How to Stop Screen from Turning off During Call iPhone


It doesn’t really feel right when you make a call and then suddenly your phone screen goes off limiting your access to your phone. These are common cases found with iOS mobile devices, although are many possible causes and we shall take a look at the most important causes.

Before anything else, let’s First of all talk about How to Stop an iPhone Screen from Turning off During a Phone Call. There are plenty of troubleshooting guides that come with every iOS mobile device that helps solve most weird issues on an iOS device.


How to Stop Screen from Turning off During Call iPhone


  • To stop your iPhone screen from turning off during a phone call, you will need to clean the phone’s screen and sensor. When you use an iPhone, sweat, dust and other dirt may stay on the sensor causing the screen to turn off during a call, use a clean cloth to clean the screen and sensor.
  • Another method is to restart your iPhone, press and quickly release the volume up button and then press and quickly release the volume down button. Next is to press and hold the side button until the device restarts, doing this will soft reset the device and will refresh it making it work smoother.
  • You can as well stop your iPhone screen from turning off by disabling the Reduce Motion, this should be done after you must have tried restarting the device. Do this by tapping on the settings on your iPhone, clicking on the Accessibility icon, then finding out the Reduce Motion switch and turning it off.
  • Another method to fix your iPhone turning off during a call is with ReiBoot, an iOS system repair tool, download and install on your iPhone. Connect the iPhone to a PC, open ReiBoot, click the green start button then choose Standard repair, wait for the download and click on start for ReiBoot to start fixing your iPhone.


How to Stop Your Phone from Turning off by Itself iPhone

How to Stop Your Phone from Turning off by Itself iPhone


The possible causes of your phone turning off by itself can be split into two categories: The Software and The Hardware cause. The software and hardware of all devices communicate with each other, a fault, and can cause the other to malfunction.

To stop your phone from turning off by itself, you will need to restart or reboot the phone, this will help soft reset your iPhone. All you need to do is to turn the iPhone off and turn it back on to refresh the device and then you check to see if all is back to normal.

Another method is to run a DFU reset but that will require you to back up your iPhone to your iTunes and run a total reset. Also, check your battery life, your phone doesn’t need to be old to start having battery problems, contact Apple or get a third-party repairer to help you fix the problem.


How to Stop My iPhone 11 from Turning off by Itself


How to Stop My iPhone 11 from Turning off by Itself


To stop your iPhone 11 from turning off by itself, you will need to turn off the background App Refresh on your phone. First go to settings, scroll and tap on General And then tap on background App Refresh(twice) then toggle off or better still close the background App Refresh after using.

Another method is to reset all settings on your iPhone, to do that you have to tap on your iPhone setting menu. Then you scroll and tap on General and then click on the reset button, tap on the reset all settings option and log in your password, and tap on it again to confirm your resetting.

Another important method to stop your iPhone 11 from turning off by itself is by force restarting the device. Press the volume up button then release, press the volume down button, and release immediately too then lastly press and hold the power button this your iPhone restarts.


How to Stop Samsung Screen from Turning off


How to Stop Samsung Screen from Turning off


During phone calls, your Samsung screen will automatically switch off, especially when the phone recognizes your face when you hold it near your face. This feature helps to keep the screen from accidentally being controlled by your cheek unknowingly.

To stop the Samsung screen from turning off, first go to your Samsung phone settings, tap on the advanced features and then tap on the motion & gestures. Turn on the “keep the screen on while viewing” features which should work and if not then you need to perform some troubleshooting.


How Do I Turn off Proximity Sensor on iPhone?


To turn off your proximity sensor on your iPhone, you will need to restart your iPhone or reboot it completely. To reboot an iPhone 6 series(pres and hold the home and power button), iPhone 7 series(press and hold the volume and power buttons), and that iPhone X series is a bit different.

To reboot an iPhone X series, you will have to press and release the volume up button, press and release the volume down button, and then press the power button until it restarts. You can as well turn off the proximity sensor on your iPhone by taking off the Screen Protector if found interfering with sensor activity.


Where is the iPhone Proximity Sensor?


The proximity sensor is a very small piece of a device placed at the front top of all iOS devices including android devices. Thanks to the proximity sensor the screen light goes off each time a user is making or receiving a call which helps to prevent the user’s face from pressing any icon.

There is no actual distinction between how close or far you need to keep the phone screen for the sensor to be active. But there is a range distant estimated, although there are slight variations between models in the sensitivity of some screen sensors.


How Can I Test My iPhone 6 Proximity Sensor?


To test and confirm that your iPhone 6 Proximity sensor is working just fine, is to dial a number and place the phone on your ear while standing in front of a mirror. Watch and see if the screen light goes off or not, if it does then you are good to go.

You can as well test your iPhone proximity sensor by downloading and installing a third-party app on your iPhone. Apps like SENSOR TEST will help you determine if your screen sensor’s integrity is compromised or still working just fine.


Why Won’t My iPhone Screen Turn off Automatically?


We all are aware that Android and iOS devices allow users to decide when their screen light goes off based on their choice. You can decide as a user to set your screen light to go off after 30 seconds when not in use while another will set it to be 30 minutes when not in use.

To fix this, you will have to go to home settings, tap on Display & Brightness and then scroll down and click on Auto Lock. Although once your battery level is low in most iPhones and the Low power mode is enabled, it will automatically set to 30 seconds and can’t be changed.


How to Stop iPhone from Rotating


To stop an iPhone from Auto-Rotation, swipe down the home screen of your iPhone from the top to the button. This will grant you access to the control center, then you tap on the portrait Orientation icon to lock Auto-Rotation as it is written on most android devices.


How to Stop Your Screen from Turning off Mac


To stop your Mac screen from turning off, start by clicking the apple Logo on the top left corner of your home screen. Next is to Open System Preferences, tap on Energy Saver, and Enable the first option “Prevent company from sleeping automatically when the display is off”.

Nest disables the second option “put hard disk to sleep when possible“, doing this will prevent your Mac from turning off or sleeping. You can as well prevent the display from ever being switched off from this very setting page if you want to.


How Do I Keep My Screen on During a Call?


As we all know that your phone screen turning off during a phone call is not a malfunction is a default setting. You can toggle off this default setting if you want to and I will show you how you can as well decide to make use of a third-party app on your device to keep your screen on during a call.

To keep your screen on during a phone call, you can make use of a third-party app such as the AndroSensor app on your phone. This app will give you full control over your phone’s sensors, including the proximity sensor, and help to keep the screen from going off during a phone call.


Why Does My iPhone Screen Go Black when Talking?


It’s actually normal for an iPhone screen to go black, especially when using your phone to your face when making a call. But once it goes black just by receiving a call then this can be a problem that needs immediate attention, will help you out on that.

A few of the reasons why the iPhone screen goes black when taking a call is a faulty screen protector, a dirty sensor, and also a disabled True Tune feature. Running an outdated software version on your iPhone also contributes to what causes an iPhone screen to go black during calls.


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Each time you notice your iPhone screen goes off during a phone call, know that it’s mostly due to the default settings. Most android phones are designed so too, this help to prevent the users from accidentally pressing an icon while making a call with their phones to their faces.

But here in this article, we talked a lot about How to Stop the Screen from Turning off During a Phone Call on iPhone. That you can do from your Device’s home settings or maybe with the help of a third-party app and also discuss how to check the status of your screen proximity sensors.

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