Kodi Not Working On Firestick – How To Fix All Problems


Is Kodi App not Working on your device? Or probably having some difficulties making the best use of it on Firestick or any other devices? If Yes, I got a perfect guide that will help you fix such problems.

Kodi has been one of my most used and trusted Streaming apps that provide an opportunity for live streaming movies, news, web series, and even Documentaries.

An amazing feature of Kodi is the presence of a reasonable number of add-ons libraries that helps improve the performance of Kodi while using it.

However, using Kodi doesn’t prevent the fact that you won’t encounter several technical issues.

Kodi can be useful, especially based on what it can provide and what it contains, but it can also be frustrating when having several Technical problems.


Kodi Not Working On Firestick


The concept of fixing Kodi’s problems can be difficult at times, but in reality, it is a simple task.

The main subject is to lay down a series of technical problems and possible troubleshooting techniques that you can use when experiencing a similar problem.

This article will primarily explain the frequently occurring problems of Kodi and how you can fix them.


Kodi Not Working – How To Fix All Problems?


Kodi can refuse to work for several reasons. These reasons range from Poor internet connection, Too many add-ons installed, or App cache data filled.

To fix any problem linked with Kodi, you must first understand what the problem entails.

I have listed several problems and how you can fix them.


Kodi Not Working On Firestick


  • Poor Internet Connectivity

This is one of the most frequent problems you encounter while using Kodi.

Poor internet connection is most likely to slow down Kodi. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that you have a good internet connection while using Kodi.

To be on the safer side while using Kodi, ensure your speed is gauged at 5mbps for SD quality, while 10mbps for HD Quality, and 25mbps for Ultra HD.



Check your WiFi and ensure you have a strong network. If you are using Ultra HD or 4K, you need to have a stronger WiFi connection than when using SD Quality.

Ensure your ISP isn’t an outage. If you have downtime or a slow internet service provider, you probably need to opt-in for a new ISP. 


  • The continuous crashing of Kodi

This is one of the most frequent issues that occur while using Kodi. Most times, you experience Kodi continuously crashing or crashing at startup.

There are several reasons for this Kodi misbehavior,

However, here are some troubleshooting techniques you can try to fix this problem. 


Solution 1: Clear Cache and Data

Kodi cache is a temporary file used by the Kodi app. This file is used to run the Kodi app, and they help the application perform effectively.

If there is any problem with your Kodi cache, probably because it is full,  then it could result in the crashing of Kodi.

Clearing your Kodi cache will remove all installed add-ons, repositories, and builds.

Make sure you have your data backed up before clearing cache files in Kodi.


Kodi Not Working


Solution 2: Update Kodi

For each release of Kodi, there is a fix of bugs and performance improvement. It is very important to keep track of the Kodi update release.

Using an outdated Kodi is likely to result in poor performance of your Kodi app, which can automatically crash your app.

This troubleshooting method is helpful when it comes to fixing bugs and helps improve how your Kodi operates based on certain development by the developers.


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Solution 3: Disable Hardware Acceleration

While the problem of hardware acceleration is most common with android devices, it also appears on TV and the like.

It is very important to disable the hardware acceleration of Kodi on any device it’s been installed on. This prevents Kodi from crashing.

To Turn off Hardware Acceleration in Kodi

Step 1: Launch the Kodi App on your device

Step 2: Click Settings

Step 3: Select the Player option

Step 4: Toggle it into expert settings from the bottom left-hand side.

Step 5: Stay in the video section, click allow hardware acceleration under the processing tab, and Turn it off.

Once you have turned it off, you can restart Kodi.


Solution 4: Reinstall Kodi

However, if you are still experiencing the problem of Kodi Continuously crashing, you might want to try out this step. 

Reinstalling Kodi is a good option to take while having the problem of continuous crashing of Kodi.

It’s also important to note that this method deletes all Installed Kodi addons and repo you have in the software.


