How To Unlink Nintendo Account From Switch (EASY WAY)


Are you wondering how you can unlink a Nintendo account from switch? If yes, then this article is for you. Nintendo is an online video game that is available world wide, providing several video games as well as video game consoles.

With Nintendo you can play your favorite game using the Nintendo switch.

Therefore, this article is structured towards how you can unlink a Nintendo account from the switch.


How To Unlink Nintendo Account From Switch


How To Unlink Nintendo Account From Switch


It’s quite possible to unlink a Nintendo account from a switch, once your Nintendo account is unlink from your switch, you won’t be able to find games attached to your account on your switch.

But, Once you login your Nintendo account back on the switch device, you will automatically get your games back.

Sometimes while you have purchased a new switch device, you need to unlink your account from the previous console before linking your account with the new one.

The process of unlinking your Nintendo account from switch follows  a straight process


How To Unlink Nintendo Account From Switch


The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1:  Turn on Nintendo Switch Device
  • Stel 2: Open the Home Menu
  • Step 3: Click the System Settings icon
  • Step 4: Click User settings, this will enable you to select the user account you want to unlink from the Nintendo switch.
  • Step 5: Once you have selected the account you want to remove, then you can click the Unlink Nintendo Account option.
  • Step 6: Enter Your PIN
  • Step 7: Click Continue
  • Step 8: Select Unlink with the one with a solid red color background


Once you have clicked on the Unlink button, your games will be cleared, but you can still have access to your games if you link the account back.

Note: When you unlink a Nintendo Account, save data, and software may be lost. You also won’t be able to play games on your Switch that were purchased with the unlinked account.

Unlinking your account from a Nintendo switch doesn’t completely delete your account from the switch, However, if you want to delete your account, then you can follow the steps below.

This could be done in order to remove everything associated with this account, such as friend list, settings preference and so on.


To delete your account from a Nintendo switch can be done via the following steps.

  • Step 1: Turn on the Nintendo switch device
  • Step 2: Select the System Settings gear icons
  • Step 3: Scroll and select the User option
  • Step 4: Select the profile you want to delete from the Nintendo switch, and select Delete user from the bottom of the user profile
  • Step 5: Enter your PIN
  • Step 6: Tick the box next to Delete, and click next
  • Step 7: Select Delete this user.
  • Step 8: Hit Ok

This will completely delete an account from  a Nintendo switch.

Once a user is deleted from a Nintendo switch, all data associated with this account will be completely lost, and can’t be restored.


Can Two Switches Share Games?

Yes, two switches can share the same game, but you must ensure that the game isn’t played at same time.

If two switches try to play a game simultaneously, the primary switch wont work.


Does Nintendo Ban Accounts Or Consoles?


Nintendo could ban your account, if your account is seen to do illegal things, therefore you must ensure that your activities on Nintendo aren’t illegal in order not to get banned.

Some of the things that are likely to get your account banned on Nintendo are as follows:

  • Cheating in the games,
  • Giving false payment information,
  • Using pirated games, or
  • Modifying their games in an illegal manner

Once you are found doing any of these, you might get your account locked up.


How Do I Unlink a Nintendo Account From a Banned or Lost Switch?


How Do I Unlink a Nintendo Account From a Banned or Lost Switch


Once you get banned, or you have a lost switch, the best thing to do is to contact Nintendo themselve.

They are in the best position to help you Unlink your Nintendo account.

To send them a chat, you can use the this link Nintendo Support

Or you via their toll free number 1-800-255-3700


Is Game Sharing Illegal? Can You Get Banned for Game Sharing on Switch?


Sharing your game on Nintendo is not illegal, but you can get hacked from sharing your games with others.

Once you share your game with another user, you won’t be able to play your game while the other person is playing his or her own.

Also, if you have strong trust for the person you want to share your game with, fine.



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Unlinking your Nintendo account is something you will definitely find yourself using, most people unlink an account, for several reasons.

Whatever reason you have I am quite sure you have learnt how to go about it.

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