If I Uninstall Fortnite Will I Lose Everything – How To Fix It


I love playing games, building a website where I share games like I guide people here. Fortnite is one of my favorites with the call of duty and PUBGM.

If you mistakenly uninstall your Fortnite app, are you going to lose your data? Losing your data or everything implies losing your game ranking and achievement. It takes time to earn those stat and skin. As a player, you might have thought of what to do, if you lose your Fortnite gaming app.

Your stat or data is very important in this game. All your achievement revolves around the game and your profile plays a vital role.

Fortnite is one of the biggest epic games in the world today. It has multi gaming features, which include battle royale. Where you play for survival against other players. This game has millions of daily users.


If I Uninstall Fortnite Will I Lose Everything


If I Uninstall Fortnite Will I Lose Everything?


This is the big question

If you uninstalled Fortnite may be because your parents want you to, or the game is crashing, or you want to take some time off.


If you uninstall Fortnite from your phone, you wouldn’t lose everything. You will only lose the locally saved data in your device which can be recovered any time you install it again. Your profile data and stat/achievement are saved to Fortnite cloud. The saved data can be accessed anytime you install Fortnite and log in to your account.

You can only lose everything when you delete your Fortnite account. deleting or uninstalling the Fortnite app, wouldn’t lead to losing your profile data. Anytime download the app and log in with your credentials. Your profile data will be available and no data will be lost. 


The lost local data can be recovered or backed up, below are various ways that your can.


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How To Recover Your Fortnite Profile On PC After Uninstalling Fortnite App


Here are easy steps to recover your Fortnite stat if you lost everything. I will show you an automatic method to recover your data from the Fortnite cloud. One of the easiest methods is using your epic game account if you deleted your epic game account. Then your Fortnite account recovery is impossible.


  • Navigate to the epic game launcher and install the Fortnite app again or download directly from the apple store or google play store.
  • Open the Fortnite app and log in with your details, password, and email. This can also work if logs are your social media details (Facebook/Twitter log).
  • Once you are logged in, your account will be retrieved from their cloud.


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How To Recover Fortnite Profile On Xbox One And PS4


If you love playing Fortnite on gaming consoles and for some reason, you lost your game or your system crashed. Don’t worry there’s a way you can recover your Fortnite profile with a few steps.


For PS4

  • Get the disk of Fortnite and install it on your play station. Make sure that the installation process is complete.
  • For the digital version of PS4, download the game on your console.
  • Now, once the installation is complete, log in to your Fortnite account and your profile will be recovered.


For Xbox One

  • Fortnite is free to download on Xbox One, go to their Xbox store, and reinstall Fortnite.
  • Then, log into your Xbox live credentials and you will recover your profile data.


How I Recovered My Fortnite Profile Data On Nintendo Switch


  • Reinstall the game on your Nintendo switch.
  • Login to your Nintendo profile and you will recover your profile data.




Hope you have learned how to recover your profile data if you mistakenly lose your data. Remember that you wouldn’t lose everything if you uninstall your Fortnite game.

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