How To Undo Not Interested On Tiktok (EASY WAY)


Have you ever tapped on the Not Interested button on a video that you had enjoyed, and probably found a way to undo this action? If your answer is Yes, then this article is right for you.

The world of social networking is Continuously evolving in a more profitable and data-driven way.

Social networking sites engage in an everyday data retrieval system, to be conscious of what their user’s like and dislike.

This data requested from you comes in form of certain interactions you might do with their system, such as making a reaction to a certain post you liked, your search queries over time and so on.

The data are used by several social network algorithms, to provide what is relevant to its users.

Certain decisions and actions you take on social media are tailored towards understanding your intentions more and more.

TikTok is a good example of one of the most popular social networking sites, providing variant activities for its users.

TikTok also isn’t exclusive from its large collection of data, most especially based on the millions of users it is housing.


How To Undo Not Interested On Tiktok


Ensuring that users’ feeds are posed with several video contents, based on their preference.

The Not Interested, is a feature available on TikTok, which enhances the collection of data that can help TikTok know the kind of video content you prefer, and the ones you don’t.

The Not interested comes with an ounce of data requests, in the form of watching a video and you find out that such video isn’t as interesting as you may think.

TikTok offers the Not Interested Button, which will help you alert TikTok like “Hey TikTok, I am Not Interested in this video, and therefore, I do not wish to see it on my feeds any longer”

This is what you are indirectly telling TikTok whenever the Not Interested button is tapped.

While the Not interested button can be useful in structuring out what content you need to see on your feed, it also comes with its disadvantage.

In a case where you mistakenly tap the Not Interested, what are you going to do?

To know what you are going to do next, you just have to keep reading.


How To Undo Not Interested On TikTok


Undo Not Interested On TikTok


Unfortunately, there isn’t any way you can undo this action on TikTok, people do believe that there are third-party applications available that can help you undo this.

I want to let you know that based on my research, I am yet to find any reliable application that can help you undo not being interested in TikTok.

Some of these applications are geared toward stealing your TikTok login information.

Therefore, you just have to save yourself as well as, save your TikTok account.

Before I show you how to explicitly undo this feature on TikTok, it is essential to know how the not interesting work and why most people end up mistakenly hitting that button.

The Not Interested, is a feature that is available under the For you category in your TikTok application. 

The For you contain videos that are tailored to you by TikTok, by using several algorithms to suggest the kind of video content you like and prefer.

However, this algorithm will be useless if you haven’t provided any data or rather answered data request queries.


The Not Interested feature is what is being used by you to feed this algorithm with the relevant data.

Once the data has been analyzed, you will no longer see content related to the videos you have marked not interested earlier.

Therefore, while browsing through your For You, you found quite an interesting video, and worth downloading.

Just when you are about to tap the Download button, you mistakenly click the Not interested button.

Judging from the fact that both actions are aligned close to each other, making such a mistake is feasible.

By clicking on the not interested, you have fed the TikTok algorithm with the wrong data.

Therefore, you are certainly not going to find any videos related to your feeds.

The question is, How then can you reverse this action?

You saw a video that you liked, and thereafter, you mistakenly tap the Not Interested, which is indirectly telling TikTok that you don’t like this video, and therefore should not be found on your feed.


What to do next?

If you have the account of the person who posted the video, you can hover to their account, find related videos and watch them.

By watching them you are trying to reverse the data that has been collected by this algorithm.

Also whenever you see a video on your For You, that is closely related to the video that you mistakenly marked not interested, you just have to watch the video.

This is the only way you can get related videos back to your feeds.


How Do I Change My Interests In Tiktok 2022?


Interests on TikTok are things you like, TikTok gives users the option to change what they see on their feeds.

If you don’t like a particular kind of video appearing on your TikTok feeds, then you can change your interest to another category.

If you want to change your interest on TikTok, all you have to do is to click on the settings icon at the bottom of the screen and then select interests.


How Do You Undo A Dislike On Tiktok?

Whenever you dislike a video on TikTok, you are indirectly expressing that such a video should no longer be shown on your feeds.

Therefore, if you watch a video on TikTok and you don’t like the video, all you have to do is to tap the Not Interested. And that is all.


Can I Undo Not Interested In Tiktok?

Unfortunately, you can’t Undo Not on TikTok.



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Video Guide






This mistake often happens as a result of the closure of the Two buttons: Download and Not Interested.

Two different buttons are placed together, with opposite actions.

And, You don’t necessarily need to find a third-party application before you can Undo Not Interested on TikTok, else you will disclose your information to them.

All you have to do is to keep watching related videos, to get related content.

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