How To Fix LG Screen Share Not Working (Fast)


LG Screen Share is a great feature for sharing your screen with someone else. It is a great way to help them troubleshoot or to show them what you are doing on your phone.

Unfortunately, LG Screen Share has been having some issues lately. The error code that pops up when you try to share your screen reads “Screen Sharing Failed“.

LG has not yet released an official solution or fix for this issue, but it seems like it will be fixed soon. LG Screen Share was originally released in late 2018 as part of the new LG G7 ThinQ smartphone.

This feature is still working on other LG devices, but it doesn’t seem to be working on the G7 ThinQ anymore.


What is LG Screen Share and How to Fix It?


LG Screen Share is a feature that allows users to share their screens with each other. However, this feature is not working properly on some LG devices. If you are experiencing issues with your LG device, here are some solutions that you can try:

  1. Check the connection between the device and the TV:
  2. Make sure the TV and your phone have been updated to the latest software version:
  3. Try restarting both the TV and your phone:
  4. Unplug any USB devices connected to your TV or phone before starting a call


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How to Solve the LG Screen Share Problem?


LG Screen Share allows you to share your device’s screen with another person who can then see what is happening on your device’s display. The app has many benefits, but it also comes with some limitations as well.

In a recent study, LG screen share was found to be the most common issue faced by consumers. There are a few ways in which you can solve the LG screen share problem.

One of them is to get your smartphone repaired or replaced. Another is to contact customer service and ask for assistance.

The third way is to use an external screen or monitor with a USB-C cable. This will allow you to mirror your device’s screen on the external monitor so that you can still use your device for other purposes while watching TV on the external monitor.

The most popular way of solving this problem is by using an external display with a USB-C cable.


What Are The Best LG Screen Sharing Apps For Android And Ios?


LG Screen Sharing apps are a great way to share your screen with someone else. They provide an easy way to share your screen with friends, family, or even coworkers.

LG screen sharing apps are designed to allow users to share their screens with others. It is a great way for people to see what is going on in someone else’s device and help them fix any issues that they might be facing.

LG Screen Sharing Apps:

  • LG Connect
  • LG Screen Share
  • Lg Remote Support
  • Lg Remote Playback
  • Lg Remote Assistance



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Can You Mirror A TV To Another TV Wirelessly?



Yes, you can. The wireless mirroring technology is available on many TVs and the process is very simple.

Mirroring a TV wirelessly can be done with a few steps:

  • Turn on the TV that will be receiving the signal from your other TV.
  • Connect both TVs using an HDMI cable or wirelessly using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Turn on the source TV and select “Wireless Mirroring” in the Settings menu.
  • Select “Mirror to” and choose your other TV in order to mirror its signal to it.





LG Screen Share is a feature that allows you to share your screen from your LG phone to other LG phones. However, some users are starting to report that the feature is not working properly.

Some users are reporting that when they try to share their screen, only a black screen appears on the recipient’s device. Others are reporting that the recipient’s phone does not connect or even turns off.

There is no official word from LG yet about this issue, but it seems like this might be an issue with the software update for LG phones and not a hardware defect in the devices themselves. If you find this article LG screen share not working please share.

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