How To Turn OFF Screenshots On iPhone


iPhone screenshots can be very frustrating at times. Accidentally making screenshots unexpectedly, and probably voicing out unplanned screenshots sound.

This can be very frustrating, to iPhone users. Choosing to turn off this feature, will prevent these unexpected screenshots that happen frequently on your iPhone.

Therefore, I have written this article on how you can disable this feature in your iPhone device(s).


To turn off screenshots on iPhone depends on the particular version you are up to, i.e different iPhones have their way of disabling iPhone screenshots.

This is a result of the different actions required by a specific version in taking screenshots.

The frequent accidental making of screenshots by iPhone devices mostly occurs with iPhone devices that don’t have the home button, like iPhone X and later.


How To Turn OFF Screenshots On iPhone


This is because, to take a screenshot on these kinds of devices, requires pressing the side and volume-up button, in which both buttons happen to appear on both sides of the device.

Making it more flexible leads to unexpected screenshots, while it is in your pocket or your purse.

As I have stated, most iPhone devices can not explicitly turn off this feature, but several things can be done to prevent this.


How to Turn Off Screenshots on iPhone


Turning off screenshots on iPhone mostly relies on the particular version you are using.

iOS 12 and later, comes with an extremely new feature that makes it possible to prevent screenshots from happening accidentally on your device.

This feature, as such, can be very helpful to those who are using iOS 12 and later.

Using this feature literally, helps you to pave out the cases of accidental and unexpected screenshot happenings, on your iPhone device.


How To Turn OFF Screenshots On iPhone


Why is this feature a big deal?


When you lift your iPhone, from your table or whatever, it automatically wakes up your iPhone device, even though you haven’t pressed the power button.


By default, screenshots on iPhone will happen, when your iPhone screen is on.

With this feature enabled, your iPhone would continuously get awakened, once you lift it from a surface, making it a facilitator for unexpected screenshots.

However, disabling this feature helps to prevent your iPhone from taking screenshots when you lift it.

I have taken, a longer time to disclose the nomenclature of this feature, alright, it’s known as Raise to Wake.

Through disabling Raise to Wake, your iPhone automatically goes to sleep mode when its screen goes off, as well as, your iPhone screen won’t go on, even if you lift your device from a surface unless you press the power button.

However, when your iPhone is physically lifted from a surface, you won’t suffer from your iPhone screen is turned on.

So the good thing you need to know about this feature is, that it saves you from the den of unexpected screenshots from your iPhone.


I do regard this as a lifetime saver, you know what that means.


How to Turn Off Screenshots Using the Raise to Wake.


By now you should have a glimpse of what the Raise to Wake feature can do on your iPhone.

Now, let’s begin the implementations:


How to Turn Off Screenshot on iPhone Using Tap to wake


To disable the feature on your iPhone, you just need to follow only a few steps:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings, on your iPhone device.

Nb: don’t be afraid, you won’t fall into a hole of issues on your iPhone. 

These steps require no technical knowledge, you don’t even need to travel down to your most trusted and skillful engineer, to fix this.


Step 2: Hover to the Display and Brightness in the Settings panel of your iPhone device.


Step 3: Swipe down to toggle the Raise to Wake feature.

By default, this feature has already been enabled, probably by someone who we don’t know.

Once you have disabled this feature, a big congratulations, you just solve a problem on your iPhone device all by yourself, you deserve an accolade 😂


How to Turn Off Screenshot on iPhone Using Tap to wake


Undoubtedly, this is another feature that you can turn off to prevent unexpected screenshots on your iPhone device.

The Tap to wake, turns on your iPhone screen, with a single or double tap, without needing to press the side button.

This feature is available on iPhone devices with Face ID Support, such as iPhone 12, iPhone 11, XS, XR, and iPhone X.

While partly imperative,  you don’t necessarily need to always press the home button before waking up your iPhone screen, instead of with just a few tap


How to Turn Off Screenshot on iPhone Using Tap to wake


To turn off the Tap to Wake isn’t a big deal too, it follows almost similar steps to the one stated above.


Step 1: Go to Settings on your iPhone

Step 2: Select Accessibility

Step 3: Select Touch

Under the Touch panel, Scroll down till you find the Tap to wake option

Toggle the Tap to wake to turn it off. 

You can choose to use either method that works well for you.


These features I have listed above are trusted and can be helpful to you, in times of unexpected screenshots of your iPhone.


How to Disable Double Tap for Screenshots in iOS 14


iOS 14, comes with an extensive new feature that enables you to double-tap the back of your device to take screenshots.

However, while this can also lead to unexpected screenshots on your iPhone, you can still as well disable this feature for good.


This feature in iOS 14 is termed Back Tap

With the Back Tap, users can perform quick actions, such as screenshots, lock the screen, open up the control center, bring up Siri, and so on.

While this feature can be extremely helpful to users in taking quick screenshots on your iOS 14 device, it also has its takes of making unexpected screenshots, while using your iPhone.

The best way I suggest using this feature on iPhone is to change the Back Tap, to a different action, or probably disable it.


To disable back-tapping on iOS 14 can be done using the following steps:

  • Step 1: Goto to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Step 2: Hover over the Accessibility option, and select the Touch option.
  • Step 3: Scroll down to where you will find the Back Tap, and click on it.
  • Step 4: Tap the Double Tap, and change it to None, this will disable this feature on your iPhone device.


However, you might wish to change it to a different action, like App Switcher, Control center, or whatever.

All you have to do is to select the option you want to change it to.


How Do I Change the Screenshot Settings On My iPhone?


To turn off screenshot on your iPhone, Go to Settings on your iPhone device, click on Accessibility, and tap the Touch option, scroll down till you find the Back Tap settings.

Click on the Double Tap setting to either change to a different activity or disable it by setting it to None


Why Does My iPhone Keep Taking Screenshots?


This problem happens mostly with iPhones that don’t have a home button.

Your iPhone does take random pictures because of its flexible nature it is, most especially iPhones that support the Back Tap feature.

This feature requires double-tapping the back of your device, which most at times leads to accidental screenshots.

To disable this feature, hover to the Settings and Accessibility option of your iPhone, select the Touch option, scroll till you find the Back Tap feature, and set it to None.

Or you can disable the Raise to Wake feature for iOS 12 and later.


How To Turn Off Double Tap Screenshot On iPhone


The double-tap feature is a new feature in iOS version 14 and later, with this feature you can easily make screenshots by double-tapping the back of your device.

However, while this feature can be helpful to iPhone users, it can also lead to the unnecessary taking of screenshots.

Solving this problem requires disabling the Back Tap feature on your iPhone.

To disable the Back Tap, go to the Settings in your iPhone, tap the Accessibility option, and tap the Touch option, scroll down, where you find the Back Tap option, and set it to None.


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While there is no official way to turn off screenshots on an iPhone, however, there are still several settings you could turn off or change to Disable this feature, which I have listed in the cause of this article.

If you are still having a series of problems related, you might wish to drop a comment below.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends, if you have found it helpful.

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