How To Fix LG TV Menu Not Working (Repair Guide)


The LG TV menu is a very useful tool for accessing features on your LG Smart TV. It’s easy to use and can be accessed in many different ways, including through the remote control, the app, or even voice commands.

However, sometimes this menu stops working properly and you don’t know what to do about it. This article will provide you with some tips on how to fix LG TV Menu not working!


Why is the LG TV Menu Not Working Keeps Popping Up/Flashing/Won’t Show


LG TV menu not working? Let us help you troubleshoot.

If your LG TV menu is not working, this could be an issue with the TV itself or one of the following:

  • The remote control is not working. In this case, try to replace the batteries in the remote control.
  • The remote is old and needs to be replaced.
  • You are using an incorrect type of HDMI cable with your LG TV.
  • Your HDMI port on your LG TV is broken or damaged in some way.


How to fix LG TV Menu Not Working Keeps Popping Up/Flashing/Won’t Show


LG TV Menu Not Working? Here are some steps that you can take to fix the issue.

  1. Power off your LG TV and unplug it from the wall for about 10 seconds.
  2. Power on your LG TV again and wait for 5 minutes before turning on all other devices in your home theater system.
  3. If you still cannot get your LG TV menu to work, try using a different HDMI cable or a different HDMI port on your TV set (if you have more than one).


How to Stop LG TV pop-ups


LG TV popups are a common problem faced by many LG TV owners. There are some simple ways to stop these annoying popups.

Many LG TV owners have been frustrated by the number of popups that appear on their screens, often without warning or explanation. These popups can be very distracting and interrupt your viewing experience.


Here are some tips for stopping these annoying LG TV popups:

  1. Turn off the “LG Smart TV” feature in your settings menu. This will prevent any more LG Smart TVs from popping up as you watch your favorite shows and movies.
  2. If you still see a lot of pop-ups, try turning on the “Smart Interaction” option in your settings menu to disable all nonessential functions.


How to Reset the LG TV Remote


How to Reset the LG TV Remote


You may have accidentally locked your LG TV remote. Fortunately, there is a way to reset it so that you can use it again. Here are the steps:

  1. Press and hold the POWER button on the remote for about 10 seconds until the TV turns off.
  2. Remove the battery from the remote and wait for 30 seconds before replacing it.
  3. Wait for about 30 seconds before pressing any buttons on your remote to see if it works again.
  4. If you still cannot get your remote to work, then you may need to replace the battery in your TV or buy a new one altogether.


How to Hard Reset LG TV Without Remote


The most common issue that arises with LG TVs is the remote control not working. This can be fixed by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Turn off the TV and unplug it from the power source,
  • Step 2: Press and hold both volume buttons for about 10 seconds,
  • Step 3: Press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds,
  • Step 4: Wait for a few minutes before turning on the TV again.


How to Reset my LG TV Without the Remote?


If you are trying to reset your LG TV without the remote and you don’t know how to do it, follow these steps below.

  1. Press and hold the POWER button on your TV for a few seconds until it turns off.
  2. Remove the back cover on your TV by pressing on the two tabs located on either side of the back cover and pulling them out from each other.
  3. Open up your TV cabinet, unplug all cords, then remove all screws to remove the back cover of your LG TV. Once removed, you will be able to see some screws that are not visible from the outside of your LG TV cabinet. Remove those too by using a screwdriver or a coin with a hole in it (for example, a penny).


How Do I Put my LG Smart TV Into Hotel Mode?


LG Smart TVs are equipped with a feature called Hotel Mode. This mode allows you to turn off all of the TV’s smart features so that you can enjoy a movie or show without interruptions.


To put your LG Smart TV into hotel mode, follow these steps:

  • Press the Home button on the remote control.
  • Press OK on the pop-up window that appears.
  • Go to Settings > General > Power Saving and select Turn Off when not in use.


How Do You Fix a TV that Won’t Change Channels?


You might be wondering how to fix a TV that won’t change channels. With the help of this here, we will provide you with some easy solutions that you can try at home.

First, make sure the TV is turned on and the remote is within reach. Then, press the button on the side of the TV that says “input.” Find your input and select it by pressing it once. If your input doesn’t work properly, make sure to check all other inputs as well.


If none of these steps work for you, then follow these steps:

  1. Pressing reset on your remote should remove any stored settings and restore your settings to default. If this doesn’t work then try unplugging everything from your TV for 30 seconds and plugging it back in again.
  2. If this doesn’t work, then your remote is broken and needs to be replaced.


How Do I Turn Off Hospitality Mode?


How Do I Turn Off Hospitality Mode?


Hospitality mode is a setting that automatically turns on when you’re near someone you know. It can be turned off by going to your Settings app, tapping “General” and then “Accessibility.”


Some people are annoyed by the constant notifications that appear in their notifications bar when someone they know is nearby. If you’re one of these people, here’s how to turn off hospitality mode:

  • Open your Settings app and tap General.
  • Scroll down until you see Accessibility.
  • Tap on it and scroll down until you see “Hospitality Mode”.
  • Tap the slider next to “Hospitality Mode” so that it’s left at zero.



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The menu is one of the most important parts of the TV. A lot of people use it for navigating and controlling their LG TVs.

If the LG TV menu stops working, it can be very frustrating especially when you are trying to navigate through it and change settings like sound volume or brightness levels. This guide cover3d all you need to know on how to fix your LG TV Menu Not Working by using a few simple tricks and tips that allow you to get back on track in no time!

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