How To Trace A Text App Number For Free (3 WAYS)


With a Text app, you can call and send messages to other people while using the Internet.

Most times you receive a text message from a Text app, without knowing the person behind it or having details of the sender.

People who use the Text app, wonder what best way they could use to trace a text app number for free.

Understanding how to trace a text app depends on the amount of basic knowledge you have about using Text apps.

If you are a new user of a Text app, you might certainly find it difficult to hover around tracking a text app number, this is a result of the dynamicity associated with the database of these apps.

If you are on the verge of understanding how to trace a text app for free, then you are on the right page, and I want you to keep reading.


How To Trace A Text App Number For Free


How To Trace A Text App For Free.


Tracing a text app is something almost difficult to do, this is a result of the complexity of the system these text apps are based.

While most people regard tracking a Text app as impossible, well, it is entirely possible to track a Text App.

All you have to do is to know the second text app the person is using.

A second Text app is an app that allows people to use free texting and calling services while using a customized phone number.

It also includes other features like sending photos and videos.

Therefore, tracing a Text app number can be done using the same service. As I stated all you have to do is to look for the second text app the person is using.

There are several text apps that are available and could be an option for people, some of which are, Text Free, Text Now, Pulse SMS, Text Me, Text Plus and the likes.

Ideally, these apps work almost similar to each other.

Among the listed Text apps, Text free is the most popular texting app available, it possesses a large number of users.

Because of the extreme population associated with Text free, we will be using the Text Free app, as a means of tracing a Text app Number, with the assumption that the person is using the Text Free app.

If the number is from other Text apps, it might not work as supposed.


How To Trace A Text App Number For Free


The following are ways that you can trace a Text free app for free.

  • Step 1: Identify the Second Text app

There are several second-text apps available, of which I have listed a few among them.

You have to know the text app, associated with the number. Let’s assume the person is using Text Free as a second text app.


  • Step 2: Create a Text-Free Account.

You can hover over the Text free app, to create an account.

Therefore, you have to link either your Facebook or Google account.

You will be shown a list of numbers that are going to be associated with your text-free account, you can choose any.


  • Step 3: Trace a Text App Number.

Look for the number you want to trace, and use the Text free virtual number lookup, by entering the target’s number in the search bar.

If they still have the number active, then you can still view the original number associated with it.

In a case where you do not want the number to call or text you again, you can opt-in in blocking the number.

While the above method may not work, you should consider using a tracking Application.

There are several applications available that can help trace a text App number, Call logger, Text trace, and Call Logger plus. However, we will be using the mSpy.

All you have to do is to install the mSpy on the target device.

With the mSpy, you can view the location, messages and call logs of this said number.

Before you can use the mSpy you need to consider creating an account with mSpy.

Therefore, you have to visit the mSpy official website mSpy Official

Once you have created an account with mSpy, then you can begin the installation on the target’s device.

This process takes different forms for both iOS and Android devices.

Once you have installed mSpy on the target’s device, then you can track details of the target’s phone, like the location, messages, call logs and so on.


Can TextFree Apps Be Traced?


Can TextFree Apps Be Traced


Yes, a text-free app can be traced, though it might not be as easy as tracing your original phone number.

But in case of emergency or investigation, it is legally right to trace a TextFree app.

Information such as messages, logs, and user data can help to trace a TextFree app number.

However, the most effective way in tracing a Text app number is by using a Third Party tracking application, like mSpy.


What Happens If You Call a TextFree Number?

With a TextFree number, you can call, and send messages, photos or videos to other people.

Whenever you call a TextFree number, you are going to talk to the person that owns the number.

It is all about calling and sending messages via the internet for free.


How Do I Report a TextFree Number?

You can report a TextFree number via the TextFree support centre.

All you have to do is to visit the TextFree Support Center and then select the Legal and Privacy option.

Then tap How To Report Abuse Of Service, this will guide you on how you can report a TextFree number.


Can You Track A Text Me App Number?

Yes, you can trace a Text Me App, but it is important to note that this process involves a very difficult process.

Therefore the best way to trace a text app is to use tracking software, like mSpy.



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So by now, you should have an understanding of how to trace a Text App for Free.

Therefore, you should ensure that this process might be uprightly difficult to do.

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