How To Turn On Sharp Smart Tv Without Remote


Can a TV be used without a remote? Controlling a TV with a remote makes life easier. You can increase the tv volume, check the weather, change stations, and turn it on or off from your comfort.

To imagine controlling the tv without a remote is a little stressful. I know you can’t imagine it till it happens, I guess that’s the situation that you are in. This might be as a result that it was misplaced, or the TV remote got damaged unknowingly.

What has resulted in this cause is irrelevant right now.

This guide is written to provide a direct solution to your problem. Yes, we’ve provided a direct solution “for you to control your Sharp Smart Tv Without Remote”. This is a very easy and simple method. Read the sections to learn different methods to control your smart TV without a remote.


Can I Turn On My Sharp Smart TV Without A Remote?


Yes, it is very easy and you can turn on your smart TV without a remote. Even the start TV is LG, sharp tv or any brand that it might be.

These steps or guides, I’ve given on this page will teach you how to control your TV without a remote effortlessly, turning it ON is just a fraction of what you will learn on this page.


How To Turn On Sharp Smart Tv Without Remote


In this guide, I wouldn’t be teaching you only how to turn your sharp TV on without a remote. You’ll also learn other necessary tv controls that can be done without a sharp tv remote.

Below is how to turn o your sharp tv without a remote:

  • Check by the front or backside of your sharp TV you will see a list of four to five buttons arranged there.
  • These buttons are added by the manufacturers as an emergency buttons to serve in the situation that you are in now. Each button there has its own assigned function to perform, which includes volume controls, turning on and off your TV, input selection, and other necessary options.
  • Now, our major aim here is to turn on your sharp TV without a remote. It is time we locate the POWER button, which will help us perform this function.
  • The power button is the first key/button that’s arranged on the TV.
  • Press the button and hold it tight till the TV comes ON.
  • That’s all you have successfully turned on your Sharp Smart Tv Without a Remote.


Alternative Methods To Turn On Sharp Smart Tv Without Remote


If the method above didn’t work for you. Then, this option is for you.

You can turn your TV on using your smartphone and it enables you to give other controls like a remote.

Here is how to do it:

  • Open your play store or app store and download the Android TV remote control app.
  • Once you’re done installing the app, launch it and connect your smartphone and tv to the same wifi. Make sure that your TV wifi is always ON.
  • Open your Android TV remote control app and select your tv to connect to.
  • Then a code will pop up on your TV, enter the on your Android TV remote control app and click on PAIR.
  • Now, you can control your tv with your phone remote.


N/B: This must be done when the TV remote is with you unless it will be difficult for you to turn on the TV wifi.

If you lose your TV remote without a trace, I advise you to buy a new remote and follow the guide above to enable the mobile phone remote. One good this is, that the mobile phone remote works perfectly as a normal remote.



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List Of Sharp TV Manual Buttons


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How To Turn On Sharp Smart Tv Without Remote


Video Guide



Hope you have learned How To Turn On Sharp Smart Tv Without a Remote? If you’ve any questions, please use the comment box to notify us. Don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones, it might help them out.

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