Is Whatsapp Linked to a Phone Number or Email?


One of the fastest means to stay in touch with your family Friends and loved ones is through the use of WhatsApp. An App designed for Android devices and PC, charged with sending text messages, pictures, videos, and documents of all kinds within a split second.

Apps of such nature do require either an email or a phone number before you can create an account of your own. So here in this article, we shall go through the requirements and see if our WhatsApp is linked to our phone number or our email address.


Is Whatsapp Linked to a Phone Number or Email


All WhatsApp accounts are linked to phone numbers and not Email addresses, it’s very obvious that we chat using phone numbers and not Email addresses. To set up your WhatsApp account, you need your phone number to do so and not your email address, OTP is sent to linked phone numbers.

You need a phone number to run your WhatsApp and anyone having your number can view you on their WhatsApp contact list. The phone number you are using has to be valid to access this app and just so you know, your linked WhatsApp phone number can not be hidden from your contacts.

There is plenty of WhatsApp app you can download and install on your phone including Business, GB, FM, and Normal WhatsApp. All these apps are very much available on the Google play store for free, all you need is a network connection and enough space to download and install.


How to Open Whatsapp Through Gmail


To open WhatsApp through your Gmail account, you need to first sign in to your WhatsApp, then input your Gmail address instead of your phone number. You will be sent a WhatsApp resent link to your Gmail account, tap on the link and you will be redirected to how to reset your password.

Follow the prompt instructions that appear accordingly and change your WhatsApp password correctly. Then login back to your WhatsApp and then use your Gmail address and current password to access your app instead of using your phone number to do so.


How to Check Which Email is Linked to Whatsapp


Although WhatsApp is directly linked to our phone numbers and not our Gmail, we must sign in with our Gmail as well. This will come a lot in handy when the need to back up all chats, media, and documents sent and received through WhatsApp.

To check and confirm which email is linked to WhatsApp, sign in to your WhatsApp, go to your settings, and tap on chats. Scroll to Chat back-up, there on the Google account spot you will see the email address that is active and signed up on your WhatsApp.

There may be dozens of registered email addresses on your WhatsApp but only one is needed and linked to the app. You need to know the exact email linked to your all Incase you need to backup your WhatsApp files when using a new phone as your phone number can’t be used to backup files.


How to Recover Whatsapp Account Without Old Phone Number


You can easily recover your WhatsApp account if your WhatsApp phone number is lost and you are using a new one. You can still recover your WhatsApp account even without a Sim card completely, all you need is an active and linked email address to the WhatsApp account.

To recover your WhatsApp account without an old phone number, first, sign into the app and log in using the linked email address to the account. Then sign in to your email, and a link will be sent to reset your account access code, follow the prompt instructions to reset the password.

Login into your WhatsApp again using your email and the new password created and you will be given access to your WhatsApp account. You can as well back up your files long as the email linked to the previous account is the same email linked to the same WhatsApp account.


How to Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number


It is very obvious that one needs a phone number to create a WhatsApp account, but what if you don’t have a phone number or don’t want to use any? Allow me to show you possible solutions on how you can still create a WhatsApp account without having to make use of a phone number.

To use WhatsApp without a phone number, use a landline number, landline will provide you with a valid number you need to create an account just not a phone number. There is a feature on WhatsApp that allows users to verify their accounts without receiving any SMS.

A valid landline number will do just fine and will show you how to get past all security verification processes. Another possible method is with the help of a virtual mobile number, there are messaging apps that can provide you with the number you need in sending and receiving messages.


How to Activate Whatsapp with Old Number


A lot of people have old numbers that they don’t use anymore. However, they still want to be on the WhatsApp platform. This guide will show you how to activate a WhatsApp account with an old number.

To activate your account, go to “Settings” and click on “Account”. Then click on “Activate Account”.


Is Your Whatsapp Number the Same As Your Phone Number


If you’re not sure whether your Whatsapp number is the same as your phone number, then there is a good chance that it is. The difference between a WhatsApp number and a phone number is that one can be linked to an individual while the other belongs to a company or institution.

If someone wants to contact you on WhatsApp, they would have to use your WhatsApp number instead of your phone number. A phone number is a sequence of digits that uniquely identifies a telephone. It is made up of an area code, prefix, and local number.


How Do I Know if Someone Has Whatsapp?


The first thing to remember is that you can’t know if someone has WhatsApp without knowing their phone number.

There are a few ways to find out if someone has WhatsApp and they are:

  • Look for the WhatsApp icon on their phone screen.
  • Ask them if they have it.
  • Check their Facebook profile or ask them to send you a screenshot of the app.


How Does Someone Get Your Whatsapp Number?


Several apps can help you find someone’s contact information. However, there is one way that is much easier than all the other methods – simply ask their friends and family.

The best way to get someone’s WhatsApp number is to ask their friends and family members for it. You can do this by sending them a message or by sitting down with them in person and asking them for it.


Can I Use Whatsapp on 2 Phones with the Same Number?


Yes, you can use WhatsApp on 2 phones with the same number as long as they are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network or have data plans with unlimited text messaging.



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To create a WhatsApp account, you need a valid phone number to do so, as all WhatsApp accounts will be linked to the numbers provided. But In case you don’t want to blow off your cover, you can make use of a landline number or a virtual mobile number to create the account.

All WhatsApp accounts are Linked to a Phone Number, not an email, but an email is all that you need to backup your files from your account. You can as well recover your WhatsApp account without a phone number, read through this post to learn a lot about that, and more.

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