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How To Update ios Version On iPhone  

If you have an iphone you might be curious on how to update iOS version on iPhone right? Well, you don’t have to worry, I will be sharing with you a hint on how to do so either wirelessly or manually with the use of a computer.

You can easily update your iPhone’s version to the latest ios version just like the iOS 13 updated version. You will also learn on how to update iPhone 4, how to update iPhone 6, and also how to update iPhone pass to their latest iOS version.

Here are what you need to know of, to update your iOS version on iPhone wirelessly;

  • Connect your phone to a power source.
  • Ge a steady internet connection or better still a WiFi.
  • Go to phone settings.
  • Locate General and tap on software update.
  • Tap on download and install.
  • Tap on install to update your iPhone.
  • Enter your password if requested.

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You can choose to do so manually, using a computer device that is highly trustworthy following the below given steps;

  • Get a PC or Mac with OS 10.14 or OS 10.15
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer.
  • Find your iPhone software on the computer.
  • Go to settings > General > Tap on update software.
  • Tap on download and install.
  • Tap on install to update.
  • Provide your password if requested.

What Is The Latest iOS Version 2021?

There are many iPhone users today wanting to know what is the latest iOS version 2021 and are still curious. Some of which are using an iPhone with a version of iOS operating system of 13 and wants to update to the latest.

Well lucky you, Apple has released an updated version of it’s iOS operating system on September 16 2021. IOS 14 is the latest iOS version in the year 2021 and has lots of new features updated for already existing apps on the phone.

Some of the important features of iOS 14 are;

  • It comes wit a new App library.
  • It works on all device running an iOS 13.
  • Its having an App clips.
  • There is no full screen calls.
  • Home screen is design with appliances.

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How To Update To iOS 14

For you to be searching on how to update to iOS 14 the latest iOS version, am sure you must be an iOS device user. Without wasting any much time, I will be putting through the necessary and required procedure 4 update.

Here are what you need to take note of;

  • Back up your iPhone to a computer or an iCloud
  • Connect your iPhone to a power source.
  • Xonnect your iPhone to internet with WiFi.
  • Go to settings > General > tap on update software.
  • Tap to download.
  • Click on install.
  • Provide phone’s password.

By doing so, you won’t have to worry about the issue of how to update your iOS device or the latest iOS version anymore. This works for all iPhones, iPads, iPods and any other iOS device at all that you may be having.

How To Get Your iPhone Ready For iOS 14

I must say that for one to begin the journey of updating his iOS device to the latest iOS version 14, he should know how to get his iPhone ready for the iOS 14. Its quiet simple because I have done mine along side with few more friend’s.

This updated version of iOS devices comes with a lot of impressive updates and features that will change your iPhone to a better version of itself. You won’t have to bother buying the latest phones if you can just get your present phone upgraded.

Like I said its not a hard thing to do at all, here are what you need to take note of to get your iPhone ready for iOS 14;

Be sure your iPhone is compatible

Not all operating systems can actually support the installation of iOS 14, some are too old to be compatible. As we all know that the requirements of each operating system differs from another in one way or the other.

But one thing is certain for sure and that is all operating systems running on iOS version 13 are compatible with iOS 14. So be sure to know the operating system your iPhone is running with and as well its power and. System requirements.

Create more phone storage

Creating more phone storage comes in handy with the issue of how how to get your iPhone ready for iOS 14. As we know installation of an App normally requires available phone storage to have a successful work done.

But updating your iOS version on iPhone is a step forward as phone storage required for the latest version to update is more than the existing version. You will have to create enough space even if that means deleting images, videos and apps.

Backup Your Data

Its important to always backup your data before any system updates to avoid any uncertain event from occurring. Without backing up your data, you will end up losing if not all, most of your phone files such as images, videos including your apps.

Backup helps you a lot, because you phone can automatically install your already existing apps back after the update is successful. Not just that, all apps will be updated as well and your personal files will also get.

Why Won’t My iPhone Update?

Normally my iPhone is suppose to update for as long as I meet up to the iOS device requirements that is mandated. But most latest iOS version tends not to update at the end due to one reason or the other.

Here are some of the reasons as to why your iPhone updates won’t work out;

  • If your device is not on the compatibility list.
  • Due to insufficient phone storage.
  • It could be due to technical issues.
  • It could be your WiFi connection.
  • If its not configured to update automatically.

The above mentioned could be termed as a reason as to why your iPhone updates won’t work through for you. So be sure that all requirements are met and try also to avoid any of the above mentioned.

How Do I Fix iOS 13 Update Error?

If you are searching for how to fix iOS 13 update errors, I guess you most have tried and all is not working out. Well you are welcome, not just only you, many more have fallen a victim of such technical problems as well.

Not just only iOS 13, but I will be showing you how to update iPhone 4, how to update iPhone 6, iOS 11 updates and iOS 12 update to the latest iOS version. All you have to do is to read through as I open up everything up to you.

A must read steps to take note of are;

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Locate your phone’s General storage.
  • Navigate to software update.
  • Delete software update entirely.
  • Then restart your phone.
  • Download the updates again through settings.
  • And restart the whole process from the beginning.

