If I Clear Conversations on Snapchat What Happens?


Snapchat is a multipurpose social media platform where you can share photos, and videos and also has a messaging part that is even more ephemeral. With Snapchat, you will get to talk with friends, view Live Stories from around the world, and get to experience a bunch of new things.  

The Clear Chats features do allow users to delete already sent messages regardless of it seen or not. But before anything else, let’s get to know what happens if I clear conversations on Snapchat here in this article, so pay attention.


If I Clear Conversations on Snapchat What Happens?


Clear Conversations on Snapchat What Happens


Clearing a conversation on Snapchat will only remove the targeted friend’s username and the conversation chat from the chat feed. This can be done to any conversation that you once had with others to clear conversations to chat from your chat feed.

But for the record, this only goes as far as to delete the conversation from your own Snapchat feed but not the friends. Clearing a conversation will not affect the conversation history of your friend’s chat feed but only on your chat feed.


If You Clear a Conversation on Snapchat Will the Other Person Know?


Will the other person know if you clear a conversation on Snapchat? That is NO, no one gets a notification about what you do on your phone. Although Snapchat now gives room for you to delete a chat even showing the receiving end that the chat has been deleted. 

But once a conversation is clear, as a friend, you won’t know anything nor will you receive a notification on that either. You can delete a chat by long pressing and holding on to the conversation and then tapping on the delete option to clear the entire conversation.


If You Clear a Conversation on Snapchat Can You Get It Back?


Yes, you can get back your cleared conversation on Snapchat with the help of “My Data” from the Snapchat settings. To request that your account data restore the deleted messages, you will need to go to My Data Page, Click on Deleted Messages and then click on the Restore button.

You can as well restore your cleared Conversations once cleared by initiating the restoration protocol. You can try this if you find the first procedure difficult or not working, with a snap, you will bring the username and conversation deleted from your chat feed once more.


If I Clear a Conversation on Snapchat Will the Streak Go Away?


If I Clear Conversations on Snapchat What Happens?


If you clear a conversation on Snapchat, it will remove the Streak with that Friend” including the username. Deleting only a message from your conversation will have no such effect but clearing an entire conversation does leave no trace of your chat on the chat feed.

Although it is reversible, all Snapchat streaks do go away once you and your friend stop chatting with each other for a while. So deleting a conversation may not have an immediate effect but will eventually delete the streak at the very least less than 24 hours.


How to Clear Snapchat History


To clear Snapchat history, tap on the settings icon button in the Profile screen to open your Snapchat Settings. Scroll down and click on “Clear Search History” on the list of options below and then you click on the “OK” button to clear your Snapchat History.

Although to clear your Snapchat history might not be the same with all smartphones due to different models and default icons location. But the entire concept of clearing the Snapchat history is the same, you can apply it to your Android and iOS operating system as well.


How to Delete an Unopened Snapchat Without Them Knowing


To delete an unopened Snapchat without anyone knowing, you will need to press and hold on to the message for a pop-up to appear. You then go for the very last option out of the list of options on this pop-up which says “Delete”, Click on it to delete the message.

Once the message is deleted, You won’t see it on your chat feed and the other person won’t be notified that you have deleted a message. You can do that to any friend on your Snapchat friends list if you wish not to see their messages on your screen.


Can the Other Person See if I Delete a Chat on Snapchat


The other person will see if you delete a chat on Snapchat long as the chat is delivered successfully already. But if sent but not delivered to the other end, you can delete your chat without any trace of alert to the other user of you deleting a chat at all.

You can also delete a whole conversation from your chat history, which is mostly after the recipient has already read your message. Deleting a chat and clearing an entire conversation are two different things but both are entirely possible, the results you get depend on how you take it.


Can You Hide Conversations on Snapchat?


The answer is Yes, you can hide conversation on Snapchat. Snapchat automatically deletes all messages after they are seen by the recipient if you set it to be that way. However, if you want to save a message for later use or just want to keep a record of what has been sent and received, there is a way to do so.

To save any messages on Snapchat, you will need an alternative app like “SaveChat.” This app saves all of the messages that are sent and received on Snapchat in one place instead of them being deleted automatically by Snapchat.


How Do You Delete Chats on Snapchat Without Them Knowing?


There are a few ways you can delete chats on Snapchat without them knowing.

  • When you’re in the chat, tap the three dots (…) at the top of the screen, then tap “Delete Chat” and confirm your selection.
  • When you’re in the chat, tap “More” then “Delete Chat.”


How Do You Make a Secret Snapchat?


If you want to make a secret Snapchat, there are a few things you will need to do. First, go to the Snapchat app and create an account. Next, take a picture or video and add it to your story. You can add text or drawings on top of your photo or video if you want to give your story some flair.


How Do You View Hidden Conversations on Snapchat?


The Snapchat application has been updated to allow users to view hidden conversations, which is the name given to the messages received by other people on your account. This means that you can see what your friends have been saying without them knowing about it.

Hidden conversations can be accessed by swiping up on the screen and then selecting ‘view conversations’.


How Do You See Snapchat Chat History?


Snapchat has a history feature that allows you to see past conversations with your friends. However, this feature is not available to everyone. To access your chat history, you must have an account on Snapchat and be friends with the person you want to view your chat history.

The user can then go into their settings and select “Chat“. This will show them all of the people they are friends with and allow them to view their past chats.

If someone does not have this option available in their settings, it means that they have either deleted the app or blocked you from viewing their chats.



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If I Clear Conversations on Snapchat What Happens can’t be compared to when I delete a chat from the chat feed. Clearing an entire conversation can do away with your chat streaks though not immediately but still will in not less than 24 hours.

Although earing a conversation on Snapchat is reversible, you will need to know how before that can be possible. So I suggest you take out time to go through this article and learn each step and guide that will aid you in running your Snapchat smoothly.

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