you have any external Peripherals plugged, consider removing them. To do this, follow the steps below.


  • First, turn off your system and remove or unplug the external peripheral.
  • Wait for some minutes, then turn ON your MacBook pro.
  • If you didn’t see the grey screen again. Then, the grey screen is solved, and the external Peripheral was the cause.
  • Make sure you don’t connect the malfunctioning Peripheral device.


Solution 2: Fix Via Disk Utility


You can fix the MacBook pro grey screen with no logo using disk utility. Disk utility is used to fix common MacBook pro errors. Below are steps to follow and your MacBook pro grey screen-free again.

  1. Turn off your system, use the normal shut down process don’t force it to shut down.
  2. Once the system is off completely, start your MacBook pro using command+ R keys.
  3. Now, OS X utilities will display on the screen.
  4. Look for disk utility on screen and click on it.
  5. Look at the left and select the default drive where the MacBook OS is installed.
  6. Next, click on verify disk and wait for the process to complete.
  7. Once the process is complete, proceed and reboot your MacBook pro then check if the error has been fixed.


Solution 3: Use Safe Booting Process


This process allows you to load your MacBook pro and have a minimum number of kernel extensions running and it helps fix little errors like the one that you are facing.

  • Press and hold the MacBook pro power button with the shift key together.
  • Make sure you hold the key tight till your system starts restarting.
  • Now, your MacBook pro is restarting in safe mode.
  • Press these keys combination – Shift+Command+V, this will get you into the verbose mode while you wait for the desktop to be visible.
  • Now you can start your system and confirm if the error has been fixed.



Solution 4: Reset PRAM And NVRAM


This method is used when some persistent settings are stored in PRAM And NVRAM. This is usually caused due to use of an unauthorized third-party app. this can cause the MacBook pro grey screen with no logo. Here is how to fix it, follow the steps below.

  • Press the following key combination for 20 secs – Command+Option+P+R. Press and hold this before the grey screen appears.
  • Once done, your PRAM And NVRAM will reset automatically.
  • Now, you can restart your MacBook pro and confirm that it has been fixed.



How To Hard Reset MacBook Pro – Fix MacBook Pro Screen Turn Grey/Black/Green and No Logo Display



This should be the last solution you will think of. If you have followed the solutions above and things are still persistent. Then, think of a hard reset of the device.

This process is the same as formatting your MacBook pro or using factory settings. In this process, you will wipe all the files and data in the system.

Don’t worry, I am going to show you how to backup your data before hard rebooting.


To back up your files and recover them after the process of hard rebooting:

  • First, download and install ‘Recoverit” data recovery software.
  • Now, select the default drive where the MacBook OS is installed, direct the app installation there.
  • Open the app and scan your MacBook pro.
  • Select the files that are lost and reformatted.
  • Then choose the recover option to recover all the files.
  • Direct the recovered files to the eternal hard drive.

Now proceed and format your system and install the clean operating system.

Recover your lost files from the external hard drive you exported to the MacBook default drive.


Final Words


We fixed Nicky’s MacBook pro using solution 2, as stated above. Hope this guide gave you the best troubleshooting guide to fix your MacBook pro grey screen issue. If none of the solutions worked for you, locate the nearest apple store, and complain to them.


Do you have any questions? Use the comment box below and don’t forget to share with friends and family.

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