10 Jobs You Can Do without A Work Permit in Canada


Having a job in Canada often requires a work permit. This work permit is given by the employers themselves. While this is common when working abroad as an international citizen, most people have always wondered if there are any available to work in Canada without a work permit.


Today, there are several jobs open for you if you want to work in Canada and earn some money without the need for a work permit. In this article, I will be identifying some of such related types of Jobs available.


Jobs You Can Do in Canada without A Work Permit


The following are jobs available in Canada without a work permit


  • Clergies

This has to do with religious practices. Most clergymen now travel to different parts of the globe to conduct conferences and other religious programs. In situations like this, entering Canada without a work permit is possible. This is a great way to enter Canada even without a work permit, most especially if you are a local clergyman who is currently becoming well-known internationally. 


  • Public Speaker.

A work permit is not always required for public speakers like celebrities and seminarians when working in Canada. The majority of famous people who frequently perform on stage in other nations, particularly Canada, won’t necessarily need to obtain a work permit to perform the necessary actions.


  • In-house business visitors

The majority of businesses frequently have internal visitors, who may be domestic or international.  You do not need to worry about obtaining a work permit if you are a visitor on business for a Canadian company.


  • Event Planning and Decoration

If you have certain abilities, such as planning and organizing events, you will be given some work abroad, most especially if you are known to exhibit some level of professionalism. You can be reached on special occasions, such as trade shows and exhibitions. To get a job in Canada for this, you don’t necessarily need a work visa.


  • Emergency operation provide

Remember the COVID-19 situation where the majority of medical professionals had to travel to other countries? Today, there are several emergency providers available. Along with medical services, there are appraisers and insurance adjusters with provincial licenses.


These jobs frequently require you to return to your home country once you have finished the task at hand, but they do not always call for a work permit.


  • Army/ Special force

Countries with greater military muscle frequently send a large number of military personnel to the affected country during times of ethnic crisis or conflict. This is a typical practice in the modern world; if you are in the military, you can get a job in Canada without a work permit.


  1. Sport officials

Referees and other sports officials are not required to have a work permit to get a job. Today, a referee and other officials who are involved in the sport being played are always required. If you accept responsibility for a particular position in that situation, you are good to go.


  • Athletes

Being an athlete, you do not necessarily need to have a work permit before you can participate in sports events. However, this is not always the case; if you are to travel to Canada without any appointment, then you will need a visa.


However, if you are going with other team members, as planned by the sport management, then you certainly do not need a work permit.


Can I work in Canada without a work permit?


This article reveals some of the jobs you can engage in, in Canada. However, these types of jobs are required by people who already have some profitable skills, which can land them work in Canada without having a work permit.


One thing to keep in mind about this type of job is that it is frequently temporary and not permanent. Once you are done with the work assigned, you will have to leave the country and return to your country of residence.


Jobs that require a permanent stay are jobs that require a work permit. Therefore, in that case, you can stay in the country as long as you are a team member working for that company.



How Much Can I Get from Jobs that Don’t Require a Work Permit?


It all depends on the type of work you will be doing. While for some jobs, you can receive as much as $50,000-$100,000, some other types of jobs will get you as little as $2000-$20,000. Therefore, it all depends on the nature of the work.




Working in Canada without a work permit is entirely possible; it all depends on the type and nature of the work. However, most jobs in Canada require a work permit. while others do not.


Some jobs in Canada that do not require you to have a work permit are those of clergy, sports officials, emergency service providers, members of special forces, and so on.

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