How to Watch TLC on TCL Smart TV


TCL is one of the latest generation Smart TVs that lets you enjoy your favorite video content; like movies and TV shows, in vibrant 4K colors and Ultra HD picture quality. The TLC technology provides an ultra-high quality TV.

The TCL Smart TV was built with TCL’s proprietary technology and uses enhanced contrast and color range to ensure the TV delivers vibrant color scenes, striking highlights, and HD picture quality to give you an amazing viewing experience. 

On the other hand, TLC is a TV channel that shows reality shows and series. The TV channel is owned by Discovery, Inc and the video content is mostly on personal stories. The TLC TV channel has the TLC GO app for watching the content online anytime anyplace.

It provides the latest episodes of the current series at the earliest. TLC GO app is accessible on Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. You can install the TLC GO app on the TCL Smart TV for streaming the TLC TV channel. 


How to Watch TLC on TCL Smart TV


TLC GO app is completely free with the TV service provider subscription and it does not have any additional subscription. The popular TV providers are Dish, Cox, fuboTV, Philo, Hulu, Spectrum, YouTube TV, Optimum, and more. It offers a Favorite list to add the content for streaming later. You can save the episodes in the TLC GO app for offline streaming.


Watch TLC on TCL Smart TV


Two types of TV OS can be found in TCL Smart TV. They include Google TV OS and Roku TV OS. You can download the TLC GO app from Google Play Store and the Roku Channel Store. 


How to Stream TLC on TCL Google TV


  1. Start the TCL Google TV and go to the home screen.
  2. Click on the Apps tab. In the App Categories, click the Search for Apps option
  3. Click on the Search tab and type TLC in the box
  4. Click on the TLC GO app and click Install to download the TLC Google app.
  5. Select Open to start the TLC GO app on the TCL Smart TV.
  6. Once you’ve gotten the Activation Code, go to the TLC Activation website.
  7. Input the Activation Code and select Activate.
  8. Log in/ Sign in with your TV service provider.
  9. Select the content from TCL smart tv apps to stream or watch.


How to Stream TLC on TCL Google TV


How to Stream TLC on TCL Roku TV


  • Launch the TCL Roku TV and connect it to an internet connection.
  • Click the Home button to access the menu and click the Search option.
  • Look for the TLC app. From the displayed suggestions, select the TLC GO app
  • To install the TLC GO app, click the Add Channel option and click OK in the next prompt.
  • To launch the TLC GO app, select the Channel option on the TCL Roku TV. You will see an Activation Code on the TV Screen.
  • Launch the browser and go to the TLC website on the PC.
  • Enter the Activation Code and click Activate.
  • Log in to your TV provider subscription for verification.
  • Then, stream the content from the TLC Go app on your TCL Smart TV.


TLC Go App on TCL Smart TV Via Streaming Services


There are various steps to get the TLC Go app on TCL Smart TV via streaming services. Streaming services that can be used to stream/watch TLC Go app’s contents include DTV STREAM, Hulu, fubo TV, Philo, Sling TV, and YouTube TV. Below are the steps to use all the streaming services mentioned above to get TLC Go on TCL TV.

  • Launch the TCL Smart TV and connect it to high-speed stable internet.
  • Go to the Home Screen of your TCL Smart TV and navigate through the inbuilt app store of your TCL Smart TV.
  • Select any of the streaming services; DTV STREAM, Hulu, fubo TV, Philo, Sling TV, and YouTube TV, from the TCL smart tv app store and install them on your TV.
  • Initiate to sign in/log in with your streaming service’s details and you can start to enjoy your favorite TLC Go content on your TCL TV.


TCL Smart Tv Apps


TCL Smart Tv Apps


The most popular TCL smart Tv apps are Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Pandora, Hulu, HBO GO/HBO Now, Spotify, WatchESPN, Disney Channel, NBC, ABC, Nickelodeon, Fox Sports Go, iHeartRadio, Disney Junior, NFL, Nick Jr, Crackle, Google Play Movies & TV, Showtime/Showtime Anytime, Starz, CBS News, FXNOW, CBS All Access, and Vevo. 


