How To See Who Shared Your Instagram Post (Quick Check)


Social media is rapidly growing, almost daily, providing more intuitive features that can help you track your progress.

The share feature is one of the types of features that is available on basically all the social media platforms. That helps you to portray how impactful your social media content or UGC is.

Social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all have this feature, as well as Instagram.

Once your post is shared it simply means, it has some level of importance in it, thereby, creating some degree of confidence within the poster.

As a result of this great feature, most people become curious about who has shared their posts.

Some Social Media like Instagram can only show how many people have sent your Instagram, but hardly can you see who in particular has shared it or sent it.


how to see who shared your instagram post


Instagram posts can be shared or sent via varied mediums, some are shared right within the app itself, while others are shared to other available social media platforms.

Knowing who has sent your Instagram post, can be helpful especially when you want to track the performance and importance of your content.

And is well, helpful in growing more organic followers.

Having said this, if you wanna know who and who has shared your Instagram post(s), then this article is right for you.


How To See Who Sent Your Instagram Post?


This is quite a big question, and I will try to answer this question in depth.

Being a regular user of Instagram it is quite impossible to see who has shared your Instagram feed post, you shouldn’t expect Instagram to show you the exact people who have sent or shared your Instagram post.


However, the only remedy here is changing to a business account.

Instagram offers two types of accounts: the regular account (which I am pretty sure is what you are using) and the business account (which is open for people using Instagram for business).

The business account has extended features and functionalities that are rarely found on the regular account.

Therefore with the business account, you can see who sent or shared your Instagram post.


How to see the number of who have shared your Instagram post via the business account can be done through the following steps:


Step 1: Go to Settings

Before you can use the extended features associated with a business account, you first need to change your regular Instagram account to a business one.

Step 2: Select Account

Step 3: Tap on Switch to business/professional account.’


Once you have successfully switched from a regular account to a business account, you will then have access to features related to business Instagram.

We will be using the View insight, to check how many people have shared your post.

View insights is a feature available on business Instagram, that provides detailed analytics of your post interactions. 

Although it’s quite rarely possible to see who has shared your Instagram post.


How to See Who Has Sent Your Instagram Post Via AiSchedul


How to See Who Has Sent Your Instagram Post


Instagram itself, whether regular or business, won’t show you who and who has shared your Instagram post. As a result of this, it has become a pending question among most users of Instagram, in being conscious of who had shared their Instagram posts.


Here comes the AiSchedul, the AiSchedul is an automated Instagram management tool, that offers various functionalities such as a Smart scheduler, social calendar, Repost mention, and the likes.

To use AiSchedul, you need to create an account first at AiSchedul once you have created an account with AiSchedul for free.

Login with your login credentials, that is, the email and password, you used while creating the account.


The next step is to add your Instagram account, therefore, go to the user-friendly dashboard to add your Instagram account.

Using the Repost mention, you will be able to see who has shared your Instagram post.


To see how these works follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Select your Account, by tapping Manage
  • Step 2: You will see a toolbar that includes Post Scheduling and Bio Link
  • Step 3: Choose the Post scheduling and under the Scheduler option, select Repost mention

Once this is done you can now see who shared your content, or who has mentioned you.


Why Can’t I See Who Shared My Post?


There are a few reasons why you might not be able to see who has shared your Instagram post, either the person had set their account to private or has set the posted privacy to private, making it impossible to see who has shared it.


How can I Stop Someone From Sharing My post?

To stop someone from sharing your post on Instagram can only be done via deleting the post itself.

Once you have deleted the post, it will automatically be taken down from the person who shared it.


Can I Remove a Post of Mine That Someone Shared?

Yes, you can remove a post that someone shared on their timeline. To do this, go to the post and click the three dots in the top right corner of the post. Then select “Remove Post”.


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Instagram app is relatively popular and contains millions of users almost daily. Most people have utilized this medium as a means of monetization.

However, people have always wished to know the number of shares a post has, as well as the people who had shared their post.

But it’s so unfortunate that Instagram doesn’t come with any official way to get this done.

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