The entire process is very short and precise, once you understand what am saying you can just begin. But remember to plug your phone on charge especially at night and allow your phone to do the work automatically over night.

How To Download iOS 14 If You Don’t Have Wi-Fi

I have noticed that a lot of people don’t know how to download iOS 14 without a WiFi connection on their device. But no withstanding, assurance cover you for just coming across this article guy.

Normally iPhone or lets just say iOS 13/14 in general does not support mobile data when updating to the latest iOS version. But here is what you should do which is quiet is quite simple and easy for you to run.

You can just decide to use other Mobiles’ Mobile data to update you iOS device, it works very perfectly for all iOS devices. All you have to do is to;

  • Get another smartphone.
  • Open the internet connection.
  • Open the hotspot.
  • Then you connect the phone’s Wi-Fi you wish to update.

By doing so, you won’t have to worry if there is no WiFi network available, this is way more easier for you. You can as well decide to use an iTunes to update your iOS device in case you have no smartphone phone to do so.

How To Upgrade iOS From a Beta Version

I guess your iPhone is still running a beta version if you happen to be looking on how to upgrade iOS from a beta version. Well am all yours, in case you don’t know, am like the silver lining to your cloud.

Unlike the normal latest iOS version update that requires an internet connection, this can be done without connecting to a computer. But mind you, remember to backup your phone to recover already existing files.

Here are what you need to keep in mind to upgrade from a beta version back to your normal iOS version;

  • Lunch the setting app on your iOS device.
  • Navigate and tap on General.
  • Locate and tap on profile.
  • Tap on iOS beta software profile.
  • Then tap to remove the profile.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Then follow the normal procedure for normal iOS version update.

By following the above mentioned steps, you can successfully upgrade your iOS version from a beta version to a normal iOS version. A lot have done it and have had a successful work so far, you are no different.

How Do I Update my iPad From 9.3 5 To iOS 12

I get to realize that so many ipad users are finding it hard to update their ipad form 9.35 to iOS 12 this days. So for such reasons, many end up using their normal older version of the iOS device without updating.

It is of great importance for you as an iOS device user to know how to update iOS version on iPhone on your own. Though is not actually a bad thing if you don’t have the knowledge to because you are not alone.

For this reason, am writing this article to help out many who are having a difficult time with their iOS version. You will find out on how to update iPhone 4, how to update iPhone 6 and how to update iPhone apps to the latest iOS version.

Its quiet Paramount that you know so much about your phone, for a time will come that you will have to update. I have mentioned quiet a few hints so far and will be mentioning more to you before the end of this article.

How To Download iOS 14 If You Don’t Have Space

Sure!! There are ways as to how one can download iOS 14 if he is not having enough phone storage. As we have all seen so far, that phone storage is one of the important requirements when you want to update your iOS device.

So for yo to update iOS version on iPhone without enough space, this are few things mandated for you to employ;

  • Update using your computer.
  • Delete some content manually.
  • Manage space with recommendations.

These are the most suggested steps you have to choose in other to download your iOS 14 with lesser storage. I have been stressing this out for quiet some time now, make sure to backup your phone before you begin anything.

If you don’t, while trying your iPhone software update download to the latest iOS version, you might loose many data. So I still emphasize that you backup your phone irrespective of what method you choose to follow to update your iPhone.

How To Update iOS To An Older Version

There are times when your effort to update to a latest iOS version bounces back, could be due to a bug or so. Some times the downloading, installation and as well updating might be successful but the phone will no longer function well.

With this very article of mine in play, you won’t have to worry about upgrading or degrading your iOS version. I will be sharing with you the DOs and the DON’Ts when you wish to upgrade or degrade back to your older version.

Its quiet easy, here are things to be done;

  • First and foremost, Backup you ios device.
  • Locate your older iOS version you wish to jump back to.
  • Select and tap on download button.
  • Aways keep your iOS device in a recovery mode.
  • Downgrade your iOS device to the previous version.
  • Click on the restoration button.

By doing so, you will end up having a successful downgrading and get back your phone to its old self. Its quite simple right? Forget not to backup your data and also plug you device to a power source.

Will iPhone Update Erase My Data

Normally updating an iOS device will not erase your data but it is possible for something to go entirely wrong. So i will keep on advancing you to backup your phone data before anything else then restore back after the update.

Though Apple’s iOS updates are not suppose to delete any user information from the device. But at times we end up having a technical problems that eventually deems it so for us to loose most of our phone data.

So if your question here is if updating your iPhone or any of your iOS device will end up erasing your personal data? I would say NO. It wasn’t designed and developed by the developers to be so in the first place.

I can also say yes if you end up having a technical issues or probably an unsuccessful updating that requires you to start all over and over again. So am stressing this for the very last time as the only way out, Backup your device data.


I guess with this very article of mine, your major trending regarding iOS operating system has been highlighted. Not just highlighted, but also been provided with a reasonable solution for you to employ.

There are a lot more that I will be updating you with from time to time, so just stay tuned to my article at all times. I hope you will put what I have shared with you to good use? As I plan on bringing you more updated info about iOS operating system.

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