How to See Who Shared Your Instagram Story


Instagram is a popular app that provides many features that can be profitable to users.

With the Instagram app, you can post your favorite moment via pictures or short videos viewed by thousands and millions of users.

Instagram provides a means for people to make comments on your photos and react to your uploaded Photos.

Another important feature of Instagram is the ability to add stories. Instagram stories can be seen and shared by people who view them.


People share a particular Instagram story for a particular reason(s), maybe a funny post or something entertaining.

There are times when you might want to know who and who has shared your story or try to figure out how impactful your Instagram stories have been.


How to See Who Shared Your Instagram Story


You certainly need to know who shared your Instagram stories to know these facts. 


But is that possible?

This article will explain how feasible it is to see who has shared your Instagram stories without breaching any Instagram rules.


How To See Who Shared Your Instagram Story?


So let’s begin the big deal. While it is certainly possible to see who has viewed your story, it’s unfortunate that you can’t be able to see who shared your stories.

Instagram, therefore, doesn’t support such a feature. However, if you want to view who has shared your stories, you might want to switch from a personal to a business Instagram account.


See Who Shared Your Instagram Story


Once you have done that, you can follow the steps below to view the names of users who shared your stories.


Step 1:  Create a New story

Once people begin interacting with your story, you will see the insights.


Step 2: Open the Story you had just created, and click on the Analytics option at the bottom left corner.


Step 3: Click on Insight

Once you have done this, you will see how often your story has been shared and the usernames of people who shared your story.


To see who has shared your Story, you must ensure you are either using a business or creator account.


Go to your profile and look for Stories Share in your profile in the right-hand column. 

Click on View Re-shared stories and check the names of the users who had viewed your story


Why Can’t You See Who Shared Your Story on Instagram?


Unfortunately, Instagram won’t let you see who has shared your stories. To see who shared your Instagram story, you need to have an Instagram business account to see who shared your Instagram story.


Using the regular account, you won’t be able to see who has shared your Instagram stories; therefore, the only option available is to switch to a business account.


Why Can’t I See My Story Reshares on Instagram?

There are several reasons why you can’t see who has shared your stories on Instagram; some of the reasons are:


  1. The person who had shared your story might have hidden their name for others using the Instagram set.
  2. Such a person may not be a registered user.


How Do You Stop Someone From Sharing My Instagram Stories?

You can stop someone from sharing your story.

Launch the Instagram App; hover over your Profile. Tap the Menu icon indicated by three lines at the top left corner, and click on Settings.

Scroll down till you see the Sharing Preference toggle the Share Photos and Videos to turn it off


Why Can’t You Share Your Friends’ Stories?

Sometimes you might want to share particular stories on Instagram, but ending up impossible; several reasons might have caused this, such as:

The other person might have disabled people from sharing your Instagram stories. In this case, you might not be able to share their stories.


Can You Repost Stories From Private Accounts?

You cannot reshare an Instagram story from a private account. You can only reshare from a private account that you were mentioned or tagged.


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Instagram is a great app that most users use to document memories and moments.

However, the Instagram story feature is a very important feature that allows users to upload pictures, whereby viewers can make comments and reactions.


In today’s article, I have explained how you can view the number of shares your Instagram stories have.

If you found this article helpful, you might want to share it with your friends.

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