How To Watch Instagram Live Stream Anonymous


Are you wondering if you can watch live videos on Instagram, anonymously? Or probably wanting to watch your Girlfriend’s or Boyfriend’s live video without him or her knowing? If Yes, then I got you covered.

Can I stream Instagram live streams anonymously? The answer is Yes and No. There isn’t any official way to stream live videos on Instagram, anonymously. That is to say, Instagram will not allow you to stream a live video without the person knowing.

However, while it’s nearly impossible to stream live videos, anonymously, there are still certain things you can do to hover around this.

By changing your name, and using your friend’s Instagram account, you can explicitly watch an Instagram live stream, anonymously.

Having got this. In this article, I will be explaining the several ways you can watch your Girlfriend’s live videos without her knowing.


How To Watch Instagram Live Stream Anonymous


Can I Watch IG Live Anonymously?

To watch an Instagram live anonymously, simply means the person in question won’t know that you are watching his\her Live Instagram video.

Therefore, the answer to the question is Yes, you can view an IG live video anonymously. In this article, I have listed three possible means you can watch an Instagram live video anonymously.

  • Using a different name
  • Creating a new Instagram account
  • Using Your friend’s or family member’s account


Ways You Can Watch Instagram Live Stream Anonymously


You might be wondering, if Instagram does support watching live videos, anonymously. 

Although, while Instagram doesn’t support that, there are still several ways you can watch an Instagram live video without the person knowing.

In this section, I have listed the possible ways you can watch live videos on Instagram, on an anonymous level.


Ways You Can Watch Instagram Live Stream Anonymously


Method 1: Watch Instagram Live Anonymously By Creating A New Account


This is one of the surest ways you can watch Instagram live videos, anonymously, since the person already has an idea of what your account name is, you can opt-in to create a new Instagram account, and therefore, using an entirely different name and picture.

By this, the person who you want to view his\her will have no consent that you are the one watching his\her live video.

All You Have To Do Is To Have A New Phone Number And A New Email Address.


Steps the create a new Instagram account


  • Step 1: Click on the Three-line icon from your profile.
  • Step 2: Tap the Settings.
  • Step 3: Scroll down and select Add or Switch account
  • Step 4: Select Add account, and follow the Onscreen process

Once your account has been created, search for the account of the person who you want to watch his/her live video, with and follow the person.

You can logout, out from the account you have just created if there isn’t any live video yet. 

But if a live video is going on, log in to the newly created account, and watch the Instagram live video.

You can keep using the account whenever you want to watch an Instagram live on any account, Anonymously.


Method 2: Watch Instagram Live By Changing Your Name


You can change your name and your Instagram profile picture, to make a fake clone of your Instagram account.

With this method, the person who you want to view his\her Instagram live video won’t be able to see your original name on its viewers.


To change your name on Instagram follow the following steps below:

  • Step 1: Navigate to your Instagram profile, and select Edit Profile
  • Step 2: Erase your existing username, and type in the username you wish to add to your account.
  • Step 3: Tap on the Tick icon, at the top right corner to save the changes.

Once you have completely changed your username on Instagram, you can now watch live Instagram anonymously.


Method 3: Using A Family Member Or Friends Account To Watch Instagram Live Stream.


If the above two steps did not work for you, you can consider using your family member’s account or friend’s account to watch an Instagram live video.

You can notify the person about your intentions to watch a particular Instagram live video, anonymously.

If they succumb to your Intents, fine, if they don’t, fine,  you can’t force them, but rather find another person.



Can Someone See If You View Their Instagram Live?


Yes, someone can see you if you watch their Instagram Live video, there isn’t any way to hide this feature on Instagram.

But if you wish to watch it Anonymously, you can follow the steps I have stated above.


Can You Watch Someone Live On Instagram Without Following Them?


To watch an Instagram live without following them, search for the account by typing the username in the search bar.

If the account is making a live broadcast, tap on it and start watching. Look out for the ‘Live’ tag in the video, to know if there is a broadcast.


Can You Join Instagram Anonymously?


Not all accounts you see on Instagram do contain the real person, some people control up to two accounts, while one is the main account, the other is an anonymous account.

So the answer to your question is Yes, you can create an anonymous Instagram account if you wish.

Most people who wish to watch an Instagram live video(s) anonymously, or view an Instagram story anonymously end up creating a new Instagram account.


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As I have stated, there isn’t an official way to watch an Instagram live video, but there are several methods you could adopt to watch an Instagram live video without the person knowing.

I have listed about three sure ways you can stream an Instagram live video, without the said person knowing that you are the one.

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