  • Kodi Fails to Connect to a Source

Installing a Kodi add-on or a repository requires a URL path that defines the source. Sometimes, after installing Kodi on your device, you might find a popping warning message indicating the source can’t be found.


Solution 1: Cross-Check Source path

First, you must ensure that the path you typed is the right source path associated with that add-on.

You can do this by cross-checking the inputted URL address.


Solution 2: Revalidating the source path

This is another troubleshooting technique you can pick to fix this issue. Ensure that the URL address isn’t broken, blocked, or moved to another link.

Inputting an invalid URL address will show an error message, indicating that the source cannot be found.

You can validate a source path by first opening it in a web browser.


Solution 3: Check prefix https:\\

Always ensure you have the source path prefix with HTTPS:\\ do not use a web domain name as the source path. Else you will have an error message popping up.


  • Kodi can’t install an addon.

You might have experienced Kodi failing to install an addon. This could result from outdated add-ons installation or add-ons no longer supported by their developers.

Most add-ons are built using add-ons. If a particular add-on(s) that makes up an add-on has not yet been installed, it will result in a problem.


Solution: Ensure Constant Update of Add-ons 

It is very important always to update Kodi’s add-ons. If a new update is available, do well to update yours. Using an outdated add-on might stop working someday.

However, it is also important to verify a developer’s continuity in developing and improving an add-on.


To update an add-on

This method works quite well with most devices such as Windows, macOS, AndroidOS, etc.

Step 1: Launch Kodi and select My Add-ons from the left panel

Step 2: Once My Add-ons are opened. If you know the add-on category you intend to install, you can open it by category else. You can choose the select All to open all add-ons 

Step 3: Find the Addon name which you intend to update.

Step 4: Click on the Update button located below. You will receive a notification: Addon Updated.

Once you have successfully installed the intended add-on, you can navigate back to the home section of the Kodi app to ensure that the just updated add-on is working.

However, if it isn’t working yet, you have to opt for an entirely similar or different add-on.


  • Kodi addon Searches and Streams are not working!

This is a common error associated with Kodi; sometimes, you might be experiencing a particular add-on not being able to pull newer or older content.


Solution: Check the Date and Time

Ensure you have your time and date corrected to the specific timezone associated.

This is because Kodi Add-ons mostly utilize the time and date settings to pull out content.


  • Kodi won’t open

If you are experiencing Kodi refusing to open, several causes might be behind this. 

This could result from an incompatible add-on installed or a particular build that wasn’t designed for that particular version of Kodi.


Solution: Deleting the Addons27.db

This file contains a database of all add-ons installed on Kodi. Deleting this file will disable all add-ons installed on Kodi, creating a space to be able to install them one by one.

Here is the path to  find the file

Windows: C:\AppData\Kodi\userdata\Database

MacOS: /Users/<your_name>/Library/ApplicationSupport/Kodi/userdata/Database

Linux:  ~/.kodi/userdata/ Database

Android: Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/Database

iOS: /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Kodi/userdata/Database.


  • Kodi App performing slow

This is a general problem associated with Kodi. You might be experiencing your Kodi app performing slowly, even after installing just a few add-ons.

This might be for several reasons, such as an Outdated Kodi App, Kodi cache data-filled, and others.



You can consider updating your Kodi app to the latest version or probably Reinstalling your Kodi app to fix this issue.


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Video Guide







Kodi is one of the most popular and powerful streaming apps installed on mostly all devices ranging from Windows to Android to macOS and even Firestick series devices.

Kodi is powerful because of its large libraries of add-ons that can help to improve its performance.

However, using Kodi doesn’t prevent the fact that you won’t encounter several problems that might seem difficult to you, especially if you are new to Kodi.

These problems can hinder you from getting the best of this app.

I have made this article as comprehensive as possible by ensuring precise and easy-to-grasp terms on how you can fix widespread problems associated with using Kodi on any device.

If you find this article useful, do not forget to share it with your friends.

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