TCL Smart Tv issues


below are various problems that your TCL smart TV can face and how you can fix it.


TCL TV Gets Disconnected from the Internet


One of the most common TCL TV problems is the inability to connect to the Internet. Find out if the TCL TV is having Wi-Fi issues, and determine if the problem is from the router, TV, or both.

The distance between the TV and the router can be a cause of unstable Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, make sure the TV and router are close to each other for better connectivity. If the distance is the problem and you cannot bring the TV closer to the router, use Wi-Fi repeaters to boost the Wi-Fi signal. 

If the distance between the router and the TV is okay, or you have a good connection from the current location, then it’s either the TV or router is at fault.


Connect your computer or smartphone to the Wi-Fi network to know where the problem is from. Check if you can stream videos from streaming services like YouTube. If you can’t stream videos, then it’s very likely that your router is at fault. Turn off the router, unplug it from the power source, and wait for like 2 minutes before restarting it.

If it is still unable to connect, then your Internet provider may be having issues. Consult with your provider to fix any technical issues with the internet provider.


Also, check If your smartphone or devices can connect to and use the Wi-Fi. You can also disconnect any idle devices connected to the wifi to know if your TV can connect.

If it connects after disconnecting inactive devices, it means that your Wi-Fi network was previously congested with too many devices. Depending on the manufacturer, there’s a limit to the number of devices Wi-Fi routers can connect.


Below are the last alternatives to fix your TV being unable to connect to the Internet,

  • Open your network settings and click ‘forget Wi-Fi network.
  • Turn off the TV, and unplug the power cable from any power source. Wait for two minutes then restart the TV
  • After the TV boots completely, try connecting to the Internet


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TCL Roku TV Error Codes 012 and 013


If you experience the TCL Roku error codes, the Ethernet cable might be the problem.

To fix these error codes, follow the steps below:

  • Ensure the Ethernet cable is connected properly;
  • Ensure the router works properly;
  • Disconnect the cable and reconnect it;
  • Restart the TV and router.

If the problem continues, you can either consult your Internet service provider or check-in your TCL TV for repair.


TCL Roku TV Won’t Mirror Laptop


TCL Roku TV Won’t Mirror Laptop


You need to adjust Screen Mirroring settings if you want to mirror your Laptop to the Roku TV to access compatible apps.

The three settings are: Always Accept, Accept, and Always Ignore for the device.

Open the Settings, go to System, search for Screen Mirroring, and open Screen Mirroring Devices. Ensure that your TV is set to “Always Accept” your laptop or whatever mirroring device you are using. 

 Reset the Wi-Fi router if the problem remains.


Apps Keep Crashing


Apps may sometimes crash unexpectedly. An app may crash upon bootup or while in use.

The first step to stopping the app from crashing is to clear the cache of your TV.


If you are using Roku on your TCL TV, here’s how to clear the cache:

  • Open the Menu and select Home
  • Click the Home button five times
  • Press the Up button
  • Press the Rewind button twice
  • Press the Fast Forward button twice
  • Your TV’s cache will be cleared in 30 seconds.


If you are using TCL TVs with Android, follow the steps below to clear the cache in each app.

  • Press the Home button 
  • Open the Settings Menu
  • Click on Apps and choose the apps you want to clear their cache
  • In the options, go to Clear Cache and press Ok to confirm

Sometimes, a crucial file in the app will get corrupted, and this results in the app crashing constantly. If this is the case, you will have to uninstall the app, reboot, then reinstall the app.



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That’s all on how to Watch TLC on TCL Smart TV. TCL is one of the latest generation Smart TVs that lets you enjoy your favorite video content in vibrant 4K colors and Ultra HD picture quality. TLC is a TV channel that shows reality shows and series


We detailed the step by step process to stream TLC on TCL Google TV, how to stream TLC on TCL Roku TV, how to get the TLC Go app on TCL Smart TV via streaming services, TCL Smart Tv Apps, as well as TCL Smart Tv issues and how to fix them.

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